Promised a Dream.... Delivered a Nightmare. Beware. Trust Your Instincts. Please READ - Fayette, AL

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Although I had never personally met Dr. Bolling,...

Although I had never personally met Dr. Bolling, or "Rob", which is what most locals call him, until my consultation. I found out he was originally from Fayette and I felt it very admirable for him to move back home to start his business. I had heard many good things about him. I decided to use him after my 175 pd weight loss . I waited 6 years with very saggy breasts and an extremely saggy abdomen. I had an tummy tuck and a breast lift without implants on July 24th, 2015. Today, November 6th, I'm still fighting the complications from the surgery and my choice to use him. I will say one positive thing about him, the work on my breasts is nothing less than artistic. I love them. He was able to do something with them that I'd never imagined he could do. They're beautiful.
My abdomen is a different story. In the first few days, I was please but then soon my incision came open twice, on my left hip. Once at 1 week postop, that he sutured back in his office a few days later. Then again, a little further down from he original dehisicence, almost one week late, it opened up again. He sutured that area back in his office also, but it was a week after it opened. Then while it was still very obviously open at the skin and very obvious that the sutures were not holding at 6 weeks postop, he quickly came in and told his nurse to clip half the sutures and he'd see me back in a week. He spent probably about 60 seconds with me and never even looked at the area after she clipped it. He released me back to work on a very physical job without restrictions. I went back the next week when he again had his nurse clip the remaining sutures and I was told to "throw some Gauze on it and it'll just have to heal from the inside out". Nothing else. No packing mentioned. No wound care referral. Again a less than 60 second visit with him, he was very rushed and didn't seem to listen to me. He again never looked at it after the nurse clipped the sutures. I felt as though he was done with me and at that point could care less. So i was left to go to work with a gaping open wound on my left hip. I, as a nurse, knew better. I knew it needed packing, so I made an appointment with my regular doctor to see what he thought and he agreed with packing it twice a day. i did this for about two weeks and wasn't seeing much progress. So I knew some nurses at a local wound care center and they told that I didn't have to have a referral to see a doctor there to get their opinion and so I made an appointment. This was all completely on my own, because Dr Bolling could obviously care less. The wound care doctor was shocked that I was even working with this but even more shocked when he found a 9 cm tunnel coming from the open area on my hip running into my abdomen. He even got up left the room and went and called Dr Bolling himself. I ended up with a wound vac for almost three weeks and yes, i still was working. Sometimes 17 hour shifts with my heavy wound vac over my shoulder. Which Dr Bolling knew about, but never offered to put me back on FMLA. BTW, 3 MONTHS, later the hip area is finally almost closed. Then about two weeks after beginning to wear the wound vac, my abdomen began to become very distended. I looked like I was 6 months pregnant. He began to tell me what I was experiencing couldn't possibly be from the surgery. I had a CT scan which showed some areas of fluid collection on an area by my umbilicus that connected with an area that was 9mm that ran all the way across my pelvis, which the radiologist noted on his report was directly realated to the recent abdominoplasty. Dr Bolling arrogantly stated that couldn't possibly be right and brought me in to personally review the CT scan with me himself and of course, to show me how the radiologist was wrong and he was right. Oh and to also basically tell me that the reason for my extremely distended abdomen was that I'd just gained weight (which he encouraged me constantly to do every time I went in the office because I "looked like I was in a concentration camp" and that I needed to eat to heal). Yes, he said that, not once but probably more like 4 times. So his reason for what was my now distended abdomen...Yep, you guessed it .. I'd just got fat again. Somehow I managed gain 45 pounds of fat in 9 weeks and it all went straight to my belly. I'm not saying that he is completely to blame because in some ways he was right about my nutritional status. I was not in a good place nutritionally when I had the surgery. I do not dispute that could have been the cause of the initial dehiscense BUT really should he have even operated on me at that time though If that's truly what he thought? He also made the statement during the visit while reviewing the CT, "I hate you have to carry around that heavy wound vac all the time. Why don't you just come into the office one day, I'll numb you up and we can cut out all that old scar tissue and suture you back up!!!!" I didn't even respond because I knew at 10 weeks postop, this was unheard of and ridiculous. I knew at that point for sure, that I'd made a huge mistake in my plastic surgeon choice.
So at that point,i still had an open wound with wound vac and big distended abdomen and he was telling me that was all apparently my fault. I've followed his instructions exactly but still feel as though he put all the blame on me.
