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I am one week out from my surgery. I am having a...

I am one week out from my surgery. I am having a breast reduction with a tummy tuck with muscle repair. I am currently a 40G which I could probably wear a size H bra. I am hoping to be able to wear a big c or small d. I'm so anxious to get everything done. I have bought most of the post op things I will need.

Those dreaded befores


3.5 days until the big day

I feel mostly prepared. Need to pick up the rest of the food stuff like jello... Then I need to prep a few weeks worth of freezer meals for the fam. Hubby says I shouldn't worry about it because he is quite capable of doing that all.
I am fighting the urge to go bra shopping. Kolhs has racks of discontinued bras for like $16. Ugh. Lol
Hope everyone that's had surgery is well and those that have it coming up all the luck in the world.


930am this morning I have my pre op at the hospital. Then tomorrow is my surgery. Not nervous just ready to have it over with.

Pre op appt

Had my preop. I have to be at the hospital at 7am and surgery is scheduled for 830. I think the nerves have caught up with me. Now it's time to get everything ready for me to be down for a while.
Good luck to all those having surgery soon and speedy recovery!

On the flat side

12 lbs removed. In allot of pain. But ok

Day after

I slept pretty descent. Woke up once for pain meds. Got post op today. I'm sore in the abs. And my lipo hurts. Just going to take it day by day. Anyone have good ideas about getting out of a recliner. It hurts like no body's business.

Second day post op

Well I'm awake. No pain really right now. Just itching all over. My boobies are so much smaller. Trying to figure out ways to get up with out putting the pressure on my abs. I think today I'm going to try and get up more.

Post op day 3?

Do I count day of surgery or the day after surgery? My husband forgot to set his alarm for my oxycodone dose so I went 6 hours. I was able to get up from the chair (not graceful by any means). Coughed again. I hope that isn't something going to have to deal with everyday... Ugh not pleasant at all. My drains are draining much so maybe Monday I will get them out. I put a tank on under my binder because that thing is really uncomfortable. I think my hubby is going stir crazy. And I think he is getting irritable with me. He's not used to having to wait on anyone like he does now. But it'll be over soon. Lol

5days po

I haven't taken a picture yet. I'm off the Percocet and only Using Tylenol for the little bit of pain I have. We took of my binder but I immediately felt uncomfortable with it off so i didn't get a chance to take a picture. Looks good. My nipples are pink. Can get up for the most part by myself. Sleeping most of the time. Hoping to get some drains pulled tomorrow.

6 days post op

I'm miserable. Crying. Missing my bed and my husband even though he's the one taking care of me. Been taking Tylenol for pain. Took a Percocet just now. Took my first shower. I'm not comfortable with my new body to have the binder off for long. I think one breast is more swollen than the other.
Go tomorrow to get some drains out. Kinda nervous for that. I think I have some feeling in my left nipple. I get the needle like pain.
Had my first bm last night. Man! Hubby had to help so I'm kinda embarrassed he had to help me like that.
If I was to have a do over I may not do the tummy tuck again. Do I regret it? Yes and no! Breast reduction I would do again most definitely. Been pretty easy going except for the drains.
Hubby keeps telling me I'll really be happy once this is all over with.

Some pics

Before and 6days post

1week post op

Well went to the Drs. The nurse removed my drains. All 3 of them. The tape was a pain and the stitches hurt to remove them. The drain on my left breast has fluid build up and we'll that was causing my pain. That drain hurt to remove. The nurse said I look really good but still very swollen. The freedom that comes with them being removed is absolutely amazing! I don't feel like staying on the couch all day. But I'm get tired just walking around so I am still going to take it easy. I go back in 2 weeks to see dr Stacey. He is going to remove the glue and most likely start scar treatment. I feel a bit better today but still tired. My XL shirts are now too big.

11 post op

I'm going stir crazy. Went to Walmart and it wasn't the best idea a few days ago. I was aching and felt terrible and I was just meandering around. I had to take a Percocet and an anti nausea med before bed. Had a shower prior to taking the meds to see if I could relax without. Even though the water was awesome it wasn't enough. I don't take anything stronger than Tylenol or Motrin since about a week post op. I am swelling more on my left side but I'm just taking it day to day. I weighed about 230 prior to surgery and they took 12 lbs off. I am finally at the weight I should be after the 12 lbs are gone. I still swelling but it's all good. I measured my ace bandages chest. I am 38 inches for band... And was 47 inches for the breast prior to surgery which put me at 38J bra size.... Currently it's 38 band and 43.5inches over the breast which correlates to 38DD size bra. Hoping for more swelling to go down. I have an appt on July 7 to get the glue off my incisions and hoping to start the process of scar treatment.

