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So im 22, about 5'8 and around 135 lbs. I went...

So im 22, about 5'8 and around 135 lbs. I went with LD b/c all my life I had a prob with my lower stomach and esp. love handles. The rest of my body was thin/ athletic looking so I would always feel the need to disguise my middle section. I just got my first treament for my lower stomach and love handles 2 days ago. The nurse has a really good pinching technique so it wasnt really painful ...i actually felt nothing but her pinch which was a little uncomfortable but def. do-able. Once i got home i started to feel a little sore as the hrs past and more swollen with the hr. The next day i was very swollen and tender. I had didnt have any brusing on my lowerstomach but im black and blue on my right lovehandle and red and my left is tender and just really red. its almost day 3 and the swelling is starting to subside thank God... i was told to take midol and use ice backs to help w/ the swelling and brusing... they said i will look preg which would have been fine with me ..but instead i just look fat and lumpy which sucks b/c i was imagining a round firm belly which would have been fine but fat and lumpy not so much.... ill update after my 2nd treament

Updated on Jul 28, 2008
I have done 3 treatments so far out of the 6 purchased. I want to get rid of my love handles and lower tummy- stubborn fat. I'm 5'8 and started out the treament at 133 lbs. I am now 127 lbs, 3 treatments and 3 months later. By the third treament, I noticed results...but not the first two. And I actually only lost the 5 lbs after my third treament. I have been watching my diet and trying to keep active...but have not gone to the gym at all. I took a trip back home in the winter and I was 133 lbs (w/o the lipodissolve) and I went back in the summer after the 3 lippodissolve treatments and still at 133 lbs. Ever single person from my father and grandma to my best friends were telling me that I look like ive lost alot of weight! I told them that I stayed the exact same weight as when I saw them in the winter but they wouldnt believe me! Everyone insisted that I lost weight and that my tummy looks alot smaller. I was happy to hear this and figured that the lipodissolve is working. Since I see myself everyday I guess I didnt see the big picture. And once I thought about it, I am able to fit into alot of smaller sizes - I would say I went down from a 5-6 to a 3-4 or from a 28-29 to a 27. So I'm conviced that it does work if u follow the rules : keep active, don't overeat, and drink plenty of fluids. It's not a get out of jail card at all. It's for people who maintain a healthy lifestyle but can't get rid of some stubborn fat but are pretty much trim everywhere else. I'm not going to lie: there is downtime for sure! I have to stay in bed for practically two days after my treaments! I can hardly move around and it hurts to walk. It feels like you did 1000's of crunches and situps and ur muscles are hurting you- basically like u've been beat up and are so sore. the pain subsides within two days but there is alot of swelling! it takes about 10 days for the uncomfortable swelling to go away and to feel sort of normal again but in total 1 month for every hard spot to leave your system.
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