I am finally ready to change my life.

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Ok after reading all you brave ladies on your...

Ok after reading all you brave ladies on your journey I have decided to take that faithful leap. I need to exchange my implants for smaller ones with a lift and full tummy tuck. One thing I have to do is get the courage to let people see my body the way it is. I will attach some before photos. Let me know if I am too heavy for a tummy tuck.

A little about myself.

I am a 50 year old mother of three grown kids. My oldest son soon to be 30. A middle son who is now a teacher and high school football coach who will soon be 24. The baby girl who is 18 and loves to barrel race her horse. So i have decided to do something to me happy. First consult May 7.

My journey

Two photos one starting and 2 months after starting my diet. Can't wait to hit the gym finally after the knee surgery. Just more skin. Ugh

Ok I'm worried I'm too heavy for a tummy tuck. I

I have been on a diet and still can't get rid of this tummy. I going to try and get my dr to persctibe me insulin for my high blood sugar. This is stressing me out.

First phone consultation

Dr Davoudi called me today and I had my first phone consultation. He was very nice. He recommended by my photos a full tummy tuck with lipo. A lollipop lift with smaller implants. I will be scheduling an appointment at his office in May.

So excited. Still trying to loose weight even tho he said I don't need to.

Doesn't seem to be much change:(

Took another picture. The diet doesn't seem to be helping my tummy. I haven't been able to hit the gym yet due to my knee surgery. But after the 13th I will be able to. First consultation in this Thursday morning.

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day to all my realself sister's.

Consultation Today

I finally had my consultation with Dr Davoudi today. It was awesome he was showing my husband what he can do and how I will look. Now here is the question implants or no implants. I want to go from my 38ddd to a small dd.I currently have implants. I want the implant for upper plow fullness and my husband doesn't think I need implants. I told him I know I won't be happy without the implants.

Please give your feedback. Let me know if you had implants or not.

Dr Colgrove

Ok still scheduling consultations. I would love to get your feedback if you have used Dr Colgrove for a mommy makeover.

Happy Memorial Day

Thank you to all our military and veterans for your dedication and service to our country!!!

God Bless

My weight loss journey

I am attaching a current photo. I am getting so excited for my mommy makeover. This has been hard since I recently had knee surgery and not able to hit the gym as much as I would like.

photo didn't upload


trying to load picture


Dr Cochran

Ok today was my consultation with Dr Cochran. He is so nice and down to earth. I am pretty sure he will be my Dr. He quoted me 10,700 for everything. I'm pretty excited about the whole thing. Wish me luck. My husband at first told me we would borrow against our 401k now he won't help. It's a blow but I will figure it out.

Sorry everything includes tummy tuck lipo flanks and bra roll. Breast lift with implant exchange.

BIg day scheduled

Ok I have scheduled my mommy makeover with Dr Cochran for September 23. Wish it could be sooner.

Not much chang.

Ok not much change. Working out and watching my diet. Leg is still hurting since knee surgery. Need more physical therapy.

Dr did say it will be hard to get these hips down with diet. He is going to aggressively hit them with lipo.

Can't wait till its my turn. Although it's scary to think of the pain headed my way.


Happy FOURTH to all my realself friends. What a blessing we get to live in a country where we a have the right to take control of our own destiny and change our bodies. To achieve self cofidence as the women we are and want to be.


Ok everyone this last week or two I have not been doing so good on my diet. So much stress. Went to visit my mom in her assisted living it is so nice to see her bat sad at the same time. While I was there my 18 year old daughter was taken to the hospital for threatening to commit suicide. She is home now and receiving therapy.

Got to get back in track. My knee is still really bad three months out from surgery going to get a second opinion.

I have 2 months to get where I need to be.


Ok now I want to add inner thigh lipo to the list of procedures. My list just keeps growing. Lol

Keeping on my weight loss journey

Still trying to loose weight before surgery. This extra skin is going no where.

Weight loss journey

Here are two photos one at the beginning of weight loss and now. Finally able to get back in the gym. This knee surgery put me out of being able to work out. So back at it. Hopefully by time I get my tummy tuck I will loose more weight.

It's becoming very real

Just received my surgery packet from Dr Cochran yesterday. Boy the months just flew by. It's becoming so real. The nerves are starting to hit me.? Reading all the risks of my surgery sure makes me very nervous.

2 more weeks!!