2 weeks post op tomorrow

Tired of this freaky glue! It sticks to everything and pulls my skin! About passed out while hubs was taking the gauze off. Currently laying in bed with just panties on~ feels awesome not being restrained! Lol still got some bruising on my side boob area. Swelling on the line going from nipple to crease is fading :) mostly swelling on side boob area. I'm getting feeling in my nipples.. Or at least I think I am. Tummy tuck~ sneezed wasn't as painful as I heard just very uncomfortable. I coughed early on and I'm sure a sneeze would have had me crying. My tummy is swollen more on one side... I have done sensation where I didn't think I would except my belly button which is covered in glue. I get sharp pains which I assume is my nerves growing back. My abs sometimes feels like there is s knot under them. I'm itchy, swollen, stir crazy and getting zingers, so I guess I'm right where I am suppose to be. Emotionally pretty good just tired of the glue... Lol

Sport bra shopping

Went to Walmart to grab some white sport bra type of bras. The blue bra I picked up was XL and it is too big now in the band section. So I thought I could possible find a bra in the same brand in a L. I bought 3. I got a 36 front closure sport bra... Too small probably need a 40 because of swelling. Got a large in this one bra but I should have gotten the XL. And I also grabbed a 38d regular bra and I could almost fit into it if it weren't for the swelling in the side boob area. ???? darn swelling.

Happy Fourth of July weekend!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Update: zingers in my breasts are crazy painful! Luckily they only last seconds. I went to kohls and picked up a LARGE sports/stretchy type bra! It's amazing how small it is compared to what I had before. My ace bandages don't hold up too well anymore. The glue is coming off and I am leaky lymph fluid. Gross but I guess it's part of the heal thing process. My nipples are super sensitive and one is not completely covered with the glue and when it's cold they try to stand up and say hi. Very uncomfortable. Lol. My bruising is going down thanks to the use of arnecia! I started it I believe 2 weeks prior to surgery. Made a heck of a difference in the bruising. I also take vit d and vit c as well as my multi. I'm just kinda achy nothing that some Tylenol can't take care of.
Tummy tuck: well I have more swelling on one side. It's the side that didn't have the drain coming out so its a bit higher looking that the other. My scar is weird. It goes higher on one hip and it's in a roll of skin/fat. I don't think I had lipo since it doesn't appear that I had much flank fat to make a difference. It's just really weird. Haha. The incision seems to be healed for the most part from running my fingers over the glue. The glue over my belly button is starting to pull up. I get stinging pains from that and the incision directly below it too. I get a sharp pain in the actual muscles and sometimes I feel like I have a knot. I'm sure it's just stress from the occasional sneeze. It's not cry worthy but it tells you that you should limit sneezing. I don't get as sore in the evening as before so that's nice.

3 weeks post op

Hi everyone! Hope y'all are great.
I am 3 weeks post! It's amazing how far away my surgery was but in days it wasn't really that far away. I will probably take pics tonight of my naked self... I have some in clothes minus the binder. I go Thursday for glue removal. So I may wait until that night. We shall see.

3weeks 2 days post op

Hi every one. I went to the dr.
Got the glue removed. Wasn't too bad. Mostly closed. Had a stitch in the ab incisions so that will heal. I'm extremely swollen on the left breast. The right is swollen but not as much. Got ones to wear soft supportive bras. Got scar treatment and can begin that. I go back in 6 weeks. I seen the pic of my belly flaps. Wow. He said it was 12 lbs and about 2 lbs of breast tissue. I had about a 5 inch gap in my ab muscles that he repaired! He said I can start to do more activities.

Scar treatment

Happy 4 weeks to me!

Today marks 4 weeks! I'm still swollen. What I have learned: incisions hurt the most when I wake up, I'm like a turtle now according to The hubs because it's hard for me to get up from laying flat, I'm more swollen in the evening, even though this surgery is major- it hasn't been that bad in terms of pain, lymph is yellow and it's a normal part of healing and to wear pads to keep from getting it on your clothes, and finally nothing compares to the increasing of my body image and confidence. It's makes going through all this more than worth it. Can't wait it'll 6 weeks to really start working out.

