41 No Kids 5ft 9 150 Uneven/Deflated - 400/425cc silicone under 36b to 36dd - Fayetteville, AR

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I'm 41, 5'9 150 lbs, never had kids, i run several...

I'm 41, 5'9 150 lbs, never had kids, i run several times a week and lift weights. I lost about 25 lbs a couple of years ago and my boobs deflated from a very full C to a tiny 36B. I have a fairly large frame with wide shoulders and hips. My breasts have always been uneven and it is very visible in gym clothes, swimsuits, and certain fitted shirts making me self conscious.

Next week I am hoping to finalize the plan of whether or not to have the lift on the super saggy left one. I was so nervous at the last consult and freaked out and said no on the lift. However after much support from my amazing husband (that directed me to this site) and hours of both of us reading and researching other experiences and seeing so many great results I am not so sure I will get the best result without it. Re. size I was initially thinking 275-300 because of running and i don't want giant boobs hindering that in the future. My husband made a series of rice sizers and we tested those with different bras and shirts. Now I think I need to go bigger to get the look I want.

I am nervous and excited. I'm already having trouble sleeping obsessing about it and I am two weeks out. I have never had any type of surgery, no broken bones, no major illness. Having an elective surgery terrifies me. I don't want to mess things up. I hope to get the best possible result in one shot and not have to do anything else. I don't want to have to go in again to fix the sag or go too small and look weird in my semi-large frame.

Almost forgot! I also have a lump in my smaller breast that my radiologist and gynecologist have been watching. I just had mammograms and ultrasound Tuesday still think it's some encapsulated tissue and nothing necessary to address. But they did suggest under the muscle to be able to monitor it easier in the future.

Wish pic

I really like the look she has.

Surgery day Feb 11th

Surgery was at 9:00 am today. I was super groggy and slept most of the day. I felt like someone was sitting on my chest and my breathing has been short quick breaths. That is improving already this evening. The doctor ended up using Mentor mod+ silicone gel 400cc left, 425cc right. Decided to wait on mastoplexy for now to see result without it. I feel OK for now, still on pain meds.

My husband has been a fantastic nurse and I really can't ask for more. We have the wedge pilows, he set up a bedside table of necessities and a bell so I can get his attention easily. I've been able to eat a few crackers and I'm trying to drink plenty of water. He snapped a pic in recovery but that is all I can muster today. I will share more when I can stand longer. I get dizzy quick. From what I can see so far I am happy with size and shape already.

Day 1 post op

I've been moving around today. My back hurts pretty bad, not sure if it was from a laying down all day and night yesterday. I'm pretty swollen. I am using ice packs to try to help it go down. I never realized how difficult it is to not use your arms. If I lift them too much a I hear bubbly noise from my breast. I let the pain meds wear off and had a rough afternoon. I don't think I can give them up just yet.

To pass the time I have started looking for new sports bras for when I can get back into running. If anyone has suggestions please share.

Day 2 post op

Today has been the worst pain wise so far. Every movement hurts. My sides under my armpits hurt really bad and are red and tender. I have bags of peas under my arm pits now and it seems to be helping a little. I am trying to sleep but as soon as the pain meds wear off I wake.
I was hoping to return to work next week but I just don't see how that is possible at this pain level and my lack of mobility. I hope it gets better soon.

Week 1 post op

The psin is much better. I still have the side soreness but not as severe. My nipple and left breast get some random sharp pains. The doctor said he did some extra work in the left breast pocket so not sure if that is why. I went to get some sports bras to wear the next few weeks and trying those on was rough. Too much activity.

One of the hardest parts of this has been sleeping on my back. It kills my low back. I wake up and can barely walk from the low back pain. So I finally found a semi solution. I bought a boomerang pillow (shaped like a v) I think it was $17 from Sam's Club website. I put that on top of my regular head pillow. I can put the back of one shoulder on the bed and head on the boomerang pillow and ever so slightly turn onto my hip. Then my husband takes another pillow and pushes it into the small of my back for support so I don't roll back. I am not technically on my side so no weight is not on my breast but my back is not flat with the painful low back position. I have not had near the back pain the last two nights so it's working for me i think.

My breasts seem to be healing fine. Still a tad uneven but I expected it as I started that way. We shall see how they land. I started the massaging and whoa does that hurt! My husband wanted to help and I hurt for an hour after. I think he got a little over zealous maybe. I still feel they are a tad large I still hope it is swelling and they go down a little. I'm a little concerned about running with these once I am cleared to go. I was hoping to get back into the gym and no one would notice but I'm thinking that's kind of silly now. I might need to buy bigger tank tops now...I don't think my old ones will cover these.

Week 1 post op - forgot the rest of the pics

Incision scars

I have been afraid to look but finally removed the tape and used a magnifying mirror to see the scars. I switched to the ScarAway strips. Hopefully they help, my left scar is pretty scary. The right one seems pretty smooth though.

My pain is getting better overall, I am having some spasms is the left breast occasionally but not.too bad. This evening my breast skin overall has been hypersensitive. I tried on several sports bras yesterday and I am not sure if all the activity has my skin irritated. I have been using cocoa butter. It seems to help.

I can't remember if I mentioned it but at my nurse suggestion I have been using peri-colace since day 1 post-op to combat the post-op constipation. It has worked so well for me. I typically have issues all the time anyway but since using this post-op I have not had any issues. I highly suggest it.

Pins and needles

My breast skin and nipples are super sensitive and by mid-day on my first day back to work felt like pins and needles. I just wanted to rip my bra off it hurt so bad. Tylenol does not give any relief. I still went for a walk after work then showered and covered them with cocoa butter lotion and finally had relief momentarily. It's been about 2 hours and it's already starting to hurt again. I hope this does not continue for too long. ????