About a week after the CT incident, wound care found that although the wound wasn't completely closed, the tunnel had closed. So I got to stop using he wound vac. I thought FINALLY i was getting better, still unhappy with the way my abdomen looked, still swollen but my wound was healing. I thought I was going to be ok and that was good news. LIttle did I know that the worse was yet to come.
The day after I got the wound vac off, a new complication began, the lower part of my abdomen began to swell and get very hard, red, and distended. Before it was more of my upper abdomen. I decided to continue to work that weekend. This all started on a Friday. By the time I finished work on Monday morning, I had edema from my labia all the way up to under my breasts, bright red on my lower abdomen that streaked to my upper abdomen and everything was rock hard. I left work and headed straight to the ER. My initial heart rate was in the 140's, respiratory rate 40's, elevated temp and my po2 from my blood gas was 66, because it was all pushing up on my diaphragm so much that I could only take very shallow breaths. The ER doctor came in and I told him what all I'd experienced over the previous months, he too was shocked at my story,then told me that he thought I was borderline septic. Within a few minutes, I had O2 in place, labs drawn, two iv's- one in each AC to infuse Vancomycin and Zosyn and was scheduled for a CT. They placed a foley catheter because they were afraid that the extreme edema in my labia would eventually leave me unable to void. Went for the CT where they found that I had a 17x11 cm abdominal wall abscess. Within an hour, I was in OR holding for an incision and drainage of this huge abscess. I cried almost the whole time I was there, especially when anyone would mention Dr. Bolling's name while asking what happened. I trusted him.....COMPLETELY... AND he let me down in his aftercare. Angry and hurt doesn't begin to describe how I feel about him. I spent two more days in the hospital receiving very strong IV antibiotics and learning how to pack my 10x5 inch open wound twice a day. I couldn't even look at it in the mirror for two weeks without crying. My DREAM had turned into a nightmare. I looked like I'd been shot in the abdomen with shotgun. My labia looked like they were hanging off my body. $9000 for this.....$9000!!! We spent all our savings, took out a loan, took time off work, have tons of new bills from medical complications for what????? An incredibly disfigured abdomen. I now am almost 3 weeks post op from the incision and drainage with ANOTHER wound vac and home health care 3 times a week of painful redressing and packing for my wound vac. I can look in the mirror without crying now. So that's progress, I guess. I don't know how long it will before this one closes. As of this week, it's still 7.8 x 2.4 inches with undermining of 5 inches. I can't work because it's still pretty painful and too large. Plus working 17 hours with a wound vac isn't easy. I want to heal so badly. I want this to all be over. I had many times, before the original surgery, felt as though I shouldn't have the surgery. I had a feeling something bad would happen. I was afraid I was going to die. It was a feeling i couldn't shake. I told many people about it and ended convincing myself that it was just anxiety and everything would be fine. Hindsight is always 20/20. I wish I would've trusted those inner voices. I wish I'd paid a few thousand more and went to Birmingham to a more qualified and skilled physician. i can't change that now, it's all water under the bridge. There really isn't much I can do now but warn others with this review. Perhaps if I'd seen a similar review, I'd thought twice about having my surgery with him. Maybe I wouldn't be sitting here with a deformed abdomen with a huge hole,broke, and unable to work with piles of medical bills from all the complications. If I save one person from what I've endured then writing this review is worth it. I wouldn't recommend anyone to go to him. I've had so many ask about using him, because his prices are much more affordable but after I tell my story, people usually end up saying "wow....never mind, I won't be using him." I just smile and say that's a wise decision.. Hurt, disappointed, broke and sad.... So thanks "Rob". Oh and please, if you can't refund my money for my tummy tuck to have the mistakes YOU made corrected, at least send me back my drawings because I don't want my name associated with you in any way. Remember what you told me while you were showing me the CT scan that "you'd make this right". i can't trust you to make this right. I don't want you to EVER touch me again but you should MAN up and own your responsibly in this. You should refund my money for the tummy tuck so that eventually someone else can "make it right". Do the right thing Rob. Just do the right thing. To all of those considering surgery, I will just say choose wisely. You get what you pay for. Trust your instincts no matter how crazy they feel. You have them for a reason. I wish I'd trusted mine. Oh and I don't even know if he knows about the abscess and my subsequent hospitalization, which btw ended culturing out MRSA, because I haven't heard from him since the day he reviewed the CT with me. That's how much he cares once he gets your money. When I see or hear his commercials on the Birmingham stations or even hear his name, I literally feel nauseous. I feel so betrayed. I guess you really do get what you pay for. What should've been my dream come true for me and a completion to my journey has turned into a complete nightmare full of pain, regret, and medical bills from complications he refuses to own up to. So beware, just because you're promised a dream, doesn't mean you won't be delivered a nightmare. Please see my pictures.

