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I'm a small frame and always been slim but both my...

I'm a small frame and always been slim but both my little girls were big babies and the left over skin and muscle damage were bad. I've never liked my stomach though even before kids. Waited about 10 years before finally doing it. This has been waaay harder than I had given it credit for but it's worth it.

1 week post op...

I'm a week post TT and flanks lipo now and I'm feeling so much better. The first 3 days were really awful. I had massively underestimated how drastic an operation it is for your body. The meds made me feel really sick and the LAST thing you want to do after a TT is be sick. My husband went back to the hospital and fetched me some anti sickness tablets and thank goodness they worked. From day four I was able to eat which made all the difference. I'm on very little pain meds now as I don't feel like I need them really. Having said that if I get up and walk about too much it hurts so I just try not to. Went for my 1st week check up yesterday and they were amazed with how much ive healed :). I'm swollen but I can see that I'm actually going to have a shaped waist! Never had one before, I've always been very boy shaped. I can't tell you enough how important it is to have people at home to look after you. You really can't do anything afterwards. You might feel like you can but it's so important not to. My husband has been off work this week looking after me and my mother in law is coming up tomorrow for 2 weeks to take over from him and look after us all. So in the meantime I'm on the sofa and my husband has taken our two daughters to a 6 year olds gymnastics party ????

Photos of one week post op

12 days post op

Feeling great! The main issue I'm having with discomfort is the pressure underwear the hospital have given me. In my opinion it's waaaay too tight and really digs into me. You can see on my pic where they have given me a blister on my hip. I've got my 2 week appointment tomorrow with the surgeon so I will ask him and hopefully get a larger pair. Other than that i have very little pain now, as long as i dont move around too much. I'm still not able to stand up completely straight, about 90% i'd say. I'm able to shower on my own now no problem. I'm still sleeping propped up with sofa cushions behind my back and one under my knees as I'm worried that I might lay too straight and put a strain on the stitches inside and out. Still got my mum in law here doing everything for us and I'm trying to resist doing things that I feel like I could do but probably shouldn't. For the best possible result and the quickest healing the very best thing to do is rest. I'm taking another week off work, so 3 weeks off in total before starting again. I'm still very swollen. I don't feel like it's gone down down at all. Maybe I should have measured myself a few days ago? Anyway onwards and upwards. Looking forward to my appointment with Professor Malarter tomorrow.

2 weeks post tummy tuck op

I had my 2 week check with my surgeon and he has now taken off all the dressings. He is very pleased with how it's healed and I'm feeling great now. Still not able to stand completely straight but not far off. So now begins the paranoia....I'm obsesed with looking at '2 week post op' pictures and thinking my tummy is not as flat as theirs. My scar is higher than I wanted which I'm not very happy about as I did ask for it to be low and wore suitable knickers on surgery day so he could mark my body accordingly. I keep having a talk to myself and saying it's normal to have these worries and that all will be ok in time. I tried a pair of jeans on yesterday that I couldn't wear pre-op as my belly used to hang over the waist band. They looked fabulous! No over hang, no love handles. My concerns about my tummy not being as flat as it could be have spurred me on to eat cleaner, healthier good. I'm too sore to wear the jeans but I'll look forward to being able to.

16 days post op

So excited! My swelling must have gone down a tiny bit as I can start to see the beginnings of some definition on the sides of my abdomen :-)

4-5 weeks post op pics.

I'm actually at 6 weeks post op now but thought of post these 4 week pics. Things looking good ?.
I had my 6 week check up with PS on Friday. He is very pleased with how it is healing. Still getting swelling. If my binder rises up I can see the swelling where it's not been covered. PS has told me there is no need to wear compression now but in so many reviews I've read it says its key to getting the desired end result so I'm going to continue with it. In fact I've bought a waist trainer! Just waiting for it to arrive.
Processor Malarta

Professor not processor!

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