13 Months Post-op! Motiva Ergonomix 320cc Silicone Implants, Subfascial - Finland, FI

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Hello everyone and greetings from Finland! I had...

Hello everyone and greetings from Finland! I had my breast augmentation nine days ago and wanted to share my experience with you. I am 31 years old for a few days still and I weigh 53 kilos (116 lbs) and measure 156 cm (5'1") in height. I have breastfed one child for two years, but my breasts were not saggy at all. They were just very tiny, and not a good match with my wide hips. I used to wear mostly 32B, sometimes even 32C or 34B. I know, my pre-op boobs don't look like a C cup, but i wouldn't fit in A or AA.
My goal was to achieve a relatively natural look with a moderate increase in size. I did not want high profile implants and absolutely did not want them under the muscle, as I lift weights regularly and my pectorals are quite thick. I also dislike the hardness and immobile look of submuscular implants, not to mention the risk of animation deformity. Many weightlifters complain that submuscular implants feel strange during pectoralis contraction. I'd rather thave a little less natural look but more softness to the implants.
Right now, of course, my breasts are still very hard and swollen, but i feel them getting softer each day. I'm quite excited about how I will look after a few months! I will post a few photos and upload a video, since I feel that videos give the best picture of how the implants actually look. I have 320 cc Motiva Ergonomix, demi profile (this is the second lowest profile, there are four different profiles). The implants are 11,75 cm in diameter and 3,9 cm in height. Motiva Ergonomix is a new implant with high cohesive silicone gel that changes its shape from round to teardrop when it is held upright. The implants have a passive transponder chip in them that contains their manufacturing information. My implants are placed in the subfascial plane.

Two weeks update

I took a few pictures yesterday. My boobs are two weeks old! Can't really say that much has changed yet. Breasts are still clearly very tight and swollen. I don't have much pain, but my nipples and skin are extremely sensitive. Feels like a severe sunburn, even the lightest and softest fabric feels bad on my breasts. Mu skin also itches. My breast are a bit more mobile now in the sideways direction, but they don't have any bounce yet.

I don't know how BA patients are adviced to care for the wounds and scars in other countries, but in Finland and Sweden (to my knowledge) it is adviced that patients use tape over the scars for a few months even, to prevent the scar from widening (because the weight of the breast stretches the scar eventually and sometimes this can cause the scar to become very thick). I haven't seen this practice in RealSelf reviews from the US, I wonder if this is somekind of nordic thing? Anyway, this is why i will be having the tape on my scars in my pictures to come.

I will be posting a new video on the one month mark.

Some new bras

I'm not supposed to wear an underwire bra yet, just the surgical bra or a sports bra. My surgical bra is quite noticeable under summer tops, so I wanted to get something that doesn't shout "surgery recovery bra" out to everyone. Of course the sports bra straps show easily too, but they don't have weird looking clasps in them and the whole bra has less fabric in the back.

Just a few pictures!

Everything is going well. The skin and nipple hypersensitivity is getting slowly better. I am now able to do most normal, everyday activities as long as I don't overly strain my chest. I haven't done any weight lifting or any other proper excercising yet, not even light yoga or pilates. Only rather slow paced walks and some biking. I plan on trying some pilates classes soon as they usually don't involve chest excercises or anything too strenuous.

Here are a couple of photos. I'm so happy to be able to wear that lace dress without a bra now, as I have boobs now even without one. :D The dress has a lace back that really doesn't look good with a bra showing. I did have one of those adhesive silicone bras though, but it never fit me.

One month

It's now been one month since my surgery. Here's a new video, sorry about the blurriness in the beginning. My breasts have become somewhat more mobile and softer, but I feel there is still significant tightness and swelling. And of course, they are implants and I am rather thin, so they will always be what they are - two silicone balls under my skin with edges, not like fat tissue that tapers off. I will post a new video at three months.

I also included a picture with my new bra (no underwire, no padding, 32D) and one of the same bra with a top. I do like how my breast look in clothes now.

