54, Fit, and Fabulous - Carmel, IN High Lateral Tension Abdominaplasty New pics!

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I have three wonderful children all vertical...

I have three wonderful children all vertical c-sections with my last baby weighing more than 10lbs. Needless to say my muscles and general abdominal region ain't pretty. I was a stay at home mom and poured all of my time and talents into my family but now I have the time and the freedom to focus on my health. I am extremely overweight but always active. But the last 6 months I've actually started to loose weight. So far I've dropped about 50lbs by changing my diet and becoming more focused with my exercise. I will try to give detail info as to what is working for me and what I am doing. Right now I'm tentatively scheduling my TT for late September. Up until 6 weeks ago I would lift weights 2-3 times per week (full body) with cardio 3 times per week.

The weight was coming off but the muscle definition/body fat reduction was really sloooow.... ( I use the bodybugg for daily calorie burn and the Omron Fat Analyzer to monitor fat loss muscle gain.) I switched /hyped up my workout routine by switching to Chalean Extreme for weights in the morning (3 times per week) with cardio alternate mornings and 6 evenings. In essence that's 3 zumba classes, 1 kick boxing, and some turbo jam. It's a little intense sometimes but the heavy lifting with Chalean has really started to develop my shoulders/guns/ and tone/muscle up my butt. When I google 54 year old female bodies, there just aren't any African American -or others for that matter -examples of what we can achieve so I'm creating my own image. Ooops there is one check out (Ernestine Shepard.) Yes I want the belly to be gone but I want the guns, glutes, and gams before the tuck! As the weight comes off for me it starts at the top and works it's way down with the belly, butt, and thighs being last. I sometimes giggle at my self in zumba as I shake what my mama gave me. There's a little extra wiggle right now but it is tightening up. I'll update from time to time but I wanted to encourage those that want to loose 50 or more lbs. I'm excited about reshaping my body. Oh right now I'm just shy of 5'6" 235 lbs with a body fat right at 33%. I can see my fat pockets sitting right on top of the muscles. I'd like to see what I look like at 180lbs. I may go lower. Pray for me! I like the Serena body pic in my icon.

I've been very concerned about loose skin and body...

I've been very concerned about loose skin and body fat percentages so I'm providing a couple of links I find interesting.http://www.leighpeele.com/body-fat-pictures-and-percentages
This next link is a response that I received from a retired surgeon whose work I admire. He answered my question in detail about weight loss, body markers, etc and when to see a ps. His sight also has videos of how the skin is suppose to move as well as post op years down the line.http://www.abodybeautiful.com/forum/index.php/topic,664.0/topicseen.html

I also wanted to talk a little about my skin as I...

I also wanted to talk a little about my skin as I shed the pounds. One or two of the above links as well as some ps talk about skin shrinking after weight loss. The claim is the sagging skin we see in the arms, belly, etc still has fat and so the skin is essentially weighed down in folds. Any thoughts. I've seen a few six packs in body builders were there was some wrinkly skin but very little fat.
With my own body I've watched the skin tighten up in my breast area in a matter of a few short weeks.
Did anyone else watched this seasons biggest looser? The contestant Kim started out at about 265. As she shed the weight her arms would go from flabby to tight. The lower her body fat, the less saggy skin. Hopefully as I put my all into it, I will have very little fat/skin on my tummy so that the tt can be used to fine tune what I've started.

I'm adding two more links you may find interesting...

I'm adding two more links you may find interesting. this first link shows women of all different body types, height and weight. It's an excellent site. http://www.mybodygallery.com/

The second link is to an pictorial of about 10 professional athletes in top form, low body fat percentages etc....and they look nothing like Hollywood's standard of a beautiful body.http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2008/07/30/magazine/803BODIES_index.html

Just wanted to update you guys. I had a consult...

Just wanted to update you guys. I had a consult with Dr. Slatton last Thursday. He specializes in the High Lateral Tension tummy tuck created by Dr. Lockwood of Kansas City. He has a small practice in the Carmel area of Indy but he seemed very knowledgeable and meticulous. His work is beautiful and he went into detail as to what can be done for me to help me achieve my goals. I plan to do a little more research on Dr. Slatton, pray, and maybe another consult or two, but at this point I love his work and will go with him.
As the weight drops off and my body continues to change I'm even more excited and a little anxious about getting this done. I love my kids but the vertical c section did a number on my midsection. My goal is to get down to drop about 49 lbs which would put me in the 20% body fat range. ( My original bf% should say 37% but I can't correct it.) I'm giving it my best shot....20% body fat is the goal but only if it looks good, and feels good!

Has anyone used compression garments pre surgery...

Has anyone used compression garments pre surgery or to help with weight loss and loose skin? http://www.livestrong.com/article/324052-abdominal-compression-for-weight-loss/
One of my nieces wrapped her belly after her babies birth and had excellent results. I think I'll give it a try!

