Mini TT Regret - Now time for revision, BA w/lift!!

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I went to the PS asking for his professional ...

I went to the PS asking for his professional opinion about what I needed to do to get rid of the little pooch below my belly button and the extra skin after having 2 pregnancies. I had never heard of a mini TT before, but he recommended it and some liposuction of flanks, thighs, abdomen. It was strange because I knew the very next morning that this was a bad decision. I was patient over the next few months, thinking it would get better. So much bruising. I didn't have a noticeable difference in the pooch and now a scar with dog ears. Also uneven lipo of the thighs. Left smaller (substantially) than the right. Wrong size compression garment -- had to go back the next day and his office staff went and got one from another surgeon in town. No recs about scar care, no info about anything to use for the bruising. I don't know if they skipped all that because I am a physician and they thought I should already know??? I am getting a revision in a few months (dreading going through all that again), and wondering if I should go through with it. I know many people would NEVER have even done it with the small imperfection that I had. I really did think that I would get a great outcome because of that. I will post some more recent pics of what it looks like now 13 months later.

13 months after original procedure

Recent photos of what it looks like now.

preop pics

Found these pics that were taken preop.

Revision Scheduled!!!

3/20/15. A full abdominoplasty, breast lift/augmentation. yay! Just a word that this is such a personal journey that is filled with uncertainty for every woman who makes this decision. When the result is sub-optimal, or in some cases, disfiguring or deadly... You wonder why? Why did I do this? Why does anyone do this? Then the comments from one reader about how we all know that there is potential for complication or possibly a suboptimal outcome. Any surgeon can have a bad day or make a poor recommendation. Right?
However, 10 great results for other patients does not change the dismay of the 1 patient with a poor result. It does not diminish the experience of the 1 patient with the poor result.

So...a few things that I have learned. I will share.
1. Don't be in a hurry. How easily your surgeon can accommodate you is not a reason to pick that person. It is a wonderful benefit to deal with an accommodating helpful group of people, but in the end, it is the aesthetic result that matters.

2. Make sure the surgeon's aesthetic results are what you want! Each surgeon has a signature way of doing things. We all use the sutures we are comfortable with, the instruments we are comfortable with, the incisions we are comfortable with. Some are more comfortable modifying their approach, their tools, etc. But in the end, the surgeon's technique is unique to them. It will be evident in their photos of their before and afters.

3. Look at as many of their photos as possible! Identify what appeals to you personally! Some surgeons are very vocal in the look that they prefer to give their patients. Some are not. But if you look carefully, you can see a certain style for that surgeon. You can determine what appeals to you aesthetically and what does not and get a sense for whether that surgeon shares your vision.

4. Know your vision! And know what is achievable. I always chuckle at these ladies who want these massive Brazilian Butt Lifts :) That isn't my goal...But that is what THEY want!!!!! So if that is their aesthetic, then the trick is to find a surgeon who shares that ideal and who has the photos to back it up.

5. Research. Research. Research. I wish I had done that. I am not saying that the doc was a bad guy or that he harmed me in any way. But had I been more diligent and followed my own advice that I learned after the fact, then I possibly wouldn't be looking down the barrel of my own shotgun that I am about to point at myself. Again. I am learning.

Be kind. I hope that all this pious wisdom of mine results in a flatter than a pancake abdomen, no love handles, perky, awesome breasts, barely visible scars, an uneventful recovery, and a sense of satisfaction a year from now when the healing is done.

Love to you my sisters.

Boobies before

Ugh. It is hard to put up these naked photos!!! Kudos to you ladies who do it. I feel like a big chicken.

9 days until TT revision and BA with lift

Saggy breasts, left more than right, the belly pooch, both under and over, uneven thighs after liposuction, and love handles, little dog ears. Scared!! I know what the recovery was like before and I am not looking forward to it. But obviously, I am willing to go through with it or else I wouldn't be doing it!! :)

Started taking lots of Vitamin C for healing.
Ordered Arnica and Bromelain for healing and swelling
Tonight was my last glass of wine.
I have actually lost about 2 lbs since these photos were taken a few weeks ago and planning to lose a few more before surgery. (Its funny, because the more I lose, the more obvious the extra pooches on my belly seem to get. grrrrr)

Surgery in 10 hours!

Mini Tummy tuck revision to full abdominoplasty with muscle repair. Revision of liposuction on right thigh only. Too risky to do fat grafting on the left so we are just going to leave it as-is and try to even up the appearance of the two legs a bit. Lipo revision of flanks, lipo abdomen before tuck. Periareolar lift with 375-400cc cohesive gel smooth, round, high profile implants. I am currently 111lbs. 5'1".

Will do my best to post when I can :)

short update

Sweet sweet ladies of RS. Thank you for the well wishes!! Honestly, I am surprised at how little discomfort I have from my breasts. We ended up with 385cc Smooth, Round, high profile cohesive gel with Periareaolar lift.

Tummy tuck so far has been amazing. It is all of what I wanted the first time around. The pain is super well controlled. Way better than the first time. He took off 1.7L of fat off my flanks and I look amazing. Not trying to toot any horns but I am so thrilled. I am so glad I did this.

Huge difference between here and the states. they see you daily in the clinic and they massa the fluid out of you. Literally. The incisions from the lipo a opened slightly and they massage out all that fluid that would otherwise be causing swelling, bruising and pain. It's no joke so I learned to take a pain pill before. Then they clean all your incisions, and you take a warm wonderful shower and they then give you clean dressings, bandages, and while all of that is going on, they wash your compression garments. It is unreal the amount of aftercare!!

I have a drain in the pubis that doesn't feel like anything at all. They clean it out several times a day. The nurses here at Las Cumbres are so sweet and caring, and Elkie came and attended me the other night when I had nausea and vomited once.