Wow! 4 weeks already. Surgery week seems so far away. It's a blur and I can remember bits and pieces. My emotions are pretty good. I'm getting around pretty good. Pain is mostly gone. The zingers are fewer. I have full feeling in my nipples. Breasts still very swollen. Scar treatment is going. How well that remains to be seen. Silicon sheets that I got from the PS wasn't enough to make strips widen enough to actually stay on. So we picked up some from cvs. I'm going to try to wear it at night to see if it'll stay put. I use the gel twice a day and the lotion twice a day.
Belly is coming along. I think I have fat let on the lower portion because it doesn't feel like swelling. I'm hoping diet will take care of it if that is what it is. I have soreness if I stand too long. It's directly in the middle. Bedroom activities: slow and no big movements. I have an soreness kinda like ab workout afterwards. I was able to lay on hubby for a bit just for some closeness. Tried to hover but tummy wasn't happy. It's weird that my breast didn't touch him when I was just hovering over him. I think he likes my new body evening with the bruised swollen weirdness. I'm coming to terms with this way that they look. I'm sure in another week they'll be different. Body confidence is going up quite rapidly.

Let's see, what else?! I haven't measured my chest in about a week. Prob should do that today. I'm comfortable with the size now. I know the sides will go down so they will be smaller. I'm ok with that. I'm uncomfortable for the most part sleeping. I slept on my right side last night and then got up to pee. Go before you lay down!!! Lol it's a chore to get out of bed since I sleep flat with a pillow under my knee. I went to bed with a sports bra on and when I got up put a tank with the binder back on. That binder is terrible! So I'm currently looking for alternatives...
I'm rambling. Not sure how many people actually read this. After I had my children, my bladder took a hit. Sneezing would cause me to pee so I came to crossing my legs to keep that from happening. Guess what y'all?!? It doesn't happen anymore! Or at least I hope it's fixed with the TT!

5 weeks post op

Nothing new. I still have those spots that I'm caring for under my right breast. My nipples are still sensitive. My tummy incision is looking good. I am using a product from cvs it's a silicon sheeting that's in my opinion a better value than what I got from the PS. It sticks better and doesn't roll off. I got more for just a bit more in price. The Ps gave me 2 small sheets of scar away to cover both my breasts and my tummy. So the strips I had to cut were super thin and barely covered the incision. I bought a big box and a smaller box. I'll post a pic of it. I used one of the larger sheets (2pk) for my tummy and belly button. It doesn't roll or move with out tape! I cut a smaller one in half to cover the vertical lines on my breasts (3pk) it's more than enough to cover my all my scars. I haven't been using the scar gel as much. It kinda burns and I think I'll scar for sure next week to actually start rubbing the scar to break up adhesions. Still kinda sore if pressed hard.
I don't wear my binder as often. Still looking for a compression garment that is comfortable to wear.
Bras... I found these super soft lounge type bra at JCP. I'll find a picture with the brand and post. I tried on XL and it was too big. So I bought the L. I'm still super swollen on the left side and tender on the sides.
Overall notes: tried sleeping on my right side (I'm a left side sleeper) hurts the girls to roll over. It also hurts my groin area so I have to figure out the best leg placement. I'm extremely tired of back sleeping. I still get exhausted doing little things. I have started clean more intensely around the house. I'm goin. To start 21 day fix Monday. Major modifications I bet with that.
Hope everyone else is great and healing well...

Here's pics

Going to the Drs today

I was 5 weeks this past Tuesday. My tummy trim incision is great. Now I just have to do the scar treatment and start to massage out the adhesions.
My breasts on the other hand. Well I'm just worried. The right has these holes. They aren't black but it's gross. And the left has some stuff I'm worried about. The swelling.
Here's pics of my holes. Sorry if this grosses y'all out. Will post what dr days later.


I found this dress. I love the color and I love the straps. I would never ever have been able to wear something like this before surgery. I probably should wear a strapless bra thingy with it but I do believe they don't make any that are wire free and I don't want to buy anything like that until I'm closer to my normal bra size so I'll prob just wear it at home. Haha. So nice to be able to buy stuff like this.

