Lipo (Tumescent) on Flanks, U/l Abs and Even a Touch of Hips-great So Far, Don't Regret a Thing - Fayetteville, NC

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For starters, I have always wondered about...

For starters, I have always wondered about liposuction but never really imagined doing it. I just got out of the Army two years ago and wow did the weight come on quickly! I started running again and was doing great, trimming inches in lower half but no luck in upper body. I went back to look at pictures of myself in the army (best shape ever) and noticed that even then my stomach was not proportionate to my body. The next day I started researching PS and finally found one to do a consultation with. A week later I was scheduled for surgery, fast I know but I only have a limited amount of free time for something like this.

I had surgery yesterday (7JUL10)and it took about an hour for my flanks, u/l abs and some upper hip area. I had general despite not wanting to but actually did pretty well. I had no nausea or dizziness. I went home and slept pretty well with no pain just serious soreness. It felt like a really strenuous workout. Not too much swelling yet but I could feel it getting tighter and tighter under the garment. Surprisingly, I had a pretty good night, I took a few percocets (sooo itchy) but otherwise good.

I woke up today feeling great ready to take on the world! HA HA. I walked around the hotel hallway a little and have been up typing this. I am much more swollen and black and blue now though. I'm worried that I should have a compression garment that covers that upper hip portion too though because that is the sorest area that is bruising badly. I only have on the stomach portion. I've called the doctor but haven't heard back yet. Anyone have any advice or experience with this?

Other than that, everything's been great. I am just patiently waiting to shower and eventually see some more of the area. This was the best for me and I have no regrets what so ever about having lipo done. It's something you really have to do for yourself and have reasonable expectations. Any questions or advice, please feel free to contact me, I'd really appreciate it.

Okay so today marks a month since the surgery. Not...

Okay so today marks a month since the surgery. Not much tenderness at all. If anything there's a slight, very slight twinge every now and then. I'm still wearing a compression garment but I go back for a follow up on Tues and will probably start wearing it only to bed and workout...not sure. Is anyone else out there still wearing theirs at this point in recovery? I still have a weird half numb half tingly sensation in my right hip with some swelling but nothing that bothers me...just noticed. I'm going to start jogging again (slowly) on Monday and see how that goes. I'm really not sure what to expect at this point. I'm rather nervous at how my stomach looks but from what I read, it is just swelling. It's hard to keep that in mind when its like that everyday though.

Dr. H.W Miller

I know that we are living in PC times but I really appreciated the way the doctor prayed with me before he started. Of course he asked first but the fact that he prayed for my strength and recovery and for him to do a good job really touched me and relaxed me. He also was very friendly. He even did the upper hip area without charging me. He said it would give it a more sculpted look so he marked that too. I really appreciated it. Mine only problem was that my discharge instructions were severely lacking. Even now I don't know if I have sutures or even how many and where. I feel that the doc or at least a nurse should have come by afterwards before I left and told me how everything went and what to expect. The nurse was reading basic instructions like "don't eat solid foods and try to rest a lot tonite" umm....yeah obviously. Plus, I was doped up with morphine, do you really think I'm in the state of mind to understand what you're saying? So I ended up called the doc's office today for more in depth instructions but I haven't received a call back yet. His staff are extremely nice and helpful so I know I will be taken care of with them though.

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