14 Year Implants, 2 kids, CC on left

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My story begins like everybody else's......young,...

My story begins like everybody else's......young, impulsive, and thought breasts were important to "feel normal". I had adorable little double A's and at age 20 underwent BA with 360 saline on top. I actually liked them for about 7 years, then they started to be cumbersome. I got pregnant with my first child and found I couldn't breastfeed with the stupid things! I ended up with mastitis 3 times before I called it quits. That was the point I realized how detrimental my implants were to my life. My poor little baby couldn't seem to pull my nipple back into her mouth to latch properly (despite lactation specialists) and the engorgement was terribly painful. My milk seemed to either leak out everywhere.....or become trapped inside. Horrible. After my pregnancy my nipples started to look uneven. Total bummer. I thought about getting them out....but family, finances and job seemed to be more important. When I was pregnant with my son I went to see my PS to see if there was a way I could have the implants removed. He was very kind and said he could do it in office with local for about 2k. I seriously considered it.....but when you have a precious little peanut in your belly you worry about every chemical and every physical circumstance....so I waited. I went through the same nursing drama. At the visit I asked to see my before pictures. I could hardly believe what I saw...ADORABLE, perfectly symmetrical little boobies. All the memories I had conjured up about how bad my little breasts had been were so warped! I immediately fell into deep regret. MY hubby was present too....he loved them. Who knew my soul mate would have loved my body for what it was. deeper regret. Now....14 years later I'm ready. I see my PS 10/14. I know they will never look the same, but I am ok with saggy little boobies. I am ready to be ME again. Also, like many of the ladies on this site, I've been having some weird autoimmune stuff. I can't help but wonder if the implants are playing a role. I'm hoping removal will bring me both emotional and physical healing. BA is for the birds.

pre-op tomorrow

My meeting with my PS got moved up to tomorrow. Feeling pretty nervous actually. Last time I saw him he said he could remove them in office under local anesthesia. I suspect I can get scheduled fairly quickly for the actual removal. Yikes! Cold feet. Hope I can snap a couple pics with my smartphone of my before photos (from 14yo) while I'm there to strengthen my resolve.


Scheduled for 10/29! My PS was very kind. It does look like I might have to get a little sedation with the local anesthetic. He also wants me to go to the big surgery center. He explained that he treats the capsule with a special gas that helps them shrink and heal. I cant tell you how much i appreciated that he didn't try to talk me out of it and was very supportive. He shared a lot of clinical research about followup treatments we could do to fluff up and tighten skin. Super professional and kind. The staff was very nice too. I'm so happy to have a date.

6 more days!

Had my preop today. Just 6 more days until these things are out. It's hard not to reanalyze everything! I've come to the conclusion that I do actaully like my implants in clothes, but hate my body naked. It will be a trade-off. Maybe I'll spend more time naked! Ha-ha. I also found out today at pre-op that I only have 270cc's. Not sure why I remembered 360cc in my original post. I'm hoping this means less stretching and my skin will bounce back easier.

tomorrow's the day

Few more pre-explant selfies. My surgery is at 8a. Feeling sort of sad about the sagginess I know will follow.....but believing this is still the right choice. I really don't want any more surgeries or revisions. This is it. Wish me luck!

First look

I had them out today. Here is the first peek about 5 hours after surgery. Yikes. I'm praying the fluff fairy will be visiting soon! I do feel lighter. The surgery was a breeze.

day 1

It's been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster since yesterday. Last night I ran to Walmart and bought about every padded sports bra they sold. ;-) I'm really happy with the size of my breasts....and that my nipples are in the same spot bilaterally. I personally think little nippley breasts are super cute and erotic. But right now is sort of dismaying to see them caved in and saggy. I find myself worrying that they might never fluff. I have to be patient. I feel like they look a little tighter today. Might be just fluid though....I'm not sure.

day 2

So...I'm loving the shape I'm in today. There is certainly some sag and nipples need a little recovering....but I feel really happy. Hope its not just fluid and my fluff stays! This is about the size I was pre-BA. Its amazing that its still there after almost 15 years, two babies and CC on the left. Definitely worth explanting!

day 3 the emotional rollercoaster continues...

