Full TT with MR Done 09/2013, Now Lipo on Upper Abs

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Got a full TT done September 3rd 2013 and around...

Got a full TT done September 3rd 2013 and around the time when the worst swelling got down, I noticed a bump on my upper ab area. Since that I was worried it was residual fat but I was told to be patient and wait to make sure it wasn't just swelling. Now 6 months PO my PS finally agree that I should get some lipo on it to get the result that we were looking for. I'm not really all that happy to have this done, but I'm not going to give up, I didn't spend over 8000$ to almost get the result I was promised.

Less than two weeks to go!

I'm starting to get nervous. For some reason I was taking this almost too lightly, probably because my PS was talking about this as a small fix up procedure and didn't really mention the recovery and how it is going to be (except that I need to wear my CG for 4 weeks). Now I have been reading about lipo and it sounds like it's not going to be a walk in the park either... But that's not really what worries me the most. I'm stressing about having to stay awake during the lipo. When I got my dog ears fixed in December I had a panic attack for some reason. I didn't feel pain, but the whole thought about my flesh being cut just made me freak out. I will need to ask for some serious pre-medication...

Oh and in case someone is interested, the lipo is going to be done with WAL-technique (water assisted liposuction).

It's done :)

So today was the day :) I have no idea how it looks but I'm just happy it is over :P

I was really nervous before the operation but luckily they gave me some drugs to relax me a little. The lipo was done under local anesthesia and even though it wasn't fully painless, it was tolerable thanks to all the medication. After the operation I spend 3 hours in the hospital before my boyfriend came to pick me up. I'm without pain and feeling pretty good as long as I'm lying down, but dizzy and slightly nauseous when sitting up or standing. It will be interesting to see how I feel when the stronger pain meds wear off... Tomorrow I will probably stay home and the day after that I am planning to go back to work.

A really bad before pic

It's difficult to get a good pic of the problem area. More pics can be found from my original TT review. But this one has been taken this morning, just before the surgery.

Day 1 PO

Took a shower and took a quick look at my abs to see how it looks. I'm really happy!

The swelling is still very mild and I haven't bruised all that much yet. I know I will look much worse in a few days...

Anyway, here's a pic :)

Day 2 PO

I'm really happily surprised about how little pain I'm in :) When I'm lying down or sitting, there's no pain at all, when I stand up and move around, there's mild discomfort, but that's all.

Decided to keep updating the original TT review

I made a decision about updating my original TT review to have the entire story in one place. I think I will update this review next when I have the "final" conclusion about the revision :)
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