Still haven't heard FROM Dr Bolling, but I'm finally healing well.

Just wanted to give a quick update. As of this week my abdominal abscess I&D open area is getting smaller. It is down from ~10x5 originally to 6x2.4 in two weeks with a wound vac. Will post pics. Wound care doctor declared the original dehiscence on my left hip healed completely this week. It took 3.5 months,but it's healed. Yay! Still seeing home health and going to wound care Center for the other open area. Still with wound vac. Still unable to work. Still no word FROM Dr Bolling, but I'm really not that surprised. Hopefully I'll continue to heal quickly and can get back to work. So many medical bills now. Need to heal quickly. Please to continue to pray for me. Thank you.

Update 11/22/15 - almost 4 months postop

Took some pics tonight as we were doing our dressing change for the wound vac. Sometimes it's hard to realize the progress when you are seeing it every day. So I put the pics from about a week postop from the I&D beside the pic from today. It's amazing the progress in one month. It helped a lot to see it. Back to work in less than 2 weeks now. Hope I'm going back without the vac. Very difficult to work with it.

4.5 months post op full body pics - still a nightmare

I thought after getting out of the shower, I'd have my husband take some pics of me full body. It's difficult to see the open area where my wound vac usually is for the skin fold that falls over it. BTW, why do I still have a skin fold??? Isn't that the reason I had the surgery in the first place? I also have folds over both sides as well as you can see. It's depressing. $9000.... for this. Sigh. I go back to work next weekend. THe open area from the I&D is healing well but will still be open, I'm sure. So I guess I'll be back to work with the wound vac. Oh how I dread it, it's so heavy when working. I'm getting better at doing my own dressing changes with it myself. I also failed to mention that one of the medications I had while in the hopsital, I'm think it was one of the antiobiotics caused the majority of my hair to fall really....I'm not exagerating, you can see my scalp clearly and you can see through my hair. I look like i've had chemo. I started wearing clip in extensions while leaving the house, it's that bad. I had already been taking biotin but was told by a hairdresser that the It Works brand hair skin and nails formula works great. I'm hoping someing will reverse it. I hate looking in the mirror.

12/4/15 - wound care center update from yesterday and first night back to work tonight :-( FMLA out - pray for me

