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I am an unsatisfied fig patient and got my lower...

I am an unsatisfied fig patient and got my lower abs and double chin treatments with no results. I was told that I was a non respondent and was promised my money back since it did not make any difference at all. 

After all the pain that I have gone through I really want and expect a complete refund of my hard earned money. 

It is evident from this website that there are more unsatisfied patients like myself than satisfied ones and I want to be a part of the class action lawsuit if there is any

There are a lot of people on this website who complain of fig giving them a tough time to refund their money back and I feel that I will not be an exception to this 

And hence when I came across these blogs I figured out that there has to be a way to deal with this

I have recorded all my conversations of my visits to fig and advance lipodissolve on a high end sony voice recorder. It has a couple of recordings about my discussions with dawn derrou the ex clinical director for fig in scottsdale. I guess she stepped down because she couldnt handle all the wrong doings, lies and deceipt at fig.

I got my annual check up done 6-7 treatments with fig and my blood work surprised me with my triglycerides and bad cholestrol shooting up 3-4 times the normal level. 

I am a very healhty 32 year old male with normal weight trying to get rid of that little extra fat on my lower abs and chin and I was told that I was the perfect candidate: now I realize thats their buzzword. They tell that to everyone without doing any bloodwork or any assesment of the candidates general health condition

I told dawn that the last years medical that I had done, the results were normal and the cholestrol and triglyceride levels were totally under control and she told me that I had to go through the remaining treatments to get my money back.

She agreed that the cholestrol and the triglyceride levels increase after these shots and I questioned her that why did fig not inform or disclose that information prior to the treatments and she had no answer. Trust me bad cholestrol and high triglyceride levels are a timebomb for a heart attack in future. It will take a lot of effort on my end to get this back to normal

A smart thing I did was to record a lot of these conversations on tape. There are about 4-5 conversations that I had recorded and they shed a lot of light on how these guys operate.

The new clinical director, shelly bryant of the fig scottsdale center did my final eval about 2 months ago and told me that I should be able to get my 100% refund because I was a non respondant and it is all on tape.

I am in the process of making a complaint to bbb and az medical board 

Above of all iam also trying to identify someone at the local tv news channels like 3 tv and fox to make this tape public. I am also exploring taking this to the most listened radio talk show called ktar on 92.3 fm

Please people stay away from this procedure and do not let your money go down the drain!!

If you are rich and still wanting to try, please dont; instead donate the money to the under previlged children in africa and use your money for a better cause.

Let me know if any of you out there have any other suggestions

Fig LipoDissolve

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