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I can't begin to express my total satisfaction for...

I can't begin to express my total satisfaction for the facelift I had 7 days ago. Yes, just 7 days, I am already back at work (and I work 12 hour days), yes I do have a few bruises but nothing that distracts from the new me. Yes, my face is still swollen, but wow, I look amazing. I went home from surgery with sore throat from the intubation but that was the totally expected. Throat was sore for 2 days, so cold applesauce helped take to take the medication I was on prior to facelift. I took one pain pill thinking it would help the sore throat but it didn’t so the best advice I can give is to cool/numb the throat with weight watchers frozen fudge sickles, and use a spoon for small bites, allow the popsicle to melt as you eat it. My neck was very tight from the removal of my “turkey neck” but was not what I would call painful. Incision areas reddened, tender to touch after a few days, but not what I would classify as painful. Three to four days postop, I went through the yellow/green bruising phase, which I called my green glowing phase. I wore my bandage, placed bacitracin ointment on the sutures, and slept in a recliner with my head high for the recommended time frame. I took naps in the day as needed (listen to your body), stayed out of sun and heat, apparently I followed directions to the letter and just look at the pictures. I started a daily picture slideshow; however because of the significant difference I saw between morning and evening, I took a set of photos in morning and another set in the evening the first week. My swelling was resolving, face swelling reduced in just 12 hours between pictures. Oh, was I pleased. I didn't want to look 25 again. I was realistic; I wanted not to look tired anymore. Baby, I don't!!! ONE week, and I am blazing trails with my recovery. THANK YOU, Dr. Dickerson!!! I couldn't ask for better results, however, you have told me if I love my face now, just wait till 2-3 months postop, and I will love it more. I can't imagine my face improving that much, as it is amazing now!!! Thanks for reading my story. (I will post pictures this evening).


Each day the swelling is improving. I am looking amazing --> today is day 10, since I don't count day of surgery.

Day after surgery Aug 21 in am

Mylar balloon face--swollen, but expected

evening of day 2

I need to explain that I had a syndrome called Horner's Syndrome in my right eye, that caused it to droop. That is the reason for the eye swelling...it isn't like eyelid surgery it is a muscle and inside eyelid surgery. So ignore that as it was a different medical problem.

Day 2 (sorry the post just before this was evening of day 1)

Day 3 (Saturday)

Swollen, but no pain

Saturday evening

Day 4 (Sunday)

Day 4 (Sunday evening)

Changes happening rapid!!!

Day 5 (Monday am)

Tuesday Day 6

Day 7 (Wednesday)

Going to work, don't I look refreshed, it is amazing what a few days of rest and a facelift can do for you!

Day 8 (thursday)

another day working

Day 9 (Friday)

Compare pictures Before surgery and at day 6

Day 13.

I was sitting working and a female colleague (who I haven’t seen since the facelift) looked at me and ask if I changed my hair. Then she said no, hair is the same. She kept looking at me saying something is very different but she can’t put her finger on it. She noticed my eye repair from the Horner’s syndrome but she just kept looking. Finally I put her out of her misery, and told her I had a facelift, and she was just thrilled, told me it took 15 yrs off my face. I could have kissed her!!!! I have told about everyone that knows me where I work that I had the facelift as I have nothing to be ashamed of; I am worth every penny I paid. I am now hearing the remarks from those that didn’t know, and it is the COOLEST thing because I wanted to look like me without looking so tired, and it worked. I am just tickled to death over the compliment.

one month out

Hi everyone, thought I would share another story. I had another colleague that was worried because he hadn't seen me since my open heart surgery come up and hug me. He stepped back and commented that my heart surgery really did wonders for me, I look like a new person, younger!!! I laughed as we sat and talked, then put him out of his misery, because he just kept commenting on my looks. I told him I had a facelift, when I had my right eye fixed. He laughed, and ask do you think he could fix my face. I just love the comments, they keep on coming, and the swelling keeps on leaving. I look in the mirror and sometimes think, WOW is that really me!!! thanks for reading the posts, here is me on September 15, 2014.

4 months since my facelift, still loving it!!!

I am loving my "reconditioned" face. Most people see me, especially when I wear makeup say "WOW" They say they love that my heart operation made my eyes so blue...I just laugh. Those people that know me, know about the lift but those I don't know well, I just don't say anything. I feel like I had Santa Claus bring me the best gift of all, ME, the one I used to love to see in the MIRROR. I AM BACK, and loving it!!!! Thanks Dr. Dickerson, I couldn't have ask for better results, you are my Santa!
Hubby, without you…no words to express my love…THANKS!
Fayetteville Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Dickerson is honest, he tells you what to expect, and because of the genuine faith I had in him, I trusted him with MY face. I am a health professional, so I read reviews online, talked to friends at the hospitals where he does procedures (inquiring about infection rates), or asking personal opinions of his personally, I was looking for the dent in the amour, but by comparison I couldn’t find anyone in the area I felt matched his qualifications. He also got points because he works on heroes Ft. Bragg soldiers that come home from battle scarred. When I looked at EVERYTHING, he came out the man on top. I can't imagine a better experience.

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