Getting Ready to Get my Tummy Tuck

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I am about ready to visit a couple of doctors in...

I am about ready to visit a couple of doctors in the Northwesr Arkansas Area about getting a tummy tuck. After having my son who is now 3, I have finally got the nerves to get my flat tummy back!!!

I am a person who has a low tolerance to pain do this has always made me back out. But with the constant reminder or my belly buldge, it was time to take back my 26 year old figure. I am 5'8" tall and 148 lbs after working almost a year and a half of solid cardio and weight resistance.

My top portion of my tummy is pretty tight as well as having no stretch marks except for where my belly ring use to be. I was very lucky to keep a decent looking navel after my pregnacey.

I am seeing two doctors both have the highest certification and i believe one of them is on the board. I have done my research with friends and other sources and I have not heard any negative stories with either one. which is making me feel more at ease and pretty excited about the whole thing.

I am still trying to decide if a full tummy tuck is needed or a mini would do. 99% of my stretch marks are below the navel. I am also possible thinking about lipo on my hips and sides as well but im not sure if the tummy tuck covers that?

I will be sending out updates between what each doctor has to say as well the difference in cost what they recomend ect. I have posted my before pictures on here.

Please let me know if this can easily be fixed and what recomendations you could give me for the healing process after surgery. Again I am a whimp. i am a single mother and really need advice on this as well. how long will it be before i can hold my son again after the procedure? and how can i make him understand that i cant hold him for a while?

April 2nd (Good Friday)I recieved an unexpected...

April 2nd (Good Friday)

I recieved an unexpected piece of mail today.   One of the PS that I will be seeing in a couple of weeks sent me a letter.  It wasnt just a piece of paper but about a 15 page document in great detail of the following:

A brief welcoming letter signed by the PS himself (not stamped actually signed with a pen)

The different procedures of what I was having the consultation for including proper candidate, proper results, procedure description, healing process and the extent of the pain.

The overview of the consultation such as registration, surgen confrence, cost and timing anesthesia, follow up second consultation that is free as well  to help go further in detail with me with the photographs taken and and if i have any more questions or concerns.  ( 2 consultation visits!!!) and the certification of the operation suites that they have at thier facility

Talks about the true meaning of being board certified,  This doctor that I will be visiting is ABMS certified (American Board of Medical Specialites) this is an agency that oversees sub specialty boards. The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) is the only board that the ABMS oversees for training and certification of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons.

One thing that I saw was really helpful and will prolly be the most important thing that I hope writes this down if anyone reads this blog is this:

call the ABMS at 1-866-275-2267 to see if your surgeon is certified by the ABPS.  All you have to do is give the name of the Surgeon and they will tell you if and when he or she has been certified.

It also talked about how there are some certifications that only require a fee and have less strict criteria for certification which have not been approved by the ABMS a few to mention are:

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Facial Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic Esthetic Surgery, Dermatologic Surgery, and Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery

So please do your homework before commiting to a procedure with just any PS!!!

They also talk about how they only use Board certifed anesthesiologist for all general anesthesia.  Which puts me at ease!!!  It might be a little more expensive but thier life is in my hands and the more educated they are the safer I will be : )

They also talked about how thier operating suite is certified by the highest standard based on local, state and federal law which also makes me smile a bit which is Medicare, American Association for the Accreditation of Abulatory Surgery Facilties, and Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care

So far I am really impressed.  I know thatit is just a pamplet but I have talked to my friends that have overgone plastic surgeons with other doctors within this area and they never recieved this.  I hope that him and his team continues to impress me.  It makes me feel like they care about thier patients and want you to be informed about everything before the first/second visit as well as the PS cerditability!!!! 

All I can say is well see what the next PS has to offer!!!!!

Sorry no updated pictures my tummy is the same except for the darker tan that I have then before!

Hey everyone,I just got my consultation done with...

Hey everyone,

I just got my consultation done with the two doctors that I went too.  Both doctors had a little bit ideas on what they wanted to do.

Dr. #1-

I had this appointment at 11:00am.  His staff was very nice and his office was very impressive.  ( This is the doctor that sent the pamplet of detailed information of his creditability, the procedure, and his certification of the operation.)  He told me that a full tummy tuck was needed and said that he wanted to do a floating umbilical (cutting the belly button completely and positining it to a different area of the body)  He said that he would like to move my belly button a little lower becuase he tought it was naturally to high.  As I asked about the procedure on what he does for drainage tubes, he stated that he does not use them.  He said he does a procedure that is done in france and has been practicing this proedcure for 8 years now.  He said that he has never had any problems with draining nor with any fluid build up in the past when he has done this procedure.  I am atthis time looking up and doing research to find out how this is possible.  This procedure that he quoted me with is 6500 dollars and that includes liposuction of the flanks and the abdominal area.

Dr. #2-

This appointment was at 2:00 the same day and he also agreed that a tummy tuck was needed but I was a perfect canadiate for a mini tummy tuck.  This procedure consists of lipo of the flanks, back, and abdominal area as well.  He said that he uses one drain and that no repositing of the belly button is needed.  His cost was 6100 dollars.


I am a little confused on how these doctors had a difference on procedure and wondering what is the best choice.  if anyone could give me advice i would greatly appreciate it.  They are both ASPS certified so it isnt any crazy certification that one would get from by just paying a small fee and buying equipment.  THey both have many years of experience.  please provide me with any advice that you can.


Name not provided

I have not decided which doctor to take. will know soon and will inform.

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