6 weeks post today

I am 6 weeks today. My tummy is healing well. Still have swelling. The scar is not really bad. I have the plastic staples popping up right under the skin sometimes they bother me but for the most part I don't even know they are there. I started wearing a waist trimmer instead of the binder. It's too big. I started 21 day fix Monday and exercising. No abs or floor work yet. I look flat in the morning not extremely so but a lot better than I did prior to surgery.
Breast reduction: my holes are slowly closing up. The smaller one more so. I have been doing the Dakins solution after shower before bed. Let me tell you! The smell burns the nose. Ha. I measured for my workout and my bust is still 43.5inches around. Depressing. The nurse said I was still pretty swollen. I fit into my 40DDD bra. I was hoping for at least a D cup. I have major side boob. Especially on my left side. I feel like they are the size I would have been without the sagging of my boobs before. Maybe I just had a lift instead. I don't know. So I'm just going to take it day by day and focus on my eating right and exercise and the wound I have and see where things go.

6 week progress pics!

I'm half way through 6 weeks. My wounds look like they are closing. I've been exercising with modifications. Over all it's been pretty ok week.

I'm 7 weeks post op

Not much has changed. I see more of my shape in my breasts on the right when looking down. I like the view. I love the way I look in dim light. I'm still not happy with the size of the breasts. I thought they would be smaller. I'm sure it's still swelling but I can't see how they will get a whole lot smaller. I'm about 2 cup sizes bigger than I wanted. It hasn't really changed in measurement. I'm hoping when I lose weight they'll go down a bit. The holes under my right breast are healing up quite nicely with the Dakins solution. I'm shocked at what bleach and sterile water will do. Lol. Quite thrilled with that.
Well I hurt myself last week cleaning. I had to take about 5 days to get where it didn't hurt to move. I had to do Tylenol and muscle relaxer at night. I really think that my skin was pulled down toward my left side. There
Is more left over fat and my stretch marks go that way too. I will have to take care in gaining weight cause I think it will all go there. My incision looks good and I didn't spit that staple that had rose to the surface above it. I thought there for a bit it was going to come out. I'm still numb under my belly button. I went to kohls and bought a waist cincher. I got a size 2x but I was able to get the xl on but it kinda flared out at the top in the back. I don't like anything on my ribs tight. I like this one because it does roll up. It does have boning in it. I was trying to stay away from it but I had to cave.
Other than that I am pretty good. Still get tired and the heat really causes me to get tired and swollen.
Hope everyone is well.

A little motivation

I have read some of you are on the fence about getting either a breast reduction or a tummy tuck or maybe both.
I'm here to tell you that it isn't as bad as it seems. My worst part was the muscle repair. That is the part that hurt the most. The pain from the breast or tummy incisions haven't been that bad. I was off the hard pain pills by like 4 days post. I took one every now and then when I had a more productive day. Other wise I took Tylenol or Motrin. The drains are a drag. When they are pulled it hurts. The draining them is a pain. When they came out only one hurt but that was because it got bent or something and had built up fluid.
Nerve pain hurts. Enough to knock the wind out of you. But it goes away. The itchiness is worse than the nerve pain. But there are lotions, body washes, and Benadryl.
Once the drains are out, you feel like a new person, then the glue/tape stuff comes off and you deal with the support issue breast mostly. But you figure it out.
You get tired easily and have to take it easy for a while. But it doesn't matter! Because your self esteem and confidence will out weigh all the pain and other issues that you have. I have swelling and weirdness in my breasts as well as 2 holes under one. But guess what?! They are healing and the weirdness is going away. I look a million times better. And I know if I work hard I can make the results even better. Take the chance. Grab your support and go for it. There are ups and downs. But 3 months from June 14th, I'll be happier with myself than I was June 13th! I'm hear if you want to talk. I don't sugar coat anything, I'm not a baker. ;)

8 weeks

I'm 8 weeks post today!
Sores are healing.
Swelling still there. On breasts and on tummy. Evening is worse that anything.
Waist cincher sucks so bad but I haven't found anything better yet.
I think I have fat as well in the tummy area and I'll have to diet down to get rid of it. Going to try sweetsweat once I get to walking and doing more exercise.
To celebrate I'm going bra shopping. Going to finally bite the bullet and get no wire bras. Not a lot since I do have swelling still. But I need something more supportive than what I have been wearing but not sports bras.
Will post pics later. :)