Ok I just paid for my surgery in full!! Now it seems so real. I'm more nervous than ever now. It's becoming a reality!! I added lip augmentation for $400.

Omg 5 more days

I will try and put up some before pictures on here before surgery. I warn you it won't be pretty.

The dreaded before a!! Ugh

Ok the dreaded before pictures. Now you know why I want to do this. Sad very sad.

Supplies ready am I ?

Have my recliner (took over my husbands) and supplies ready not sure if I am. Two more days and I will be joining you beautiful ladies.

Ok home from surgery! What an experience

Ok home pain not bad need to take pain meds. An experience for sure. They couldn't put me to sleep. I was talking to them lol.them I had to pee so they brought a bed pan. Can't help it when girl has to pee they have to pee. Then i said can you make sure I'm a sleep during the tummy tuck part. Lol

Doing well slept pretty good

My husband helped me with my first shower this morning no more bleeding . So happy with my boobs they are much smaller and perky ????

Slept pretty good going to take a nap.

Stomachs muscles

Ok I sleep in a recliner all day and night getting our to walk some. Shit I still end up having to use my stomachs muscles. Getting lot of this recliner sucks. Please tell me I'm not hurting anything by doing this. It's just difficult doing anything had boobs done at the same tim

Fat transfer to lips supper swollen

Fat lips

Booby reveal

Ok I had a full lift with implant exchange. I have to warn you they are swollen and black and blue. But don't forget what I had to start with.

Slow recovery

Ok feeling sad about my slow recovery. Still kinda sit in my recliner for the most part. Go see dr this Thursday. Didn't sleep well last night. Should I be up and wanting to get dressed and do stuff?

First post op

Today marks one week and a day post surgery. Like every one else says Dr Cochran was very quick but nice said everything looks great. Said boobs look great. I asked for a surgical bra so the nurse gave me two. One for now and one for when the swelling goes down. Still have my drain but knew I would. He pulled my binder really right and told me I need to wear it tighter.

Gonna rest now. Happy healing ladies.

Ok kinda gross

Not the best subject but ladies I can't keep anything in. No matter what I eat it goes rite through me. I am let's say the complete opposite of constipated. Please any suggestions will be helpful????

One more must have

Ok like one of the other Realself ladies said no one tells you how hard it is to wipe your own butt. So purchase those cleansing clothes that is sold with the toilet paper. Will help with a clean bum!

Ok I just pulled something trying to pick up my cat

Hey everyone I am so upset with myself I went and picked up my cat without thinking and pulled something in my right side. I see my dr tomorrow so please pray everything will be ok

Judge Judy

Ok ladies I can't believe this but my daughter and I will be on the judge Judy show next week. I have to say I really am doing this for my daughter. Wish us luck.

First photo

Took this picture for my sister I promise a better one once I take my drain out Monday

First photo

Ok as promised the tummy reveal. I am almost three months so still have swelling

One more photo

Picture of scar

Ok so

Ok so I put on my photo I am 3 months I am actually 3 weeks and believe it or not I'm not in pain pills lol

New photos

This Wednesday makes 4 weeks

4 weeks today

4 weeks today. I am going to wear my binder for another 2 weeks because I work on my feet and I am swelling a lot still.

Went to buy work clothes

Just had to share. I went to get work clothes today I went from extra large junior tops to medium because my smaller breast and hips and tummy and large leggings to small medium!!!! So happy so this pain is worth it.

Back to work

Ok started back to work last Tuesday and it has been rough since I work on my feet. I have a chair at the register if I need it. It is kinda depressing since I thought I would be feeling better by now but it hurts to be on my feet for 7 hours. Omg when will I be able to hit the gym. Am I having a slow recovery?

Five weeks tomorrow

I will be five weeks tomorrow. I am very happy with my results and know it's only going to get better. My breast are still swollen. Yes I still have hips but that's not because of my dr that is my shape. He took a lot of fat off. I can't wait to look back at 6 months and see how far I have come.

Thank you ladies for all your support!

Have to have this fixed tomorrow

Oh well just a little set back. My husband said not a set back. He thinks of everything I had done I'm doing pretty good.

Dead skin

Ok so went to see dr Cochran and he took of that dead skin and the nurse removed a stich that was being stubborn. I am afraid to look at. It didn't bleed or anything.

