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I had always had a rather narrow face as I'm...

I had always had a rather narrow face as I'm naturally a skinny guy but when I entered my mid-20s I lost a lot of fat from my mid-face, with the result that I looked tired all the time.

I got fat transferred to my face in September 2008. The lipo wasn't pleasant but not too bad either. My doctor was very matter-of-fact and hard to talk to, but the results were amazing. After 3 days of mild swelling I suddenly looked very healthy and rested. Everybody noticed, but as I had been away, supposedly on holiday, nobody suspected I had had anything done.

The problem is that after the initial euphoria a lot of the fat is absorbed, and you have to go for lots of repeat treatments to get any lasting result. From September 2008 to October 2010 I got the treatment done maybe 7 or 8 times. I got very used to looking great all the time - even when seriously hungover. People routinely guessed my age as 22-24 despite my having turned the big 3-0.

However, my doctor left London and another doctor in his practice took over. This guy is ridiculously bad. After my first treatment with him I ended up with a horrific result: asymmetric cheeks, hollows under my eyes, lumps under my skin, a distorted smile. As he used the last of my fat I ended up having to get more lipo to correct the problems. My face looks better now but it's still way too far from the previous great results.

Overall, I look better than when I started the treatments but I would warn anyone who's considering this treatment:

1. Be VERY careful choosing your doctor as the doctor's skill is everything.

2. Make sure it's a doctor who takes the time to talk things over with you.

3. If you're very skinny, take the time to change your exercise and diet to see if it helps with how your face looks.

4. If you decide to go ahead, having a good diet and exercise regime will help you get the optimal result - I found my results were better when I was taking a lot of oil blends and protein shakes than when I was being less diligent.

5. I only ever had minimal swelling - often it lasted just for 24 hours. If you're doctor is warning you about days of swelling, then he doesn't have a good technique.

6. Be aware that the treatment makes you obsess over your appearance - unlke a nose job, which is permanent, the longevity of the results is hard to predict and so you find yourself scrutinising your face ("have I lost a little under my eyes?" etc).

7. This is an odd warning, but if the results are great, you can end up looking so young that it can actually affect you professionally (I got treated more like a kid because I looked like one!) and personally (nobody over 25 ever asked me out!).

So, it was just about worth it - but only just. Ultimately I'm undecided.

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