32 Years Old Wanna Get my Breast Done - Fayetteville, NC

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Hi I've been doing a lot of research about breast...

Hi I've been doing a lot of research about breast augmentation and I am finally taking the plunge! I'm scared and excited at thesame time...I'm scared coz I've read some reviews that they get sick after a while having saline implants. Should I be concerned? Has anybody here had ba with Dr. Herring??

So much doubt in mind HELp!!!

I'm going to have a pre op in two weeks and lately I have been thinking so much if j should go through with it. Reading all the horror stories of having BA scared the crap out of me and now my husband is trying to talk me out of it. I'm so confused of what to do, I want it done with Dr. Herring but I have not really meet anyone that had gone surgery with him. I guess I just need reassurance that if I get this surgery, I'm in good hands. If any ladies out there that had experienced with Dr. Stephen Herring pls msg me or something I'd appreciate it a lot. Thanks
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