Dr Fishers 7 weeks post-op

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Hi I am new to the forum. Just getting stated on...

Hi I am new to the forum. Just getting stated on my journey. Not a lot of folks on here from Michigan, so I feel its my duty to share my experiences to help the next person. I am 5'4 and 148 pounds. So far I've had one consultation with Robert Burke in Ann Arbor. He quoted me 8,000 for liposuction and bbl, he did tell me that I may not have enough fat for my desired result. I have a consultation with Michelle Hardaway in April, the over the phone quote was 6,000-8,000 dollars. I will be calling to schedule a consult with Dr. Sampson in Lansing in the next week or so. I will share my experiences over the next couple of months in my journey of looking for my bootay!! My pics and wish pics coming soon!

Hi Just wanted to give an update. I went for my...

Hi Just wanted to give an update. I went for my consultation with Michelle Hardaway. I was quoted 6,000 dollars for fat taken from my back and abdomen and transferred to my butt. I was told that the most I could get was around 500 cc's per cheek because of lack of fat. I am trying to determine if this surgery really worth having since it seems I want get a huge difference. Next consult with Dr. Sampson, April 24. Keep you all posted.

One month away

Hi just wanted to update my journey. I am planning on going to Dr, Hardaway my surgery is scheduled for June 24. Not sure if I am going to get medically cleared. I had a previous blood clot and I felt more comfortable going with her because she seem genuinely concerned with my well-being. I will post again closer to my date. I guess I need to start getting supplies.

Yay Medically Cleared!!

Everything went fine with my blood work. I had to get the works and an EKG, my iron was 11.8. Anybody having problems with iron try floradix its a little pricey but it helped get my iron from a 7 to 11 in 6 weeks! Well Monday is my day nervous but excited!


Only 300cc's bless my heart not enough usable fat. And no pain which is great. I up walking around! Keep you all posted. I will try to post pics. Hopefully a miracle will happen with my butt. lol

3 weeks

3 weeks post op. I will probably need a revision. I see a difference but its not even close to what I wanted. Oh well. Thankful for the easy recovery though.

Going for a revision 2/17/14

Hey I am almost 9 months post op. Still not happy worth my bbl. My shape is definitely better but I am still bootyless. Going to Dr. Fisher I Miami on Feb 17, 2014. hoping for a better result this time around.

surgery with Fisher today!!

Surgery with Fisher today at 6:00 am. Nervous and ready for this to be done. Will keep you all posted and I will post pics as soon as possible.

Pictures of Fisher's Work

I am an extremely private person but you ladies have helped me so much with your reviews and pictures that I had to do the same. Here are some pictures of Dr. Fisher's work and some pics of me pre-op so you can see the difference. I will be a week post op tomorrow. I have had 3 previous medical surgeries where my abdomen had to be cut. Fisher told me before hand my stomach will have sagging skin and I will probably need a mini-tuck later which I am not doing. I'm all surgery out! Please inbox me any questions.

Almost 2 weeks post-op Dr. Fisher

Almost 2 weeks post. This no sitting things is driving me insane. Here are some new pics. Stomach starting to finally get a little better.

3 weeks post-op Dr. Fisher

Hey ladies here are some new pics. I'm 3 weeks post-op. Love everything but need more projection. Still a little swollen and slightly sore.

Almost 7 weeks pic- Dr. Fisher

Hardaway for first bbl. Dr. Fisher for Round 2

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