My weight loss journey

I decided one day when I had my husband take a picture of me to do somerhing. I had been avoiding mirrors for quit some time. When I saw the picture I couldn't believe how I let my self go. That's when I decided to start getting strict with my diet. I can't wait to get back in the gym.

I wear a 7!!

Ok had to share my excitement I went to rue 21 today which I never shop there cause clothes were too small. Well I wore like an 11 maybe. Ok I bought a size 7 in pants today and they fit good even extra room in the tummy. I will post pictures tomorrow with my outfit on. What feels weird is my lower tummy is still kinda numb.

7 weeks today

7 weeks today may need additional lipo to hips. My new pants size 7

Just for fun

I can't believe I wear a medium bottom!! Took this for hubby. Didn't have fat transfer but with the lipo contouring he did free it makes my ass just banging. No more back fat rolls!!'

Still not quit 8 weeks

I wanted to post a side view I hadn't before. Dr Cochran lipod my back to contour. I still wear my binder 24/7 I believe if I do this for the first three months I will have the best results possible.

These are before photos

These are before photos so you can see the difference. I'm amazed every time I compare.

Feeling fat

Ok so I am 9 weeks post op and I feel so fa!! I am kinda depressed I feel like everyone else dr Cochran did tummy tucks on look way better than me! I think I defiantly need touch up on my lipo. Also one breast is bigger than the other so he may need to add saline to the smaller one. I wish I didn't have to wait six months????

TV Debut

Ok everyone my tv debut will be this Thursday at 430. Let me warn you I traveled two weeks after surgery so I'm a hot mess!!! It's gonna be weird to see myself on tv. Lol

I will be in Judge Judy as most of you already know.

10 weeks post op

Ladies I am so frustrated I am going to have to have dr Cochran to touch my hips with lipo my right side has a dog ear????

Current photos no change

Here are current photos. My upper abs are still fat. I see dr Cochran on the 15. Jenny seems to think its swelling.

Revision by Dr Cochran

This is the paperwork from Dr Cochran about revisions.

Need this fixed

Ok ladies tell me what you think. I need this fixed my left breast is way bigger than right. Should I increase the right or make the left smaller? I like the smaller one better.

This is stressing me out

Revisions in January

Ok happy to report that I had an appointment with Dr Cochran and he was so nice always greets me with a hug!! He told me that he would be happy to do my revisions in his office and it will only cost me 100 for an Iv. He is going to lipo my hips and upper abs and he is going to lipo my left breast and make some minor adjustments to even out to make my breasts more evenness.

Waiting till after the holidays!!

Not too many changes

Ok I am three months post op and have revision scheduled in January for revision on my hips and to fix the size difference in my breasts. He plans on doing lipo on the larger one. I hope it works. In my opinion that crease needs to be raised. Let me know what you think.

Touch up lipo

Ok here is a photo of my touch up lipo to get this breast smaller to match the other one. Let's say I left upset he didn't do what I expected.

Left breast lipo

Trying to upload photo

Another picture of the bruising

I will be 4 months the 23rd

No real changes. I will be four months the 23rd. Hitting the gym almost every day. I will be 52 in August which is hard to believe. I wear my binder to the gym and at work I will probably wean off more at 6 months. I still swell.

Thank you girls for all your support couldn't have done it with out you!!!

4 month update 3 weeks after left breast lipo

Ok I had a revision on my left breast due to it was still larger than right after lift and implant exchange. Things are looking good and most of the bruising gone.

I wanted to post this because there are not many photos of dr cochrans breast lifts.

Morning less swelling

Excuse the messy hair just got up. Privates still a little swollen by I have less swelling in the morning.

5 months!!!

I am now just a few days shy of five months! I have been eating healthy and hitting the gym hard. I need a few touch ups but other wise everything is great!! Thank you all for all the wonderful support.

I just got weighed at my dr office only lost 5lbs

I just got weighed at my dr office and became discouraged. I weighed 170 at surgery and I will be 5 months post op in a few days. I now weigh 165 but feel I look like I lost a lot more. This is so discouraging. I have attached before and now photos.

Not much change Six months on the 23rd

I will be six months on the 23rd hard to believe! I still have upper ab swelling which I will ask the dr about when I go in for my lip augmentation revision on the 10th. I have been hitting the gym almost every day.

More photos

More photos

Lip augmentation

Ok I had an appointment yesterday to put fat in my lips. It was done at the time of surgery but a lot of it didn't stay. So we gave it a try again hopefully this time it works. It was quit an ordeal harvesting the fat from my bum and putting in my lips. Man I was not prepared for how painful that needle in my lips was going to be!

