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Okay ladies. So I'm 5'4" and 130lbs. I'm going in...

Okay ladies. So I'm 5'4" and 130lbs. I'm going in for surgery on the 27th and I'm excited. Not scared yet, just excited. I've been browsing this site and my PS told me I don't NEED a lift and that he could just go bigger on the right side and they would look more even. I have 2 children and plan on having at least one more. So the thought of destroying my surgery with another pregnancy scares me but I have friends who haven't had any issues after having children and breast feeding. SO IM GOING FOR IT!! In only have a few questions. Has any one gone with the incision under the breast? Not along the nipple? That's how my surgeon wants to do it and I'm not so sure about it. Has anyone had any issues with having it done this way?? I have 10 days left and any pre surgery advice to help me along for before and after would be great!!

I'm 5'4" 130lb and my PS suggested 425 cc in the...

I'm 5'4" 130lb and my PS suggested 425 cc in the right and 500cc in the right. Will this look too big?!?! I'm nervous ill look way to big! I'm getting saline above the muscle. Any help would be great! Also, did anyone use any time of cream before surgery to help with the elasticity in the skin to prevent stretch marks?

Okay soooooo I got a phone call today that my labs...

Okay soooooo I got a phone call today that my labs were all good to go and they offered to more my surgery to Monday!!( so excited ! I'm only nervous about getting an IV. I don't like that thought of things in my veins!!!

After 2 kids you would think I'd be use to it! Sike! I decided on 500cc in the left and 425-450 in the right. Saline above the muscle. I'm pretty excited. I've always wanted boobs. Before babies I was a small B. not perky just blahhhhh. After my first my boobs went to a DD and stretch marks all over!! It's horrible. I gained 60 lbs with my first and it was awful. After loosing all that weight (177 back to 115) my body was just saggy. My tummy and my boobs. And now after I've lost all the weight from the second pregnancy I'm ready to finally do something for me! So Monday is the day:) and I'm going to update morning of and post op. :). And I'll post pictures.

Okay so I'm post op day 2. And I'm not in pain yet...

Okay so I'm post op day 2. And I'm not in pain yet. Just sore. Feels like engorgment after you have a baby. I like them so far. Haven't really seen them haha. Husband says they look good. I'm still very nauseous and dizzy. Yesterday was the worst. That's allllll I have to complain about. Is how sick I felt after. Felt like a hangover from hell. And I couldn't sleep! Oh! Also sleeping on my back is killing my lower back. I'm not use to it at all. I normally sleep on my side. So I have my hips proped up and it helps me shift my weight. Morning boob isn't as bad as I was expecting. Just extra sore but not painful. I've had very little pain at my insisions but that's it so far. Thank god for my husband. I feel like such a needy brat! But I literally can't do much of anything myself. He's so understanding and helpful with the kids. He has to go back to work(he's in the army) on Wednesday and they are in the field for 10 more days. :(. So hopefully I get well enough to handle that. Other then all of that I'm still just trying to catch up on sleep and will update as much as I can. :).

Tomorrow will mark one week post op. I'm feeling...

Tomorrow will mark one week post op. I'm feeling good!!! Up moving around not taking pain meds anymore. Just my antibiotics. My husband left back to work 2 days ago so I've been by myself with the kids. Isn't too bad. I still can't lift my arms very high. But I'm mobile. I've notice my right side(has425cc) has dropped and is soft... This was my larger side. My left side has(500cc) and is still higher then the left. This was my smaller side. When my left drops I'm hoping they even out. And I'm hoping my right doesn't continue to drop anymore! My sports bra isn't super super tight anymore so I'm always holding my right side up!! I'm afraid it will drop more. Lol praying the left drops soon. Tuesday is my post op appointment and hopefully I'm okay-Ed to finally shower!!!
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