9 week post

I looked through my pictures and I can't believe my before. It's like a life time ago. My holes are closing. I'm able to just use and xl bandaid to cover both. I only use the solution on the bandaid for the big one and I use q-tip in the smaller one. I am having pain on the right side of my tummy. I think it's from sleeping on my right side. I swell a lot too. I don't use the garnet as much because TBH it's annoying.
The bras I just bought have a band that is ridiculously annoying so they will do for now. They seem to be a bit big. So I might go back and pick up a cup size smaller.
I started walking since I walk the girls to school now. Slowly increasing my exercise and once it gets cooler I'll get out more.
I wear a medium t shirt now. My old size 16 capris and getting to where I have to pull them up all the time. I think it's because they are worn out. I bought a pair of size 16 jeans but they are low cut and aren't nice to my incision when I button them. I got booty and thighs for days. Hopefully once I get to moving more I'll slim that down a bit. Ha!
I go to the dr tomorrow. Hoping that I'm still swelling in the boob area and it's not my final result because to me they look sad. Haha.
Post pics tomorrow I think.

Post op appt and pics

Had my appt yesterday. They took pics and the dr said it's a big difference. My wound is healing nice and new skin has started to form . He thinks there is a suture trying to dissolve too. I have a lot more swelling left especially on my left ab area and my side boob area. He said he can fix some things in office but we won't know until 3 months from now. He said things look good. So we shall see.

I think 12 weeks tomorrow?

Hah. I can't keep track anymore. My wound is healed. I still have tenderness on my incisions. But that's about it. Hope everyone is awesome!

5 months

Well, I have a drs appt Thursday. I'm not happy with my results. Yes it's an improvement. No matter issues with how my scars look even the narly one from my wound. I have left over skin in my left side. My hernia is still under there trying to force its way out. So I have pain. My lipo areas under my arms question whether I had any at all. One side is way bigger than the other. I should have just bought a new car. Or appliances or paid off some bills. I look the same for the most part in clothes. I look in the mirror and it saddens me that the most important part of my surgery is what bothers me the most. Even though I told him that please do the best work on my breasts. It looks like he decided to do my right side and said to hell with the left. I don't tell anyone about my surgery who doesn't already know. Even then I don't talk about it. So I will see what he says Thursday. Probably more of the "oh well you're still swollen" bs that I was told last time. This has been the same since 3 months. No way this is still swelling. I know what it's like to swell and this isn't it. Will update more on Thursday so I remember.

Drs appt

I had my appt. I have scheduled an in office procedure to tighten up my breast more.

Just some updates with me

Well, I went to see a specialist for thyroid problems. He said I have the possibility of something wrong and I would need upper level blood work. Had that done last week. I'm going tomorrow to see what he says. I may have hashimotos/hypothyroid but won't know for sure until tomorrow. I always thought that I may have hypothyroidism but my regular dr said my tsh was normal. So here I am 2 years later. I've read that surgery or other trauma can trigger hashimotos. I guess I'll see what happens tomorrow. Hope all is well!

Mini revision

I had a mini revision done on my sides of my breast yesterday in office. It wasn't as bad as I was thinking. Annie numbed me up which I was shocked that I didn't really mind being stuck over and over hundreds of times. The only part that hurt was when she got to the rib area, on the scar and then under the arms. After I was numb the dr came in and he made sure I didn't feel anything. He cut out a good chunk of skin and fat from both sides. I felt in a few sticks from the needle when he was sewing me up. That was weird. Felt like he was using a ratcheting strap to hold down something. Lol. The numbing stuff wore off in about 3 hrs I think. I had to take a oxycodone. Now I'm in some pain like it was after surgery when I would get up from sleeping on my back. Took some Tylenol so hoping that will help. Hope everyone is healing well.

One week post procedure

I think they are fuller. And they are nicer to me. I like the look of them more than before. Not much pain. Some pulling though. Here's pictures.

Side by side

Pics for progress
Fayetteville Plastic Surgeon

I met with him 2 times. The first time I thought I would get it shortly after we got our taxes back in 2014. Well that didn't happen. Then I met with him again last August. He's really nice. The nurse and the patient coordinator both are really nice. There is one lady there that isn't very nice. She always grumpy and off putting. But since I really don't have to deal with her when it comes to my care I decided that all the research about PS in my area, Dr. Stacey was the best choice. I met with the nurse for my preop and received my info/prescriptions. She was very friendly.

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