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Ok so where to start. I want bigger breast. My...

Ok so where to start. I want bigger breast. My fiancé is deployed and upon his return, we want to get married but I have always pictured myself a certain way in my wedding pictures. I want straighter teeth and a fuller busts. Guess I'll start looking into surgeons. Im positive on the procedures I want , I'm just concerned about quality and finances. My biggest issue is sacrificing quality of work and experience with a cheaper price tag but I also don't want to be the one person who got lowballed. Consultations alone costs ya know? I'm still shopping around and going through pictures. I have an idea of what I want. I work out frequently and am bottom heavy, I'm a small 34B currently. I have a good amount of breast tissue and love the natural shape and fullness of my breast. I just want them to be bigger, I have no nipple placement complaints or desire them to be rounded, love the shape, just want more size. So far I have one consultation scheduled for the end of the month. Mostly because it was free. The others that I'm interested in charge 200 for a consultation but if I don't get surgery there, then I basically gave them 200 for nothing when I could have saved that for the procedure and surgeon that I actually want. It gets exhausting. Some days I'm pumped and excited about my end of the year boobs and other days I'm just like "eff-it" I'll just get it done when I find the surgeon of my dreams at the price I've been waiting for. Hey! A girl can dream can't she. ;)

First Consultation Today

I was so nervous. I finally had my consultation today. So now I have a good idea of what I want, at least I think I do. I was pretty certain I wanted highly cohesive mentor memory shape implants in at the least 355. I wanted a trans anxillary incision due to my hyperppigmintation and I wanted a textured implant. HOWEVER, now that I have had my consultation, things may change. Did you know mentor has a lifetime warranty but with their silicone implants it requires you to get a MRI every 2 yrs to follow FDA protocol or the warranty is null and void. So on top of paying the extra 2 grand or so for the lushness of silicone implants ; you can look forward to paying an extra 2 grand every 2 yrs after getting them. The saline implants from

Mentor don't require you to receive an MRI every two yrs. Also, every incision has its share of complications but going through the armpit has some problems to get through. I mean seriously , your lymph node, sweat glands, hair follicles, clogged ducts and that's without having even created the pocket yet. Finally feel wise, is there really that big of a difference between implant types of you go partial submuscular? According to my pinch test I have enough breast tissue to go partially under the muscle but my own tissue would cover the implant. So that "firmness" everyone describes Saline implants as , would only be felt at the lower pole of my breast and even then it would be difficult to feel because I have small breast, but they are still present and I'm not lacking tissue. So ironically I'm back at square one post consultation. Saline vs silicone if it's under the muscle. And do I want the risks associated with a transaxillary incision, oh and how about 355 cc's is perfect on my chest as is. Making that the minimal size is rediculous, it really should be my maximum size but in so scared of getting boob greed. UGH going to the consultation was suppose to make things easier not counter every decision I had made this far ugh!
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