35 Year Old Mother of Two - Fayette, AL

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I am a 35 yo mother of two. I have thought about...

I am a 35 yo mother of two. I have thought about getting a BA for years but it was really nothing more than a thought. After having two kids I looked pretty good. I was thin and breast were a large B cup and pretty perky. After turning 25 I began to put on weight and of course my boobs grew. So the thought of getting a BA was less and less. My boobs were pretty nice I was probably in a large C cup. The weight kept increasing and I got to the point that it was too much. I had gained about 40 lbs. I decided that it was time to shed some pounds and so I began my journey of healthy eating and exercising. After about 6 months I dropped 30 lbs. with that much weight loss I lost my boobs too. They went from very inflated to extremely deflated. They were no longer the perky B cups before the weight gain. I talked with my husband about getting a BA and of course he was all for it. I spent about a year researching doctors, pictures, breast sizes, options on position of the breast such a High profile or moderate, type of implants, and incision sight. I felt like I was ready to this. A friend of mine turned me on to Dr. Robert Bolling. I called and set up a consult. I went to the consultation and I must say that his assistant Darlene was great she talked with me and my husband about everything and answered many of the questions that we had. Dr. Bolling came in and he was very nice and caring. I told him that I wanted to go as large as I could because I only want to do this 1 time. He told me what he was comfortable doing and did not try to persuade me to do anything that I wasn't comfortable doing. He said he was comfortable doing 650cc HP overfills. The cost of surgery through him was extremely affordable. It was $3000 if you decided to do it in the Fayette office and $3600 for the Fairhope office. Darlene explained the pricing was low due to the low overhead and that Dr. Bolling wanted to make this affordable for everyone. I will say that the low pricing concerned me a bit. So, I decided to do more research before scheduling my surgery. After a couple of months went by I came to the conclusion that expensive surgery does NOT mean a better one. I called Darlene and told her that I was ready. My surgery will be on Aug. 1,2016. I am very nervous. I have gone through this process in my head a gazillion times. I have a fear that they will be too small, too large, or lop sided. I have thought about postponing or just cancelling. When I would start feeling like this I would go look at more pics and read reviews on Dr. Bolling and I would get right back on track. So, as my surgery approaches I will post up dates and I will post throughout the process. I really hope that my experience helps someone else.

Wish pics

These are my wish pics

Day before surgery

I am very excited. Not too nervous. I can't wait to see the outcome. I sure hope that after all swelling has gone down they are like my wish boobs. Fingers are crossed. I will update soon.

Day 1 Post Op

Howdy Ladies, My surgery went very well today. My chest is very tight. My back hurts. Having spasms in my right breast. With all of that, I'm fine and looking forward to resuming my normal life. Dr Bolling here in Fayette, AL is superb. He ended up putting 575cc in the left and 600cc in the right using Mentor moderate plus saline. I will continue to update as I progress.

Day 2 Post Op

Hi Ladies, I have felt much better today than I did yesterday. Still a lot of tightness. It fill like an elephant sitting on my chest. I have tried to move my arms around as much as possible and I get up and walk around about every hour to keep blood clots away. I know it's gonna be a while before the boxy look goes away when my breast start to drop and I am gonna be so impatient lol. I can't say enough good stuff about Dr. Bolling though. He and his staff are so generous and you truly get southern hospitality from them. I will continue to update.

Day 3 Post Op

I slept ok last night. Woke up and breast are really tight today. I have tingling and sharp pains in left nipple. I can feel the sides of my breast a little more today. The pain is more in my back than anywhere else. The tightness is really frustrating. Been dealing with mild depression. Some crying because I feel helpless and I don't like anyone doing anything for me. Overall I would say I'm doing great. I hope tomorrow is even better.

Day 3 PostOp

Feeling a lot better this evening. Took a shower and got my husband to change bandages. No blood or drainage so that's good. I can't wait to see final result.

Day 4 Post Op

Well I slept pretty good last night. I only woke up 1 time. Had minor swelling in right boob this morning. Still tight around the top, but I can take deep breathes now without pain. My upper back and neck still hurting some. I haven't taken any pain meds since bedtime and I only took pain meds 1 time yesterday. Ice is my best friend here lately. I just can't wait for this babies to come down.

Day 5 Post Op

I feel much better today. I am still hurting in between my shoulder blades. It seem hard to find a position to help this. I called the clinic and they said I need to stop being so stiff and move around more. That has helped. I have had a pretty bad headache for the last two days and I think that maybe finally going away. I can hear a squishy noise in my right boob. I think it is an air pocket that is normal and will go away in time. I just wish these things would hurry up and drop. I feel like I can rest my chin on them they are so high. Still a good bit of tightness, but not as bad as before. Some soreness underneath where the incision is. Much improvement though.

Post Op Check up

I went for my first post op check up today. I have been uncomfortable because the girls were so high but they showed me how to massage them to get them to move down. Believe it or not it has helped. They don't feel nearly as tight and my back pain has eased off. I just can't wait to see the finished product.


I can't tell any difference but my husband says he can tell that they have dropped a little.

13 days Post Op

My steri strips came off. Here is pic of incisions. One of them is a little red from being irritated by the tape.

Check up 2 1/2 weeks post op

I went to see Dr. Bolling today for my check up. He was pleased with everything just said its time to make these girls get off their high horse. Lol. He put me in a strap and it is so uncofortable. He said this will make them come on down. I really hope this works fast because I'm ready to see what they will look like.

3week Post Op

My boobs are being sooo stubborn. They still haven't dropped that much. I'm incredibly impatient. No pain anymore. I can kinda feel some little air pockets. Incisions are healing quickly. Over all I'm very pleased. Just ready for them to look normal. Tired of wearing strap. Right boob dropping slower than left.

4 weeks post op tomorrow

No pain incisions look great, they are starting to drop. Dr. Bolling did an amazing job. My incisions are no more than 1"1/2 and it was disolvlable sutures. I think I'm healing perfectly. Can't wait for final result.

4 1/2 weeks Post op

Still wearing strap.

Pain under incision on rib 33 days post op

I have this extremely tender spot on my ribs right under the incision. Has anyone else had this problem. It feels like I was punched there. There is no redness or swelling. My incisions look excellent.


Well ladies it has been 7 weeks and I finally went to get sized today. Still waiting on these babies to completely drop but they are surely on their way. I was sized at Victoria Secret and it was a 34 DDD when I tried it on it fits ok the 34 part is perfect but the cup is a little small. I tried the 36 DDD and the cup on it is perfect but the 36 part is to loose. So I bought the 34 DDD I'm sure it will change some. But overall I'm very pleased with my breast size.



It has been a long wait but these girls are finally starting to look normal and I'm loving them.
Tuscaloosa Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Bolling, Jen, and his staff are amazing. They are all so caring. Southern hospitality at its finest. Love them!!!

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