Photos of boobs when lying down and bending over

I tried to show how my breasts look when I'm lying on my back or bending over.

Pictures of scars

I will add some pictures of my scars 5 weeks post op. I am currently using silicone sheets over them because the paper tape irritated my skin.

Silicone sheets for scars

An update about the silicone sheets I use on my scars, as requested. Sorry it took so long! The brand I'm using is Mepiform (manufactured by Mölnlycke), but I'm sure other similar brands work as well. This one is available at least in Europe. They help old scars become flatter and lighter and they provide a good environment for fresh scars to heal without becoming thick and red. The instructions say that they should be worn for several weeks or months even to get the best results. So far, I've noticed that the skin around my scars is more moisturized and less flaky and itchy than with the paper tape. I've heard a few stories that at this point of recovery, the scars begin to widen if they are not supported with a tape, even though right now they look thin. I will be using these sheets for a couple of months now.

The downside to these sheets is that they are quite expensive (32 euros or 35 dollars/five small sheets), but the good thing is that they can be used for up to a week and reattached after they are taken off (which should be done once a day).

6 weeks today

A collage of three pictures, in black and white this time just for fun. Sorry, lighting was bad and pics are a little blurry.

Pictures at seven weeks

My camera just keeps taking pictures of my boobs, I can't help it! Don't know if there's really anything new, but here's how they look right now. I'm very happy!

Three months and doing great!

It's been three months now and everything is going well. I have no discomfort and breasts feel and look nice. Nipple sensitivity is almost back to normal. I have some numbness especially on my left breast, but it is slowly getting better. Scars are still red, but doing fine also. I still use the silicone sheets, might be switching to scar creams in a few weeks. I made a new video and took some photos. I'm considering starting upper body exercises, although I've been to the gym less now due to work stress.

Time flies! Six months since my surgery!

Six months after surgery

Explicit - Click to view

I haven't been updating in a while, mainly because of laziness and also beacuse there's really not much new to report. I'm very pleased with my implants and they continue to make me happy every time I see them in the mirror. Husband loves them too :D

There is very little change in the appearance of my breasts. I would say that maybe the implant edges are slightly more visible now that all residual swelling has subsided. Mobility and sofness haven't changed since three months. My scars are slowly fading, even though there is still some redness around them. I'm no longer using scar sheets, just massaging them with aloe vera gel. I have no idea if that works, but I guess it won't hurt either. I've never had any problems with my other scars, and I'm sure that in a year or two these will be very thin and light.

My right breast no longer has sensitivity issues. The left breast had a numb area still at four months (I drew the area in my breast and took a picture), but during the last two months sensitivity has slowly been coming back and now the area is mostly hypersensitive, but not overly so. I sometimes have these slightly painful stinging sensations in the skin that I believe are caused by nerve regeneration. Other than that, the implants cause almost no discomfort. I work out at the gym just like I used to prior the surgery. The implants don't bounce painfully when I run or dance. When I lay on my stomach, the left breast feels a bit funny, but I'm not bothered by it.

I am able to feel the implant edge ripple under my skin especially in the clevage and sideboob areas, but it is unnoticeable to the eye. Sometimes i think I see some shadows forming where the rippling is, but it's not obvious.

There are a few things I don't like about my breasts. My nipples could point more to the center and less to the sides, but that is just my anatomy and it's not worth trying to fix it surgically. I wish my breast would be less perky and that I would have a more pronounced fold under the breast. I hope this comes with time. I'm not particularly a fan of how my implants look and feel when I lay on my back - they feel rather firm/rubbery in that position and don't look so good sliding toward my armpits on my bony chest. The implant edges are the most visible like this. My implant pockets are not overdissected and the implants don't fall abnormally to the sides, it's just that I have so little fat on my chest and when I'm on my back the lack of it is accentuated.

