Breast Lift Revision Done Four Years Later. Incredible Results Definitely Worth the Money! -Federal Way, WA

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To whom it may concern: I decided to have my 2nd...

To whom it may concern:
I decided to have my 2nd breast lift January 10th 2014. I had my first lift four years prior. After bearing one child and breastfeeding, I was left with extremely saggy and uneven breasts. If only I had a photo to show what my breasts looked like before both procedures.. just take my word on it that they were so saggy, they didn't fit in a bra. It was very difficult for me to accept being deformed at the young age of twenty one (when I had my first child) My first breast lift looked good for about a year, but there were problems with healing which left me with a very large scar on the right side. Also, they began to sag after only a year after, and look hideous once again. My right breast was noticeably larger than the left. I know both sides of the body are different on everyone, but where it concerned my breasts, the right one was CONSIDERABLY larger. The size difference was embarrassing. After consulting Dr Striddle of Puget Sound Plastic Surgery, I knew I had found the right doctor to help me with my procedure. Dr. Striddle performed a cellulite reduction procedure on my thighs (Better known as cellulaze) after being pleased with the results of this procedure, I decided to consult with him for my second breast lift. I am now only five days post op, and I feel incredible. Dr. Striddle lifted my breasts with what he calls an internal bra. He used very advanced techniques to raise my breast tissue from the inside. He also reduced the size of my right breast. It perfectly matches the right now. He removed so much skin that my breast pocket is now very tight. It looks amazing already and I am just barely beginning to heal. My breasts are in an upright position now. They look much higher than they did after the first lift and have an attractive youthful shape. I decided before I went in for my pre that I would get breast implants. When I went in for my preop, I was under the false impression that large implants would fill in my breast pocket and I wouldn't need another lift. But Dr. Striddle told me the truth and instead of get upset, I took his advice and am so glad I did. Even though the first lift did improve my breasts some, they were still in considerably bad shape, far too saggy and uneven to have implants placed with optimal results.. Dr. Striddle is a perfectionist and I truly appreciate him for that!! I am very happy that I decided to have a breast lift revision with him and cant wait to get my implants put in this spring!! I will post a few photos now taken with my cellphone.. I will charge my professional camera and add better photos on here. I am going to call my ps office to see if they will email me the before photos so I can post them on here. I will also post pictures of my augmentation on here after I get it done! xox

PS- after lift you will have drains on each side of breast under arpit. You will be sore but have pain meds to take care of that. relax and don't lift anything heavy and you cant get breasts wet for first four days or so, when your ps gives the okay. Also, I did not wear a bra immediately after. My PS gave me a shapewear bra at my post op which was three days after the surgery :)

Photos of my breasts before

Attached are some photos of my breasts before. I am currently six days post op, I had my surgery on fridaiy the tenth. Just wanted to show you guys how my breasts were after revision. Will post more pics as I heal more

About three weeks post op now

Okay so I had my surgery Jan 10th and im about three weeks post off.. I had my drains removed at the end of week two. I was happy to get those icky things out!!! I had the smallest amount of discharge coming off my my left breast in the crease. So Dr. Striddle told me to apply bacitracin on it and keep it dry with a bandaid. To be sure I didn't have an infection I took a round of antibiotics I(Bactrim) I hate taking antibiotics because theyre gross and make me feel icky but a nessecary evil sometimes. So I ended up getting an allergic reaction the bandaids I was using! Haha SO I ended up developing this terrible rash on the left breast that was literally driving me insane. So I had it looked at and got steroid cream to get rid of it, because ity was very stubborn and not diminishing fast enough on its own. This steroid cream its amazing I am no longer itching and in pain, and its about 50% less and counting Im applying it four times a day until the rash is gone. So I have taken some photos so everyone can see how im coming along. Healing has been a pain in the ass for me because my immune system sucks and my skin is so sensitive but I am loving the way they look!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait for all the scabs to come off so I can start applying my scar cream. Dr. striddle is amazing I look like I have the boobs of an 18 year old now haha

Update again lol

I need to make a correction, I am almost four weeks post op right now not three. I have added one more photo. Will post more again soon! Ladies feel free to contact me for questions comments or concerns.

Still healing.. slow but steady!!

So I am still healing.. Have had some roadblocks along the way, stiches which were very itchy and driving me crazy also I had a few small wound dehiscence at the T conjunction on BOTH sides of my breast but I kept everything clean and good so im ok.... I am very happy with the shape my only concern is scarring. I purchased silicone gel sheets I am waiting a few more days to put them on though because I have a tad bit of crust left on my boobs.. I am hoping that the hyperpigmentation of my scars will fade. Its very hyper pigmented where I had my drains unfortunately.. I am prone to having noticeable scars because of my olive skin so well see.. I have been using CERAVE medicated moisturizer on my breasts its doing wonders they were extremely dry and flaky. I have very sensitive skin so I've had various allergic reaction to band aids and bacitracin throughout this entire thing.. my doctor and his staff have been very helpful throughout the entire process which I appreciate because I have been a pain in the ass. Cant wait for my scars to fade I hope they will become light and barely visible!

Just tried posting an update but my computer crashed.. GRR!!! Been healing slowly but surely wins the race..

So my surgery was jan 10th.. here we are February 13th and I am on my way.. Been healing slowly but surely. Had a few road blocks along the way found out I was allergic to adhesive in Band-Aids and also bactine and my skin broke out really bad on my breasts it was driving me insane.. I also had a small wound dehiscence that with proper care healed with no problems at all. My only concern is scarring due to my ethnicity and skin color it seems i'm prone to more noticeable scars. My doctor and his staff have been very helpful and patient with me throughout the entire process!! I have been kind of a loon calling them nonstop lol.. Just want my boobs to be perfect! Anyway heres another pic of the girls. My only worry is my scars look hyperpigmented on the side especially where the drains were taken out.. Hopefully that will fade nicely. Ive been using CERAVE cream on it the past few days to help give it some moisture after the hideous breakouts I was having and its done wonders.. Will start using scar sheets in a few days.

Heres my pic shit meant to put it on my previous post

Meant to post this pic up above lol.. here it is!

Now using my silicone scar sheets from new gel

So today I finally opened my up my box of newgel silicone scar sheets. Its taken longer than expected to start scar treatment. Hoping these scar sheets will suffice and I wont need any more intervention for my scars but I am open to scar reduction via lasers or skin bleaching, but only time will tell how my body heals so the jury is still out if I will need those things or not.. Anyway here are some pics of me with the scar sheets. They are sticking very well and don't hurt at all. Im just hoping I wont develop an allergic reaction because I have very sensitive skin.
Kirkland Plastic Surgeon

Dr Striddle is five stars all across the board. He is an excellent surgeon, great bedside manner, very nice, extremely professional, and cares about his work. I cannot run out of nice things to say about someone who has helped me improved my appearance and LIFE so much!! He is honest to a T and will always tell you what you need and never just what you want to hear so he can take your money like so many others who pretend to be plastic surgeons but are barely qualified to practice!! Also Dr. Striddle is very reasonable and does not overcharge his patients. He is a perfectionist and will examine every detail to give you an impeccable result!!! He is a surgeon you can trust!!!!

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5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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