Don't reach too high too soon and bra crazy

This morning I reached for something in a high cabinet and have regretted it since. My right breast has hurt all day. Stupid thing to do. Don't do it girls! My nipple/breast skin sensitivity is still on high alert and super painful unless I'm lathered in cocoa butter or on stronger pain killers which I can't do and go to work. So frustrating if I just brush my nipple on something it freaks me out.

On the positive side I am happy with how they are looking. I haven't really had the high square boob look at all. They look great in a sports bra! So I'm super excited about that. I might have gone sports bra crazy and bought a few...pic of a few not even all I actually got. I have a problem... more pics this weekend if sensitivity calms down.

2 weeks post op

After looking at my before pics and current side by side I am thrilled so far. They are still a little different and doc warned me they would be, but honestly I am fine with it right now. I still have super nipple/skin sensitivity going on (worst part at this time) and some pain in the lower breast near incisions. I have some upper chest muscle soreness from reaching too much with my arms and driving. But I think it is all manageable and worth it so far at this moment. I don't have 20 year old perfect breasts but I am not 20 so it's ok. I love how they look in sports bras now instead of freaky uneven saggy boob lady. Now I just can't wait to heal completely so I can get back to running and in the gym and tighten up everything else to match these new boobies.

3 weeks post up

3 weeks post op and my skin sensitivity is finally improving! The last week i used some gel breastfeeding nipple things. They seemed to help create a somewhat soothing barrier between me and the bra fabric. I am so happy that is improving, i was miserable. Now I just have some minor pain around the incisions and the sides. Also if I move my arms too quickly or too much or reach too high. I sometimes forget I am still recovering and go to put on my coat and fling my arm out, then promptly remember when I get a sharp pain in my chest. I am back in the gym doing some walking, concentrated elliptical from the hips down to not have any bounce and seated biking. I just want to maintain my routine and do something. I'm feeling fluffy. I made the mistake of thinking I could try some body squats and lunges. The next day I hurt pretty bad, so I'll stick to no impact cardio only. I've been a little depressed not having my running and the added fluffiness.

I am still very happy with my results thus far and am very glad I chose to finally have the surgery. I was telling my husband I am actually glad I waited until after 40. I know this is the right time for me. I don't have any thoughts wishing I had done it sooner or gone bigger. I am thankful for real self and all the stories shared. They helped me make decisions and I might have done things differently with a less desirable outcome had I not read so many others experiences and the q & a.

Scar pain from massaging

I've been using Scaraway silicone scar sheets since I had my stitches removed. They seem to be making a difference and keep my bras and clothing from direct contact on the sensitive scars. I have read that massaging scars helps to break up the scar tissue and helps flatten them out. Friday night I was feeling my scars and they were very textured and ropey feeling. I was massaging them through the scar strip pretty vigorously and they made these loud popping sounds. I looked it up and found where this can happen and not be too alarmed. Well...a couple of hours later I was in excruciating pain. It is now 24 hours later and my scars are still hurting pretty bad. They do appear flatter and feel smoother but oh the pain!!! I sure hope it calms down soon and is ultimately worth it. ????

4 weeks post op and positive changes

Today marks 4 weeks yay! My scars have improved so maybe my self induced pain from massaging my scars last week actually helped. My skin sensitivity continues to improve. Any lingering breast pain is only intermittent and usually from a movement or trying to do something I should not. My breasts don't seem to have visibly changed much from the last post, which is good because I would prefer they not drop anymore. No big changes this week in looks just the scars and really about feeling better overall. I feel closer to normal. I was able to get into the gym a few days this week. I did elliptical, stationary biking and a bunch of box step ups.

Feeling defeated 6 months post op

So the last couple of months have been rough. My right breast continued to drop and I have had this constant pinching pain. I walk around cupping my breast to take the pressure off the fold. It felt like the pocket was tearing inside. I guess my 40+ year old skin was weak and not supporting the implant enough. My scar was about an inch above the bottom if the implant and it was well into my armpit. I've felt pretty self conscious in front of my husband and my bras were hurting me in the location of the low implant. I went back to my doctor. He offered to go back in and reinforce the pocket to lift it back up. My second surgery was Tuesday August 23rd. So I am now back in recovery mode. I'm feeling very defeated and scared for the outcome. I'm really concerned that now my breasts will hang completely different. I never imagined I'd be one of those ladies having multiple surgeries. I love having breasts but this is taking an emotional toll. Not to mention the expense. Maybe it's the pain meds talking, I'm just really bummed right now.

3rd surgery in less than a year

A lot has happened since my last update. I had the second surgery in August to fix my right breast that was bottoming out. It did not take long for it to drop back down. So on November 17th I opted to have the mastopexy on my left breast and again lifting the right. About 3 to 4 weeks post 3rd surgery my vertical incision opened and continued to open for a week. There was only a tiny bit of skin left before it was a huge opening and my skin was burning as it tore open. Friday December 16th I went back to the doctor in distress because of the expanding wound and he decided to stitch it up again. I am on antibiotics again and fresh stitches. I feel like I have been through the ringer this past year with everything. I am also fighting a sinus infection at the same time. This truly has to be the last surgery to fix my breasts. I have not been able to run or work out for almost the last year. I have gained weight and I am struggling with my self esteem more than ever. I hope my incisions heal ok this time, stay infection free and my breasts stay semi level finally. Then eventually I can get back to a work out routine..
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