Mentor round high profile 425cc silicone under the muscle.

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Hi I'm a mom of two boys age 2&3 nursed both of...

Hi I'm a mom of two boys age 2&3 nursed both of them. I have also lost 110 lbs. the combination of the two has left me with practically nothing but loose skin and nipples. So i have decided to fill them up again. I chose smooth round silicone mentor implant the size will be determined during surgery. I would like a c cup but know that's up for interpretation of bra companies. Somewhere between 300-400 cc. My husband gets to go in the operating room while I'm under and they will try out different sizers to find the size/profile that fits my body best.
I plan on going back to work 5 days later but am going to keep the boys in daycare for the full week. I'm very worried about caring for my children while healing from my new additions.

Just a couple hours to go.

I'm so excited I feel like a kid at Christmas. I hardly slept last night. Yesterday I cleaned my whole house and prepared a couple of meals showered and shaved. My mom and husband will be off work all day if I need anything. I put on the anti nausea patch. This morning I need to take valum (sp) and anti acid Meds.
I'm worried about recovery as I do use my arms a lot for work and childcare.

So far so good only a couple hours in

Feel a lot of pressure and it feels like my milk just came in via breast feeding days. I have no nausea but extremely dry mouth. I can't remember the surgury just felt like a super great sleep. No pain just pressure.
My husband got to pick the size and went with 425cc smooth round silicone little bigger then I thought but they fill out quite nicely I'm very happy so far.

Hematoma!!! Ouch! Sorry for any grammar errors Ithe letters are all bunched together (pain pills)

So everything was going extremely well felt great. It kinda felt like when ,y milk came in after children and I had missed a couple feeding. Then 1am I got up go to the bathroom and got very dizzy and almost feel down luckily my husband was there to keep me from falling. Then came the pain and swelling only in my right boob.i just knew something wasn't called after hrs.. They lined ,e up for 8am said he was going to have to reopen my stitches then take the implant out then clean and drain fluids I might need a drain. He said could be water or blood. Minor setback but I I still love them
The swelling goes all from my neck to just below the rib cage. I would take a pic but in too much pain. Taking my heavy pain pills and resting til they go back in. I have to wait til 300 because I ate some goldfish crackers.

Just got out of surgery for removal hematoma

I had to be worked in so nothing for me to eat or drink all day. I'm starving so currently eating chicken noodle soup. Yumm
They removed 200cc of blood from my lright boob. Lefty a still good normal swelling. They also put a drainage bag in the right one.. Which is uncomfortable but really doing the trick already had to empty it. The swelling stretched around to my back and hurts to lay down. I think my boobs hurt even more now.

A vampires dream girl

So my left boob is two days post op and right is 1 day because they had to reopen the wound. Lefty doesn't hurt at all and if it weren't for the hematoma in the right and the super uncomfortable Drain bag I'd be well on way to recovery. I think I mentioned earlier that got 200 cc of blood from the right when the opened me up. But I have since collected another 100cc in my blood bag.


Thank goodness I looked at so many reviews because my boobs look pretty silly right now. Between all the swelling and the blood bag I'm all set for Halloween. Luckily I know they won't stay that way forever.
My drains are still pumping out 40 cc per every two hours

Pictures of Frankin-boobs

Water weight I hate you

I'm 5foot 6iches and the day of the surgery I weighed 135. Today I weighed myself and I weigh 143.8. I would be alarmed if I had been eating garbage food but yesterday I couldn't eat because of having to have my right breast drained. Today all I have rated was chicken noodle soup healthy choice. I know my implants weigh a couple pounds but I think the majority of my weight gain is water weight from be so swollen on my right side the swelling goes all the way down to my hips (right side only)
Why did I have to weigh myself? Out of habit really. I have been doing weight watches for the past two years and dropped 110 lbs.

Attempted to shower fired my husband

I should have showered with pain pills but was trying to wait them out cause they make me sleepy and I didn't want to slip in the shower. I took off the gauze and bra and felt lots of unsupported pressure. So I tried to support them and the stupid blood bag while my husband washed my hair. First off he is the worlds worst shampoo boy (he does normally only take 5min showers) but he was full on creep stalker he couldn't focus on my hair when all he wanted to do was check out my new boobs. I think I'm gonna have to get a bra to shower in

More peas please

It's day 4 for lefty and day 3 for righty. I really expected to be off the pain pills and swelling to be down. I think the hemotoma really slowed down healing and added to the swelling. My right side down to my hips is bruised. I tried no pain pills this morning but was a total b$&@h to my hubby. So I'm sticking to the pills and keeping ice on myself and hoping to get rid of this swelling. I'm holding a lot of fluid in my stomach and right hip area. Still have the lovely blood bag. I hope to get rid of it by Tuesday at the latest.