Even though I have another space for the face lift, I will say I have extreme bruising and sweeling is worse than ever today. Crossing my fingers.

I promise to post pictures tomorrow


I have barely seen them. The dressing and garments com off once a day for the lips massage and then they package me back up with strict instructions to keep it all packaged

Tummy photos

taken this am 4 days post op

Smokin hot

lol. I feel a bit like a pinup girl. Loving it! Hopefully drains coming out soon :) I really overdid it yesterday for the first time las evening. My little girls came to the recovery retreat to see me and I helped them shower after we went and watched a local soccer match. Holy crap, my back was killing and I felt swollen all over. Going to take it easier now.

lipo foam ROCKS!!!

OMG. Why have I not been using this all along? Worn next to the sin under the garment. It is like heaven. Like angels are between you and the evil zippers and folds of the garment. It is like a cloud of sanity in a sea of boiling hot, fire-poker compression garments. Amen. :) lol

2 weeks postop pic

Feeling better a little every day. Bruising from lipo on abdomen is going away really fast! BB stitches out today. (I did it myself, which was tricky) The lipo foam has changed this whole experience. The skin is so smooth. No wrinkles and indentations from the garments, and MUCH more comfy. Much more even compression. Breasts aren't too bad. Boob cramps and weird nerve stuff. The swelling over my sternum is pretty much gone, but it still feels tender to touch. Using Mepitac tape for nipple incisions.

3 week post op pics

Still wearing the cg with lipofoam under, also binder over. Same as right after surgery. Tried to skip the binder a few days but had really sore back and too much swelling. Bruising is almost completely gone. Breasts were soooooooo sore a few days ago. Does that happen when they start to drop? Overall thrilled with my results!!!

Before and after

Just for fun. NOT. I cringe when I look at my before pic. That tummy was created by the surgeon who did my first surgery. It never looked like that before he operated on me. I have Drs Rosenstock and Cohen to thank for how awesome it looks now!!!
To be fair, this was actually a 3 week post op. I will post today's 5 week pic in another post

5 week post op pic

Happy ;) my cg is so loose now. I am switching to spanx with binder. I need bra and girdle/tummy garment recs. 5'1" and 110lbs post op. Very short torso. Any help?

My boobs are huge

Ok, I am officially over the novelty of humongo breasts. I'm having some buyers remorse :(
I went to Target yesterday to try to find something to wear after getting the ok from my PS to switch to a sports bra. Tried on every 34 D and NOTHING fit. Way too small. I even went to the bathing suit tops to see if I could find a bikini. XTRA Large bikini top cups were TOO SMALL. wtf? I am six weeks out. I know that I need to give them some time. I just am sad that I feel like I can't fit into clothes/bras. Kinda makes me feel like a freak. I am too old for this silliness. Not that I am old, but I am not at a time in my life where I am psyched to be having this problem. grrr

However, over the weekend, I had the guy at the counter at Firehouse offer to buy my lunch, the guy at the lawn mower place give me his phone number in case I needed after hours help. wha? Seriously? Is this because of the Gazongas? (new affectionate name for them). Hmmm. going to have to reaaaaallllly be patient for the next few months to see where they end up. Hopefully I won't be mistaken for a porn star at my daughter's school play tomorrow night!

6 weeks +/-

Tummy feels great. Just recently stopped erring the binder but occasionally adding the foam under my compression garment. Mostly just in the super tight spanx!
Breasts are still healing and I am getting used to them. Overall very happy!!

Sorry for the weird lighting and camera angles!!!

Weird boob pain

I was working in the yard doing some pretty heavy landscaping chores this past weekend and my breasts are HURTING, mostly the left. I had to take Aleve today and last night had trouble falling asleep because of it. I am suspecting that I just overdid it, but I know what muscle soreness is and it doesn't feel like that. The left breast seems a little swollen? A tiny bit harder? Am I being paranoid? I will post a pic tomorrow. I am in a panic about possibly forming a capsular contracture. I also have started to notice that when I flex my pec muscles, the breasts move way off to the sides of my chest. does anyone else have that? I will email my surgeon tomorrow.

8 weeks

i decided to make another review because I really wanted to give Rosenstock a great review. I'm going to try to post my updates there!!!! :)

8 week pics

Feeling good! Love my new body!! Still have swelling if I don't use a garment. Breasts no longer make me feel like a porn star. My face is smooth and lovely. I couldn't be happier!!

3 months post op

Happy! I still wear spanx every day. If a don't, I can feel the swelling around my waist. Flat as a pancake stomach. Breasts are beautiful. Still plenty of numbness of the skin but it really doesn't bother me at all. The left one hurts a little and had some dynamic pectoral deformity. I am hoping it doesn't turn into anything bad like capsular contracture:(
Overall very happy with my body.

4 month update

A week shy of 4 months. Left breast is sore a lot. I think I have a very minor capsular contracture. Taking singulair. Massaging. Just going to watch and wait. Thrilled with my TT. Still wearing spandex daily or I have swelling. No biggie though.


Sorry to report that some unscrupulous people at work decided to search my profile and show my pictures around. I don't regret having shared with any of you that were going through the same. I don't regret showing my body and I am not ashamed of any of my surgery or what I shared. I guess I had faith that curiosity seekers, especially women I work with, wouldn't treat another person that way. Look. Share. And keep it respectful. My mistake. Thanks to all those real self ladies that were a great support. You know who you are.
Fayetteville Plastic Surgeon

I went there because they were flexible and easy to get into. They worked around my schedule. I didn't do as much research as I should have. Wrong procedure for me. He offered to fix it but I have lost faith.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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