32 Year Old getting full Lipo and 750+CC HP Implants!! Fayette, AL

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Hello Dolls and all !! I just turned 32 ,I'm a...

Hello Dolls and all !! I just turned 32 ,I'm a mother of a 14, 11, 3 year old . I have had 3 sections and tubal surgery through my section scar. I weigh 142 Lbs I'm 5' 2" I'm very short so all this extra weight just makes me look so stumpy haha. I feel that I'm a very active person. I enjoy working out , running and biking but every year I seem to just add 10 pounds on and even with diet and exercise it never goes away. So I finally after years of complaining and crying over my weight and shape. I have finally gotten the support I need from my husband and I will going have liposuction of my Kneck, Arms, stomach, Flanks (lower back), bra roll, inner and outer thighs. I'm also going to replace my implants Mentor 350cc moderate implants with Mentor 650cc + high profile this is my first post so I will add some before photos and wish photos today. Then next week I will start adding my pre-op photos to compare with. So far I have not done to much to prepare for this procedure. I did purchase a Arnica Montana 200c for swelling and bruising a gown to wear home after surgery. And advice anyone can give to me I would love.

Pre Op Pictures taken 3/9/16

I'm getting so excited surgery is scheduled for March 11th 2016, I get the exact time of surgery tomorrow. I have gotten all my Post op surgery supplies so i believe im ready . I just wanted to make sure I got my before pictures on here before it's too late. Excited more pics to come soon !! Having Lipo of the Neck, Arms , Abs , Flanks , bra roll , inner & outter thighs . Plus replacing 350cc saline modert profile with 750 cc silicone implants.

4 days post op

So i had my procedure on friday, the removed almost 6 litters of fat and switched my implants from 350cc saline to 750cc silicone. My breast feel great barley noticable in pain. But my lipo on the other hand has me feeling so helpless . I'm unable to get up or down with out someone helping me my body is so swollen that I barley can bend my legs or arms. I didn't believe it was going to make me so helpless. I feel so sorry for my family because they are having to be a servants and helping hands day and night. I pray this gets better soon. Only have 6 more days till I have to return to work.

pictures from day 1 -day 5

Here's a few pics I took these each morning I took off my compression garment

post op photos

Day 1 - 5

12 day post op

12 days after surgery, everything is starting to heal. I'm about 50% mobility compared to day of surgery. Legs are starting to bend alot better. Still very tight on hips and stomach unable to flex or bend. Neck is healing quickly still very tight not able to open my mouth fully or smile big. I've started using a hand massager to help break up the scar tissue and losen my muscles. Happy so far with my results.

18 days post op

18 days post op things are getting better. Body is still swollen and very stiff. I have a few concerns around my stomach that I'm trying to not let upset me . I'm also worried about the shape of my breast one looks different than the other but I love the size.finally measured and it's a total of 10 inches from neck to thighs lost. So really happy 2 inches off the waist and 3 inches off the hips. I have been trying to message a little every day I hate my compression suite I feel like it make me hurt more by the end of the day. I'm so over healing I want to be able to feel the pretty from my results. I didn't ever read that I woukd not be normal. This doesn't feel like a hard work out haha. I have no flexibility in my back or hips sitting for a long time hurts. Waking up and not being able to fully breath becuase your ribs are so compressed ugh I'm not enjoying this load road of recovery. But I did Just wanted to share some more updated photos. Let me know your opinion good or bad. Any suggestions to help the healing would be great !!

one month post op

It's been one month now since I had surgery. Most of the swelling has gone in my legs and arms. I'm dealing with alot of still burning pains in my stomach and kneck. For the first time in a long time my scale has me less than 140 lbs which is very nice. I'm at 139.3 I didn't measure thus time I will on my next post. I'm still needing pain meds to get me through the day by mid morning and late evening my hips are so locked up with pain that the only way I can walk is a wabble. I'm noticing the changes in my shape which I am very happy about. Being able to tuck a shirt in and not be embarrassed about it felt great. I do have some areas I feel didn't get touched that I wish did . And in my stomach it's very bumpy and has little indenting that worry me. But still great results. Trying to be very patient

2 month

Update on healing after surgery. I still swell and I'm 2 months 2 1/2 weeks out . most of my pain and swelling is in my abs and my hips. I wear a sweat belt all day to keep pressure on my stomach. So far am very happy with my full body results just have a spot on my stomach since dayy one that I am concerned about. I don't have any thing to do but heal get health and enjoy the new thinning me.

Finale review

This is my finale review. My honest opinion is I wish didn't do the lipo. I wish I would have taken that money and spent it on a procedure that would have fixed more issues than just one or 2 spots. I feel like it was not worth the money I spent. Nothing against the doctor who did exactly as I wanted but I feel if you have weight issues and not 100% happy with your body weight this procedure is not the best one for you. It breaks my heart knowing I spent 10,000 and am still dealing with my body weight issues.
Tuscaloosa Plastic Surgeon

So far with my First Consultation I was extremely impressed. Very friendly staff and Dr. Bolling and His wife are amazing people to talk to. They both sat with me for a hour talking with me about all my options and made me feel very comfortable. I'm very excited that I chose Dr. Bolling as my PS

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