Who beat me up?

Well I got my blood bag taken out;) such a relief. My boobs are shaping up nicely over the next few weeks they will drop into place. I have several bruises but I do bruise easily and I did retain a lot of water. I was prescribed a diaretic because I have gained 15lbs over 5 days. I will try it tomorrow if I haven't shed a couple pounds on my own. I'm still in a little pain at night I think it was mostly uncomfortable because of the drain. I got prescribed more pain pills hoping I won't have to take them.

What a differance

I am starting to really love my new breasts I'm excited to see what the next few weeks bring. I have lost almost all the water weight I'm still up by about 6lbs. I'm still pretty bruised but that's to be expected. Pain is pretty much gone except sometimes at night. I'm starting my breast massages. I wear the compression bra pretty much all the time. I bought a couple new sports bras but they don't seem like they give as much support so I'm sticking with the ugly one for now. Wish it's didn't give me weird booby wrinkles and it would look better if it was black. Lefty has dropped a little faster then righty so far but from what I've gathered that's pretty common.

A couple without bra wrinkles

I think they are starting to shape up to look quite a bit like my wish pics. Once the right one drops I think they will look more even.

11 days post op left boob 10days right boob

Not too much has changed but I do love taking pictures of my new boobs so thought I'd share.

Another pic a little progress

Three weeks

I feel great. No real issues just sometimes my bra rubs on the incisions so I keep them covered. Bruising almost gone. Oh and I love that I don't have to stuff my bra!! Very happy with the implant size haven't gotten greedy yet and don't think I will either. I still have no idea what my cup size is. Still wearing ugly sports bras size medium. Was told not to waste my money until they are settled.

Almost 4 weeks

I'm very pleased with the dropping and fluffing. I can't wait to go bra shopping I hate sports bras. No pain at all and I now have more feeling in my breast pretty much 100% sometimes they itch all over but I guess that comes with any wound healing. So funny most people are like I thought you were going to get implants I then have to fess up that I have been stuffing my bra for years. Not actually stuffing but buying only bombshell bras from vs. my husband still can't keep his hands off them.. He makes sure to inspect them twice a day. I still can't believe that just four weeks ago I was my before pic.

Bra shopping

Everything is healing great got the ok to go bra shopping. I also got the ok to wear underwire. Got sized 32 dd. or I can get away with a 34d I Tried a couple push ups for fun. Didn't buy felt like a cartoon character lol. I also found a dress to wear to a Christmas party. It's pretty low cut and no bra because it's also low back I have always wanted to wear something like that. Got a blazer to go over it and the girls are completely safe from popping out as there is built in wire in the v part.

Drying after spray tan tit pics why not?

Everything is great! I love my boobs still. Best thing I ever did for myself. Currently letting my spray tan dry so why not take some selfies.

Well I think I'm pretty much settled

Almost two months post op. I'm completely healed and I think fully settled. My scars are almost invisible. I'm super happy with the size chosen for me wouldn't want them any larger as I think I would have troubles finding bras ect. I have been back living life as usual for over a month now. I still wear a sports bra to bed. Underwire lightly lined during the day. I wore the dress to my Christmas party bra less had both girls and guys tell me I had nice boobs.. Lol most would be offended I wasn't at all hey I paid for them:) my husband normally not the jealous kind followed me like a hawk.
Advice for anyone that hasn't gotten their boobies yet. 1. Don't be your own surgeon find someone you trust and trust them to pick size and shape. I went to one consultation with dr.gronka knew I trusted him showed him wish pics and he picked size and profile. I did not try sizers I didn't even request a profile. I know I'm not a surgeon and he does this all the time. 2) give them time to settle. Know that they won't look the same after 6 weeks. Don't stress. I worried so much about my nipples being too low but I just needed to allow time for them to drop.
Also thank you to everyone on this site for kind words and encouragement. It's truly meant a lot to me. Also thank you to everyone who have wrote reviews and posted pictures.

check up

I had my final check up today with dr. Gronka. Still very happy with the results. Got my before and after photos from his office and thought I'd share;) it's hard to believe that was my before breasts I have grown so used to them. My incision look a little more red in the photos but honestly I think they were more red from the bra I was wearing.
Fayetteville Plastic Surgeon

Dr.gronka is a very talented man. I would recommend him to anyone. When I developed a small hematoma (no fault of his just happens sometimes) he moved his whole day around to get me in and remove it. He the type of professional that cares outcome and well being of his patients.

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