Hi all just wanted to do a quick update on the...

Hi all just wanted to do a quick update on the compression exercise garments. I have some old spanks/like garments I use for smoothing lumps under clothing. I was starting to become concerned about the shrinking fat pads on my inner thighs. Well I've been wearing the spanks/like garments under my lower gear and wow what an improvement in the skin texture. That area has actually tighten up. No more sagging skin. It's important to help stabilize the skin as you shrink...especially in those areas were the skin is loosing it's fat. I think I'll go and invest in some nicer outer wear types as well as something for the arms.
Hope this helps!

I wanted to re post my 90 day challenge here in...

I wanted to re post my 90 day challenge here in reference to Weight Watchers.
"Oh yes on a side note, I tried to change my goal weight at the meeting to fit my goals and they wouldn't let me. I was told that I had to get a note from my doctor stating the higher weight. According to their charts I'm suppose to be between 120-150 lbs. My body fat analyzer puts my lean mass at 145 lbs????
I use the WW program because it has some accountability elements I like but I've modified it to make it compatible for me. There was a study done that looked at the WW program that indicated, most of their participants weight loss was lean tissue and not fat! I'll post a link on my review if you want more info."


Just adding a video of Lenda Murray winner of Ms...

Just adding a video of Lenda Murray winner of Ms Olympia 8(?) times. She thinks she is out of form but her body is amazing at 50....and any age really!

Hi Ladies in 2 weeks I have my pre-op, then 4...

Hi Ladies in 2 weeks I have my pre-op, then 4 weeks later my tummy tuck! I didn't drop any weight this week, but I didn't do my food journal, missed a couple of calorie burns, and had two meals out so....BUT I am still stoaked! Last week was emotionally draining with some heavy stuff going on. Butcha know it's the garbage that let's us gives us the opportunity to prove what we are made of.

I'm still kickin' ass and I've come a long way in the course of a little less than a year!!! The scales will eventually get there but the body is shaping up. Here is a little before and after shot of my shoulders after completing the Chalene Extreme 90 day challenge. (Sorry for the blurry before shot!)
I AM determined and I'm going to add a little core specific training to the mix. I can feel abs in my upper belly!!! Any suggestions?
(I'm going to re post on the 90 day challenge in the forum area.)

Hi Ladies, I had my pre-op yesterday and I'm...

Hi Ladies, I had my pre-op yesterday and I'm psyched and a little anxious! Right now I'm also questioning my reasons for this, but I've carried this tummy around for so long, it really is time to say good bye...to that phase of my life. As I've stated before I am glad for the surgeons skills to save me and my babies but it has left me with a tummy that will never look normal.
My Doctor was excited that I made the effort to loose the weight and take control of my life. I received my prescriptions for meds- about 6- given my pre-op instructions, measured for my garment, and scheduled for my mark up which is on a Sunday before the surgery. He took photos and we talked about what could be done for me. My goals are to end up with a beautiful natural looking tummy.
I will post photos around the 15th, cause frankly I just don't want to see my before pics. But I know there are other ladies that will benefit from my experiences as I have those before me.
Ladies you ROCK!!!!

Hi Ladies, Next Sunday I will go in to my doc's...

Hi Ladies,
Next Sunday I will go in to my doc's office for my mark up and the following Mon is the beginning of the next phase for something I've wanted to do a very long time. The first time I found about about the procedure I was elated to know I could remove and repair the damage caused by an emergency c-first and life in general. I am extremely happy to be bidding adieu to my friend I refer to as "buttus guttus."
Alas, my second ass, served me well....
Enjoy the pics....they are a doozy....but after my recovery I'm hitting the gym full force!!! Also for those ladies that have been following the weight loss journey, I really wanted to get a little closer to my "goal", however the skin was getting a little to loose in other areas as well. So my doc, RealSelf ladies, and others say the loss shows faster in those other areas once the belly is gone. We shall see!

Oh right now I wear a size 14 in NYDJ. My goal is...

Oh right now I wear a size 14 in NYDJ. My goal is somewhere about a 10 and a 12.

Hi Ladies, I am on the flat side! Slept through...

Hi Ladies,
I am on the flat side! Slept through the night. Just wanted to say this procedure ain't for sissies. Doc says I had great core muscles. I'm very pleased with my results and excited. Check back later. Thanks for your prayers.

Hi Ladies, I'm officially 5 days out from surgery...

Hi Ladies,
I'm officially 5 days out from surgery. The first night was extremely painful, but I slept through it. I did an overnight at Whitham Hospital in Lebanon IN. The nursing staff there were thoughtful, caring and provided me with excellent care. The nursing and surgical staff spoke very highly of Dr. Slatton he is very meticulous and has a hands on approach as well as an artistic eye with his patients.

