I'm 36 and a Married Mother of 3, I Just Wanted my Boobies Back - Fayetteville, AR

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Hey ladies I'm not sure how to do this but I'm...

Hey ladies I'm not sure how to do this but I'm gonna try haha. Ok so I'm 36, 5'$ and 132 pounds and a size 2. Before my surgery I was about a 34b on a good day lol and I was ok with that for a while. I had wanted to get implants since after I had my 2nd daughter back in 02, I had even went to see Dr Taylor. He asked me if I wanted more kids and I told him yes later on down the road. He explained to me that the implants would change and possibly need redone but it wasn't a definite thing so bummed out I left. I didn't wanna spend all that money and have to do it all over again. Fast forward to 2008 when I had my son, I went back to see Dr Taylor, ready to get some boobies but my milk hadn't dried up so again no go. Eventually time passed and I gave up on the idea. I was ok with how I looked. I was a stay at home mom and wife and had a husband that traveled. Well few months ago he switched jobs and is now home. So we were talking about how self conscious I was, I'd been with my husband 18 years and didn't wanna have sex with my shirt off, my confidence was gone. I felt like I had utters and I would cry. I hated the way I looked in shirts unless I had on a bra. So we had some money out back. My husband took me to dinner one night and gave me a card. When I opened it there was 5,000 dollars in it and an appt card for Dr Taylors office. I was finally going to get my confidence back and my husband would be able to make love to me again without my mind somewhere else. I had surgery this past Tuesday on April 26th 2016, 2 days before my husbands birthday.. I'm hoping my story will help Atleast one person. Please ask any questions, u won't offend me and I'll do my best to help. Thank you for reading my story. By the way I went with 490cc in one and 500cc in the other. Couldn't be happier with my results so farh

Day 6

So it's Sunday day 6 and I'm feeling pretty great. My boobs are extremely tigh so that hurts but still no pain meds.. I finally took all my clothes off to show my husband and he says he likes it but wishes my boobs weren't so swollen So he could squeeze them. He's like a kid with brand new toys lol. He's always loved my boobs though

Post op today at 2:00

Tomorrow will be a week post op and I'm still sore, it's worse when I wake up . I'm pretty sure it's because I never relax and I try to do to much because I don't want to burden my family when they are not the ones that had the surgery. So yea I woke up this am hurting and my incisions are stinging a little today. They are very swollen on the side of my boob like under my arm. Almost feels like that's where they are .. I really hope the tape comes off today and any stitches left over unless they've dissolved .. Have a lovely day

Stitches out but a little bad news

So I went to the dr yesterday and got my stitches out. Dr said amber you look amazing and wait just another week and I'll look even better, sucks I'm very impatient . Anyways when he opened my robe he said my boobs were very red and hot. He squeezed my implant and idk if it hurt or I was just a normal reaction. Anyways he told me I have mastitis. I was in such shock since u normally get it when u breast feed and I never did but they are blocked glands. Trust me it hurts. I'm not sure if I got it from my surgery or kids . Anyways he prescribed me leviquin for 1 week ???? and I'll go see him again Monday .. Everyone have a blessed day and thank the Lord for what's he's giving you but also thank him for him giving u the means and knowledge to change what makes us sad..

I haven't been on here in a couple days..

So I've not been on here in a little bit,it's been a rough couple days. So Tuesday I was feeling amazing. My dr gave me an antibiotic for my bacterial mastitis and after one pill I felt better than I had in a very long time. So my husband and I got pretty frisky that night. At about 2am I noticed I had a little to much fluid on my tape. I called on call but didn't get anywhere. I put so gauze under my boob and went to sleep . When I woke up the bandage was full of fluid including blood.. I had just had my stitches out on that Monday so I thought I better get to the clinic cause I still had my stitches on the inside. When I got there the dr Taylor and his nurse checked me out and found I had popped a stitch. So with it being open for several hours and me have the mastitis he was worried about infection. This is where my biggest fear of having BA came from. He told me he'd have to reopen my breast and look in there. I had a 6 out of 10 chance I'd have to have a drain put in and my implant out for Atleast a month if he found any infection. So he also tells me we would do it right there in the room and not the OR. Anxiet kicked in over drive. I would be wide awake for all of this. So the nurse numbed my breast a lot. Idk how many times I was poked but she was amazing. So I'm laying there and he cut me open. I felt like I was on an episode of cold case or something. My husband got there as we were finishing up and almost got sick cause my boob was wide open. Then I hear my amazing Dr tell me no infection and so no drain ad I get to keep my boob. I all I could do was cry and thank My beautiful God. Well my nurse definitely stitched me up, I feel like I have 75 stitches, she stitches me for about an hour and pulled them extreme right , she didn't want this to happen again. I've been in the worse pain from the second go. So far I'm feeling great, zero leaking. I hope this never happens to any golf u guys.. Thanks for reading and God Bless
Fayetteville Plastic Surgeon

Dr Taylor is an amazing man, so very kind and honest. I've waited for 12 years for him to do my Breast Aug and I will be back to him if I decide id like something else done. He made me feel so comfortable. Dr Taylor and his entire staff are the type of people you have so many words to describe them but have zero clue how to do it. Thank you De Taylor if you're reading this

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