41 Year Old. Want my Ladies Refilled! - Northern Ireland

Hi everyone!! Delighted I found this site! So....

Hi everyone!! Delighted I found this site! So. After four kids and boobs shrinking from 34b to 32A I've taken the plunge and booked a consultation with one of the top consultants in Northern Ireland. I don't want water melons but I'm gonna make sure I do it right. All advice appreciated. How many consults did you girls have? And how long after did you book your surgery. Also, is recovery really bad?? I work full time and with the kids I'm not going to get as much rest post op as everyone else. However I did have a Caesarean section with my last child and got over it well. Will post pics of my boobies when I figure out how.

Operation booked!!

So, after 1 consultation where I was left with more questions than answers I decided to go for a second consultation with another surgeon. Felt so as ease. Not bombarded with information. Was actually advised on which to go for to give me the natural but enhanced breasts I want. Op booked for Feb. All advice appreciated.
Mr Sinclair

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