I was under for about 6 hours and about 6 pounds of skin and fat was removed. I have three drains and will be walking hunched over for 7 to 10 days. I feel as though I'm wearing a tight corset. I can honestly say I have no back pain yet....probably due to the weightlifting which gave me a good amount of upper and lower body strength. Right now I am really swollen. I did get a little lipo on the sides and under the boobs. My appetite is pretty much nonexistent....though I trying to increase my protein intake. I use a antibiotic cream when changing the bandages, a oral antibiotic, and percoset for pain. I'm going to include a couple of after pics of the scar, some my mom took for me on my phone. Later I'll include better after pics from my doc's office.
I hope everyone is taking it easy and healing great!

Hi Ladies just a quick update! I'm 12 days po...

Hi Ladies just a quick update!
I'm 12 days po and I feel really good. My remaining drains are scheduled to be out at day 15. I can't stress enough and I'm so thankful for your support and I truly can feel and see the benefits of our 90 fit challenge. My back doesn't ache ...all those arm/shoulder exercises did the trick! The first few days were low appetite but I'm back on schedule with my eating as before. Lot's of fish, lean proteins, but watching the salads-gas. No issues with bm, still using the walker, and my lift chair. My moms will be here one more week and then I'm on my own. I've been released to drive, no pain, just using the occasional Tylenol.

I'm still swollen but it is better each day. I take photos each morning with bandage changes because it allows me to see the metamorphosis. Yes I'm still swollen but I now have a waist and the butt/gutt is gone! Who knew I had long legs-lol! Take each day a step at a time. Take the time to heal and recover properly....don't rush it!!!!!

Hi Ladies, I'm three weeks post op today and just...

Hi Ladies,
I'm three weeks post op today and just wanted to update. I'm very pleased with my results. I still have lots of swelling and can't stand straight yet but I'm loving my results.I slept in my own bed last night...yay! OK now for the details. My recovery does not include a cg. I have a small hematoma so one side is slightly bigger than than the other. There is one area along my scar that's taking it's time but all in all I love my belly button, my thin scar, it's placement, and my new shape. The swelling is most on the lipo sites but each day shows much improvement. I was debating about putting my hunched over no booty pics up, because you really can't see the ab sculpting. Anyway this is what 54 y/o recovery without a cg looks like.

Oh and just in case I forgot to mention it, my mother loves my results! She was against the procedure at first until she saw my pre-op tummy. Now she is as thrilled as I am.

The first days pain was intense and the swelling a bit much but it has been a life changer....for the good!

Hey Ladies, Just a quickie. Saw my doc today......

Hey Ladies,
Just a quickie. Saw my doc today....no hematoma....yay!!!! Just swelling. He also has me in my cg...not too bad. My doc also stated no banded clothing. He said my tummy area is really mold able. So its back to the low hanging exercise gear and big shirts. Who would of thought I'd be sagging and baggin. Good night ladies.

Hi Ladies, I'm at five weeks, standing straight...

Hi Ladies,
I'm at five weeks, standing straight for the most part and still in swell hell. I've worn the compression garment for 2 weeks now and things are going down so I've included a few pics. My belly button looks nice and I'm seeing a general shape of things to come though I know it takes time before I can see the real results. I have had one hiccup and that's a reaction to some of my sutures on one side. It's about 2-3 inches total and after it's healed up I may get a scar revision if needed. The one thing I'm learning is patience as I'm tracking the changes in my body. I am very pleased with the outcome, the photos just don't do it justice.

Finally my ab repair is still tight, my lipo sides itch like crazy, and I'm sleeping in my own bed. Can't wit to b released to hit the gym....

Hi Ladies, Just a quick update. In two days I...

Hi Ladies,
Just a quick update. In two days I will be 7 weeks post op. I'm now walking for exercise standing up totally straight and the swelling has gone down quite a bit. Things are shaping up, my "spitting stitches" areas are healing and once the swelling has subsided I doubt that I will need much of a revision if any. I'll post an updated photo and another one at 12 weeks or so.

This process has taught me patience. It's amazing how the human body heals itself. For example my pubic area incision is quite straight in my early post op photos, then later I had swelling on one side and now the swelling has reduced and everything is evening/straightening out again. The same uneven swelling happened on my sides to the point were one of my stretch marks protruded like a dog ear. Now that area has completely flattened out. (Take plenty of photos to track your progress!)

Even the areas were I had the "spiting stitches is closing up as the swelling goes down. I say this to encourage you not to freak out because everyone's healing takes a different path. Other than than the first few days post op my pain really wasn't that bad and I never had back aches. I did have some unexpected numbness from the anesthesia. So don't get overly concerned if you aren't running marathons at 4 weeks.