Overall, I'm definately happy that I went through this. I will change my rating to "worth it". I will post a video for you now, and at least one more at 12 moths.

8 month update and pictures

I wanted to share some pictures including a couple of comparisons. I don't have anything new really, not much change since last update. Life with boobies is great!

Update about rippling

I have some unfortunate news, because I've noticed some rippling getting worse on my breasts. It's not actually very visible in pictures so I don't won't post any. I've been able to feel the implant ripples in certain positions since a few weeks after the surgery, but it's gotten slightly visible during the past few months. For some reason, the amount of fat on the upper pole of my right breast seems to have deacreased or maybe it's because it was smaller to begin with, but this has lead to some rippling in this breast when I bend over and it is visible in certain lighting. This is a downside of not placing the implant under the muscle and I was well aware it is quite common. Additionally, there is some rippling on the outer edges too of both breasts and I'm not sure if even submuscular placement could help with that. I've also noticed my breasts becoming a bit more mobile and the tissue feels slightly less firm now, so maybe this change also adds to the rippling.

Luckily, the rippling isn't too pronounced and it is only visible when my breasts hang in a certain way. Also, husband thinks I'm an idiot for even giving a thought for this. I showed him the rippling and he laughed at me and said he couldn't care less so I guess I shouldn't worry too much. :D

Helllloooo again! It's been over a year!

Hi everyone! Long time no see. I'm a bit late with my review but I've had other things on my mind, sorry about that. I also see that you've written me some comments but I had trouble with my computer showing them (clicking the notification only got me to the front page of my review, so I have missed many because I was too lazy to scroll through the comment section of every update in order to find the new comments). Additionally, if you've sent me private messages, I haven't answered because I received no notifications about them, and that's why they went unnoticed.

Anyway, to the actual update about my boobs: things are mostly as they were before. Boobs look and feel the same. The rippling has not gotten any better, actually it's a bit more visible now. If it keeps worsening I will have to consider doing something about it, be it fat transfer, changing to dual plane or even removing the implants, although of course, I'd rather keep my breasts! But for now, it's not a major concern.

For the most part, I like my implants and I feel that they really suit me and make me more proportionate. Only two people have asked me if I have gotten implants, and that's only because they noticed that I've gotten bigger with my clothes on and these to men are known to always check the boobs on every woman. :D Besides them, I haven't seen anyone even looking at them, so I guess they don't stick out too much. In my husband's words, "for fake boobs, they look surprisingly natural" and I think so too. In some positions they look more fake than in others. The most ball-like they look and feel when I raise my hand up or stretch them behind my back. Or, of course, when I lie on my back. I have had no problems with them, they don't hurt, they don't feel weird during sports or weightlifting, they haven't affected my performance (lying on the couch has affected my performance, but that's a different story :D), they don't give any back pain, they are not painfully jiggly when I walk, run or jump. Sometimes they are a bit uncomfortable when I'm on my belly of if my husband is on top of me and squeezes against them, but I don't give it much thought.

The pros of them are obvious: I have nice breasts. :D The cons are: they do look and feel fake sometimes, they go too much for my liking to my armpits when I'm on my back, they ripple to some extent. I'm happy about the size, I could have gone even smaller. Maybe a tad wider but a bit less projection. The projection looks good in pictures but in real life it's clear that they project a bit too much to be natural. Natural boobs are mostly rather flat and wide, even the big ones. I don't care about too much upper pole either, these are borderline. But as a whole, I'm happy with them.

I took some pictures. Taking pictures has lost it's charm after the first six months. They just look the same in every picture, so why bother. :D But here are some anyway. I also included a video where I show them as in the ones before, and a video where I tried to show the rippling when I bend over. It's not easy to capture with a camera the way it shows in reality, but you'll propably get an idea anyway.

...and the videos

For some reason the videos got lost from my update, so I'm reposting them. Also, I added a picture of one of my scars. Still some redness (camera settings exaggerate it), but slowly getting lighter.
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