Why Oh Why Did I Do It?? My Wrinkle Caused Me a LOT Less Grief Than This! - Findlay, OH

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I'm a 39 (just today!) year old Mother of 3,...

I'm a 39 (just today!) year old Mother of 3, who for the past year, noticed a distinct "line" between my eyebrows that seemed to have developed over night. After I saw it, I had a fixation with looking in the mirror as often as possible, hoping it may have disappeared. No such luck. It got to the point, where it was basically the only thing I noticed when looking at myself. My nose could've fallen off, and I probably would've been too busy looking at my "line" to notice!!

I tried Lightstim (which is fantastic, and I love it.. but.. does not, or hasn't yet, done anything to my line. It did help with my skin tone a lot though). I also bought "Frownies", and had to try and sneak into bed without my hubby noticing. He thought I was nuts! Frownies do indeed help, but.. the effect wears off by the afternoon.

So, I kept obsessing and thinking about Botox. I am a very healthy, fitness minded, woman. I do not take medicines unless absolutely necessary, and critique everything I put in my body. I also am an RN, so naturally interested in Medicine and Health Care. You would think, that knowing I was considering putting the deadlest neurotoxin known to mankind, into my head, I would've perhaps reconsidered it. But no. All I see on TV are newscasters and actors, with perfectly tight foreheads. All I had heard was how "safe" it is. I had actually never heard a bad reaction. All I thought was that it coudn't be that dangerous, or no-one would get it.

I happened to go to my dentist, and saw that he was also offering Botox. I thought it a bit odd. Dentist = Botox? Hmm... But.. he's a doctor, right? And I'm sure he had training, plus he is a fantastic, gentle and caring dentist. Well, my curiousity was peaked, and I basically determined myself that I HAD to get it done, as I couldn't quit thinking of my "line".

I went in on 4/24/12 for a consult. The nurse said she couldn't see any lines, but when the doctor came in, he said "Oh yes.. I can put in 20 units between your brow, another 20 units scattered over your forehead, and oh.. by the way, we can also put them under your eyes!". I asked about reactions, and he told me that he had NEVER had a bad reaction. I was pretty nervous, and opted to just start with the 20 units between my brows, as that is my only area that I even notice anything.

I saw the bottle and was BOTOX brand, and he drew it up and mixed it right in front of me. The actual injections stung, but no problem. My forehead felt quite weird immediately, but I wasn't concerned. He gave me an icepak, told me to apply it over the next couple of hours, and off I went. Drove home, and continued to feel very odd, anxious, clammy.. Over the next couple of days, things just got worse, I had acute anxiety - not that I was bringing on myself, different from other times when I've felt anxious. My forehead had a ton of pressure, felt heavy and stiff. My eyes felt extremely heavy and swollen.

I started feeling flu-like symptoms on day 2, peaked on day 3, and lasted until day 6. My voice became hoarse, my muscles ached terribly. I NEVER get muscle aches, except when working out. My next was so sore and stiff, and I even had weird cramps in the back of my thighs.

I can't really explain how scary it is to feel that way. I got online and started reading stories. Then I felt even more terror. Oh no!! It must be botulism.. it will last for years... I will never recover fully.. I have damaged my body for good.. My eyes will never feel right again.. Scared, scared, scared! I would've don't anyting to reverse back to the day I got it done, and stop myself.

However, I do want to give anyone with similar feels, some HOPE. It is day 8. I am markedly better! I can smile and feel hopeful. My flu symptoms are gone. My eyes are still not right, but they never "closed", and I don't think I can consider it that they "dropped" either. They just feel irriated and have the sensation of being puffy. They are very dry and I wake up at night and have to put in eyedrops because they are so uncomfortable. Each day seems to show some improvement, but they are not back to normal. I do have faith that they will get back there.

Things I have done, which I think have helped: HOT Baths/Showers twice a day. Shower in morning, Bath at night. Very steamy. Massaged my eyebrows and forehead. Took Benadryl every night. Used Alcon-C eyedrops, plus another eyedrop for dry eyes. Used my LightStim on my forehead, as it promotes healing and collagen. Drank tons of water.

All in all.. I would NEVER do it again. I do believe that YOU will get better. But think it's such a tragedy that Doctors are either so underinformed, ignorant or just don't care enough to find out the facts, and side effects. There is no way in you know where, that ALL these symptoms, just "coincedentally" stared immediately after Botox. I know that may women have great results, But I am convinced, that it is just a matter of time until even the success stories, will end up dealing with a bad outcome. I do wish that there would be a miracle treatment for wrinkles, but after this harrowing experience, I will except myself the way I am. I will continue to pursue natural methods of skin care, but will never again inject myself with any foreign substances. Prayers, hugs, and love to all of you!!

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