Almost 6 months!!

Almost 6 months not much change swelling isn't that bad anymore! Love my flat tummy! I have been going to the gym every day. This surgery has changed my life! Thank you to all the great ladies I met on here who came through this journey with me!!!

Adding a few more pictures of my progress

Happy healing to everyone

7 months next week!

Ok no changes???? Was hopping these hips would go down more! I make sure I go to the gym just about every day. Did abs for the first time the other day and boy are they sore! Had my 6 month post op and dr Cochran was very happy with my results. Of course I feel I could use some tweeking but I'm very critical of myself. He joked and said I look so good that I owe him more money! He is so funny! Then he hugged me.

More photos

Ok first bikini

First bikini in 10 years! Still have a long way to go top is too small just ordered one from VS. I will take photos when it arrives.


Just wanted to let everyone know I'm having a small revision on May 5th. On my right hip I have a small dog ear he is going to lipo and on my left hip my scar is pretty bad he is going to cut it out! Dr Cochran is awesome!

Revisions Done

Ok had my appointment this morning at 930am. He performed liposuction on my right hip and did scar revision on left hip. He jokingly said I'm picky but that's ok! Lol will post photos tomorrow!

I am now 8 months

I am now 8 months and still swell at the end of the day not sure when that will end. I put my binder on at night it makes me feel good. My hips are a little swollen and sore from revision he did. I have been hitting the gym hard! I will be 52 this August!!

I included the before photos!

More photos

More photos to compare

Should I go smaller?

Ok my real self friends I would love your opinion. I have kinda been upset with my breasts since probably the day after surgery the left one is still much bigger than the right and they are bigger than I wanted. I know it sounds crazy but I think they are ugly. I was a 36DDD and wanted to be a large D small DD. Well I'm still a 36DDD???? What do I do? I was thinking of keep the implants and have some breast tissue removed he offered that rite after surgery. Well just removing saline but I don't want saggy breasts. Help am I being too picky?

Should I do the lipo

Ok ladies I have to ask your opinion. I feel my breasts are still too big. Had an appointment today with Dr Cochran about liposuction on the sides of my breasts to make them smaller. He said he thinks they are perfect but if I want him to he will. The problem is I was quoted $1500. Last December he quited me $700 and told me to wait. In January he attempted to do it in his office but it did not help it really needs to be done in the or.

Attached are photos tell me want you think.

More photos

Breast revision

Ok I think most of you know how much I don't like how big my breasts are and one is larger than the other. Well I am having a revision next Wednesday I am getting small high profile implants with pocket revision. So excited I want smaller boobies so bad!

Breast Recision

As most of you know I have been upset with how large my breasts are and that the left is larger than the right! I am having revision work on Wednesday! He told me to bring a photo! I currently have 425cc I am switching to 295cc high profil with over fill so he will be making the pocket smaller for the smaller implants.

Surgery yesterday

Ok had my breast revision surgery yesterday and boy am I in some pain. He aggressively lipo my side boob fat and had to make my pocket smaller to accomidate the smaller implants. I now have 290cc high profile over filled to 350. I haven't looked at them yet! I'm scared. My hubby wants to sneak a peek tonight!

Almost 11 months post op and one month breast revision

I am now 11 months post op mommy makeover and 1 month breast revision. Been slacking in the gym since I had a lot going on last month. Had to travel for a funeral etc. Wish I could be happy with my breast but one is still larger than the orher????

Almost a year

Well the 21 st will be a year and time sure does fly by. My breast revision is only 3 months post.

1 Year Post Op

Ok everyone it's been one year since my mommy make over and 2 months since my breast revision! Love my new smaller breast. Although it makes my hips look big! I have been able to maintain my weight still swell at the end of the day! Love the new me!

Thanks everyone for your support over the past year.

One year and three months post mommy makeover

Ok it has been 1 year and three months since my mommy makeover with Dr Cochran just love the guy! I hit the gym almost every day. I think I would have less swelling if were to not drink a sprite every day. I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas. You have all been such an amazing help to me. Posting per op and now!

A few more photos

Here a a few more photos I am 1 year and 3 months
Dr. Cochran

I love Dr Cochran and recommend him highly. He is so caring and down to earth. He truly cares about his patients. I am so glad I chose him for my Dr.

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