I'll post at 12 weeks or so. Happy healing ladies!

Hi Ladies, I just wanted to update you on my...

Hi Ladies,

I just wanted to update you on my spitting stitches and include a couple of pics. I was 8 wks po two days ago. The spitting stitches area is almost close accept for an opening less than a grain of rice. Even though I am still very swollen the suture line looks amazing and I doubt that I will need a revision at all! I hope that once the swelling has stopped around the suture the scar to be imperceptible even on the hiccup side. Happy Healing Ladies!

8.5 weeks po Just s quick update. I'm now...

8.5 weeks po
Just s quick update. I'm now released to do cardio and light weights-no abs. Next month I can start abs slowly. Spitting stitches all closed. Happy Healing!

Hi Ladies, I've been traveling a bit so I've only...

Hi Ladies,
I've been traveling a bit so I've only been able to follow using my phone. I'm twelve weeks now and there have been quite a few changes.. My spitting stitches have now completely healed and the incision line is getting thinner as my swelling decreases. If it remained it's current thickness the results are excellent!

Right now I only wear my cg when I'm working out. I'm also sleeping on my side. I do find that I am stiff if I sit for long periods but gentle stretches seem to help. As soon as your doc says it's ok to toss the cg, please do so. After I stopped wearing mine I noticed my abs were a little weak so my posture initially wasn't as good. Focusing on that posture is helping to strengthen the core even though I'm not able to do abs.

My eating was atrocious during my traveling, but I did manage to bring my protein and eat fresh as much as I could. I've dropped about 11 lbs and my bodybugg has been recording 4000 cal burns without hitting the gym! So now that I'm back home I'm plan to focus more on watching what I eat....but sometimes your body needs a little extra because we are healing. Don't stress and don't eat junk!

Just in case I didn't say it, I'm still in swell hell!!!! -and uneven at times!!!

I'm going to include some photos of me at about 11.5 weeks. For those that don't know I've had a High Lateral Tension Abdominoplasty (sp) which places less tension on the scars. I included links in earlier post for you techies. It results in an hour glass figure and better scarring. It's great for all women but for me I liked the looked and it addressed my problem areas best. People who keloid or scar poorly may want to look at this procedure. Most ps do NOT do this procedure so ask. I do not use any products on my scar but I do massage a couple of areas to break up a little scar tissue. Oh and some of the lighter areas near the incision are skin issues , all will fade in time.

I feel GOD blessed me to find an excellent, skilled, caring physician whose work is phenomenal! Just look at my before pics!

Oh and and some days I wake up with ab definition...Dr. Slatton rocks!!!

Hi Ladies, I had my 3 month po visit and I'm...

Hi Ladies,
I had my 3 month po visit and I'm officially released to do everything, no restrictions. I'm still swelling and I wear my cg when active. There is still a little stiffness on occasion but for the most part I feel back to normal. I will go back for one more visit at 6 months. Right now I've relocated back to MO and seeking out a good local gym. I'd like to tighten everything up and shed a few pounds before my 6 months final visit. If my boobies get any worse I may get a lift. I am really pleased with my results. I will post photos at after Christmas and then a month later when I can just to show the changes. Keep going ladies, YOU ALL are looking FABULOUS!

Hi Ladies! I'm officially 4 months post op and...

Hi Ladies! I'm officially 4 months post op and really excited about this next phase. I made it through Thanksgiving/Christmas and all of the fabulous fattening foods without tooo many issues. LOL. I do continue to swell. Case in point my grand baby came for a visit and the side were I carried him on my hip paid for it. My waist was swollen as well as the outer thigh/hip on that side. Over all I continue to go down though not always even. I still wear my compression garment when I work out and my lifting is back where it was before the procedure. The hardest part for me now is to get the diet/eating portion back under control. I never realized just how much people over indulge in food during this time of year! I was called a "food nazi" for trying to eat healthy for goodness sake. It's not my style to force or talk about my fitness goals but a lot of my friends/family/acquaintances hadn't seen me since I dropped the 75+ lbs. Some people were genuinely happy but some folk- men and women- wanted to scratch my eyes out! This has been a real eye opener. For now I'm posting a few photos. I do have a slight stretch mark that occasionally pops out that will be snipped at 6 months. I am very pleased with my results and working very hard to continue to shape my body and become even more fit for this next phase of life! I have a new bounce in my step. My confidence level is through the roof....I honestly hadn't realized how much my belly affected my self esteem. I love my babies but that ugly scar and belly had to go! Enjoy the holidays, I will post in a month.
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

Meticulous, friendly, and pays attention to details. An artist in the field! Dr. Slatton has been very meticulous from start to finish and now throughout recovery. What more can you ask for. A hidden gem in Carmel IN, why travel to the coast when we have it right here in the heartland?

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