Had a wound care center visit yesterday. it was a little smaller. I think they said 4.3x2.4, with the deepest undermining at ~2cm. I'll post a pic from yesterday. I know it's healing because at one point it was 10x5. It's just getting smaller and more difficult to see visually. So sometimes that's discouraging, because at first there were such major visual changes. I'm of course having to do all my vacuum dressing changes now. Which is hard....but I'm getting really good at it. Especially since I'm just a labor and delivery nurse. I'd never even seen a wound vac before I got one. lol I Rarely ever have a leak anymore. Who knows.... maybe I'll have a future in wound care. ;-)
Anyway, I can feel how it is sealing down on the inside, which is cool. The top of the wound was more like a windshield wiper with the deepest area being 5 cm and was undermined about 1 cm at the bottom. Now it's completely sealed at the bottom and sealed down on both sides on the top to more like a small triangle right in the middle. It's just a slow process, even with the wound vac. I was afraid it was getting infected again, because when I take off the vac dressing, the smell is horrendous. I was told though, this is normal. Goody....i get to smell bad too. He said the wound itself looked great, very pink and healthy. He was very satisfied with my progress.
Tonight will be my first night back to work. I am an Rn who works a very physical job in labor and delivery with sometimes very long hours. I was so hoping to be done with the vac by then but I'm not. I'm not. I have to have it and I have to accept it and it's gonna be ok. It has to be, right?
I have completely used up all my FMLA time. So i have no other choice. It's gonna be difficult because it was before, but tonight for sure because my back has started hurting from wearing the vacuum around all the time. So I'm sure this night is going to be physically painful. Not to mention, it's embarassing. People try not to stare but I can see their eyes glance at it. I know they wonder what it is on me, but they never ask. it's ok though. Its gonna be ok. Somehow it always is.
Hey..... it's almost Christmas! We put up our tree last night. it is pretty and made get a little more Christmas spirit. Feel sorry for my children sometimes. This entire thing has sucked the life out of me. I know they aren't getting all of me. So even though i was so exhausted and overwhelmed last night, I did what I promised and I helped my baby girl put up our tree to Christmas music. Oh and her elves came back last night. She was happy about that.
So with that said, you know i've only worked 3 weeks in the last 4 months. It's been very financially hard. I paint and have opened an etsy store with some crafts and paintings. It's helped to keep food on the table, for real. Many nights, I've fed my children with money I'd been paid from making ornaments. The addresss is Look it up. I got some cute stuff listed.
My children know it's been hard finacially for us and have asked for very little this year. Lucky to have my husband who has been and is AMAZING. I can never repay him for all hes done for me. We're lucky to have his income but we are only able to pay things to keep us going - mortgage, cars, power bills, etc. Debt collectors constantly calling me for the medical bills from the complications but I can't pay until i can work. Don't understand why they think that constantly harassing me is going to get them anywhere. For those of you not from the south, here is you a southern saying "You can't get blood from a turnip".
I have a tattoo on my bicep that says "warrior" in my own handwriting. I had always felt like a warrior for things that i'd been through before this even happened, like some childhood issues and a bad divorce, but now I KNOW I am. I am a fighter and WARRIOR ALWAYS. Just gotta keep on going. I know better days are coming. It can't rain forever.
Thank you all again for your support, thoughts, comments, and prayers. I check for comments every day. They keep me going. They encourage me so much and make me feel validated in my feelings. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Love you all.

PS I also included in this update before and after pics from my weight loss surgery. On the left side, i was ~300 pounds on the right I was prob about 140. The pic on the right was taken about 4 months before my plastic surgery. I look at that now and think.... why didn't i just leave it alone? It really wasn't that bad. I hid it well. I look worse now than I did my first after. Lesson learned, I guess.

Well it's been over a year now..... He's ruined my life

I've never been one to have hate for another person, but Dr Bolling has tested me in this avenue of my life. He's ruined almost every aspect of my life. He's ruined my body, he's ruined me financially, he's ruined my sex life(I'm numb everwhere), I've gained 100 pounds since the surgery he botched. He's almost destroyed me. I will not let him win. This has shown me what's important in life. I've been every weight from 125 to 305, from a size 2 to a size 26. In the end all that matters is your heart. If you're not happy with who you are inside, then none of that will ever matter. I've faced many challenges in my life but nothing has ever compared to this. STILL I RISE.

My comments are meant to warn you of a sheep in wolve's clothing. He can play all the Christian music in his office he wants. He can suck you up to your face all day, but in the end he is not a good person. It's been over a year and I've literally been through hell. He's still never callled me. The last time he talked to me was October of last year when he told me nothing was wrong with me and then one week later, I had a huge abdominal wall abscess infected with MRSA and which I almost became septic. HE KNOWS THIS. HE'S NEVER CARED.

I decided I can let this make me better or make me bitter. I've been very bitter, but I'm done with that. I'm going to make sure it makes me better now. This will not destroy me.
Tuscaloosa Plastic Surgeon

He was very caring and concerned at first. He answered all my questions at first. He spent lots of time with me, at first. Then he got my money and all that disappeared. He doesn't have a great bedside manner and once I was postop, seemed to always be too busy to deal with me. My visits postoperatively consisted about about 60 seconds with him. He disregarded my issues and they turned into something that could've been very serious.

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