First Day, No Real Pain Just Slightly Annoying

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After months of waiting and having to make my...

After months of waiting and having to make my impressions three times, I got my trays today. I was afraid that I would need to pull some teeth in order for the treatment to work, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I have four "buttons" on my lower teeth that make the lower tray very difficult to remove. I haven't really experienced what I would call pain, just pressure. The biggest annoyance is getting used to speaking with a lisp although I have noticed that this dissipates quickly. Also my mouth is either watering more than usual or alternately too dry. Taking them in and out to eat and drink can be a pain. Also, when I take out the trays, the little buttons attached to my teeth cause my interior cheeks to get pinched a lot while I eat. OUCH. All things I am willing to put up with as opposed to metal braces or veneers.
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