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Ive been thinking of doing a tummy tuck for...

Ive been thinking of doing a tummy tuck for several years now. I finally bit the bullet and scheduled a consult with a double board certified ps and after my consult I immediately scheduled my procedure. Im 46 and Ive been married for a little over a year. I have two daughters, 22 and 17 who were both delivered by c-section. I have that horrible looking flap of skin hanging and will post some pics soon. The final decision making came when my hubby and I had our one year anniversary trip to the beach and I felt too horrible to even put on a swim suit. I want to look good for my hubby and I just cant seem to get the weight off. I can loose a few pounds but that budda belly and then some is still there. I want to feel good about myself and I want my husband to be proud...although he says he is already. Im bouncing between being thrilled and terrified as my surgery is now three weeks away. Any advice pre surgery?

6 days away.....

Im very anxious and nervous and so excited too! Been a little freaked out knowing the before pics are going to be hanging up in the OR for the team to see. Probably wouldnt be an issue if I didnt WORK at the hospital Im having the procedure done at. I mean I know Im going to be spread out for all to see in person but those pictures.....it just bothers me. I went shopping last night and gathered up my protein shakes, gauze pads, tylenol, wet wipes, neosporin, two pair of those really comfy sleep pants and some cute boy shorts cause I just couldnt buy those granny panties, although to be honest, these boy shorts arent really much different...but they DONT say granny panties, lol. Will finish the rest of my pre surgery shopping this weekend. Anything special that anyone had on their list that is really a MUST HAVE?

TT Hopefully just postponed and not cancelled

I received a phone call Friday that my EKG was not normal and that we should repeat it. The second EKG was not as bad as the first but my surgeon as well as my family physician believed I needed a Cardiology consult. So...now I have an appt with the cardiologist tomorrow morning to see whats going on with my heart. Ive never had any heart problems in the past so I dont have a clue what could be wrong. I def want to know Im okay before I am put to sleep for so many hours and thank God both my family physician and surgeon feel the same way. So today Im feeling really bummed. :-(

Clearance from Cardiology

Today I went to see the Cardio doctor. He looked at my EKG and asked me a couple of questions and said I dont think you have anything to worry about but I want you to get on the treadmill and lets go from there. So I walked the treadmill and then went back to the room and he came in and said my heart was great. Got my surgery clearance letter and headed over to the surgeons office. They are going to check the book and see when they can get me in. Gosh I wish it would be tomorrow. Hated the delay and was really bummed out but certainly now have a peace of mind that my heart is okay. Will post again when I have a surgery date.

New Date Friday the 25th!

I got a call at home last night from the office manager, Jenn, to tell me they were putting me down for Friday. I just knew I was going to have to wait at least a week or more but they pushed it right on thru. Im so excited. :-)

What to tell people?

I have some relatives that are to the extreme about being in the know about everyones business and are relentless with questions. Unfortunately, I am going to have to give some type of reason but I def do not want them knowing what I am really having done. Has anyone had this type of issue and if so, what excuse did you give?
Tuscaloosa Plastic Surgeon

The initial consultation was good. I cant imagine being made to feel any more comfortable. I will review again post op.

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