So it seems my initial results must have been fluid. Whaaaah!!! Sigh. Lots of caving and sagging today. I know its only day 3...but fluff fears are setting back in. I see my PS on Tuesday. I'm hopeful he can provide some predictions...and we can talk about tightening therapies. Feeling super bummed tonight.

1 week

Tomorrow morning marks one week. I saw my PS today. He offered a couple possible skin tightening therapies. The first works using a thermal lazer that goes deep into the tissues and tightens both the skin and breast tissues. Apparently, its very effective....the drawback is the it could melt away a little Breast fat too. I don't have much to loose...so that option doesn't sound so great. Lol. The other option is plasma gas. Its not FDA approved for breast skin yet (just for faces). It basically works only on the skin....it tightens and encourages collagen production. My PS shared a recent case with me about a patient of his who had a breast reduction using thermo-liposuction (she couldn't tolerate surgery for some reason). She did plasma gas to tighten her skin after and it raised her nipple over an inch. The cost is about $1250 per session and usually you need more than one session...on average two. blah. IDK if I'll do the plasma or not. I'm going to wait at least 3 months and see where I'm at. Thank you to all. I don't think I could have made it this far without all of you.

2.5 weeks...going strong!

Thing have been up, down and sideways....but overall I'm loving my new self. In all honesty I believed the fluffing was an urban legend... But it REALLY happened for me over the last couple days. My skin tightened up and I can feel fluffy soft tissue right where it should be. I also started taking "great lakes collagen" powder...and honest to goodness I think it helped. The next morning my nipples were puffier. My pipples are still a little caving...but I hope you they continue to improve.

1 month

Things are going well. I'm loving my itty-bittys. There is a little sag from extra skin...but I'm hoping it will continue to retract. They seem to be changing week to week. It's hard to explain, but I can feel it more internally than externally. I think the capsule is shrinking and giving me a more firm feel.

6 weeks

Things are going well. I hardly think about boobs anymore! I'm updating because someone asked me to. :-) my right nipple has a bit of a crease/fold in it. But it doesn't bother me much. I did gain about 5lbs....so I think it may have helped with a little titty fluffing ;-) still loving my itty bittys.

1yr 7m postop

Hello all! It's been a while. I got pregnant about 5 months after my explant back in Sept 2014. I had a beautiful baby and now and weaning due to return to work. I haven't seen the old girls in a while. Early in breastfeeding I got up to a D. I'm about an A now and am almost completely weaned. It will be interesting to see how things shape up over the next year. I'll keep you posted.

2yr post explant update.

Hello all. Just wanted to give an update. Still rocking the itty bitties. I've lost the baby weight. Down to about 129lbs. I'm 5'6. Unfortunately, my chest is the first place I tend to slim down first. I find that I like my breasts better in clothes than naked these days. I have a crease in my nipple, where excess skin has made a home. There are ups and downs. Every once in a while the old feelings come back and I wonder about getting work done again. Recently I took a look at the "augmentation" part of this site. Totally cured me! I remembered how awfully those things were! Who knows, maybe someday I'll get a little nipple lift or fat transfer, but for now...this is me!
Syracuse Plastic Surgeon

Very skilled PS. Well respected in his profession and among his peers. I researched him well before I chose him for my BA back in 2000. He is good at what he does....I don't think my current outcome has anything to do with him. The reality is that BA just doesn't last forever and revisions are needed every 10 years or so. I also think one of my implants has capsular constriction...a risk for all implants. I think breastfeeding created some scar tissue formation in my left breast. At my most recent visit, PS was very kind and supportive of my decision to ex-plant. He spent lots of time with me, answered questions, and shared clinical research and post-explant options for working with the potential loose skin . His office was wonderful too. They really work on getting you in and are warm and helpful.

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