48 Y/o, Size 10 Pants, 32 Inch Waist, 42 Inch Hips, Extra Weight All in Abdomen Region - Oakland, MI

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Trying non-invasive Vanquish combined with gym...

Trying non-invasive Vanquish combined with gym workouts 3x week, calorie reduction plan, increased water intake and 3 month medication program thru Dr. Nagler's Diet Results program in Livonia. Paid $2,000 for 5 tx's. Just completed second 30 min treatment one week apart from first. Optimistic...

Friendly technician sits with you during tx to monitor for hot spots. First tx a buffer pad was placed between me and machine-very warm but still comfortable. Second tx seemed hot with pad so pad was removed to allow more air to circulate-much better. Ask for fan to be directed on you-small room gets warm w/machine running. Dress minimally and light to stay cool. Not suppose to sweat as the radio waves will then concentrate more energy to sweat water area rather than spreading out diffusely and equally over the larger area. Felt a "hot spot" so tech repositioned machine and it was better but day after no redness but tender in area of hot spot. Tell your tech immediately if one small quarter sized area seems like its getting "hot". Tx should be very warm but not hot. Warmth should feel same temp across entire area. Will keep you posted...feel like there has been a slight reduction in lower abdomen already where most of my extra weight is held. Up your water intake all week not just day before, day of and day after tx. The radio waves seek out the fat cells and destroy them-can locate them better if fat cell is well hydrated. Slight pinkness right after treatment goes away within the hour. Also they put you on a vibration machine for ten min afterwards which is suppose to assist with shaking up the fat cells to pass them thru your system. Drink lots of water to flush your system of those dead fat cells.

had third treatment-seeing overall reduction

had my third treatment this past week-overall seeing a reduction. This time was most comfortable-spacer pad removed after first five minutes. I'm told by technician that I'm heating up inside fat good and I'm well hydrated. I have two more treatments to go in my five tx series. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has had more than five treatments. Also, new protocol is trying 45min instead of just 30min but this is new and not done yet at my tx place. Ine 1-2 months suppose to have other attachments/methods of use for other areas of the body. This tx is gradual but effective for me-thinking of getting another series of 5 tx's.

4th treatment completed

Hello-I just finished my 4th treatment. It was the most comfortable yet-no hot spots. I feel like there has been an overall reduction with most noticeable results along waist and over hip bone area. Almost like its reducing area in areas surrounding the thickest area first with the area surrounding the belly button is the last to go...but it too is decreasing! I have one more treatment to go-so pleased considering second package of tx.

Vanquish tx's-anyone had more than 5??

I was curious to know if anyone has had more than 5 Vanquish treatments? Any more results? Hoping some Doctor's out there can give more feedback...is it safe to continue on with five more treatments?? Worth it to spend another $2,000?

measured after 5 treatments of Vanquish

Two inches lost above and below belly button-no reduction right at belly button circumference which was the largest area. I want to learn more about what power settings the techs are using. Should be highest which I think is 200 so inside fat tissue heats to 120 degrees while outside skin temp should not exceed 101 degrees I'm told. Also, I think the pad is placed between you and the machine for spacing purposes. If pad is removed machine shouldnt be touched. If machine is adjusted up and away from original positioning you will not get to the necessary 120 degrees for inside tissue to break down. I vaguely heard about a new protocol that extends the time to 45 minutes up from 30 minutes but looking for more outcome data for this protocol. I signed up for 5 more sessions but I think results have a lot to do with the technician making sure full power of 200 is used but it seems like the techs are reluctant to relay this information to you. When they ask you to rate your level of comfort from 1 to 10 they may turn down the power level or pull the machine up and away from you-both interventions may reduce your result outcome (I think).

Second Round Vanquish Treatments

Okay had spent $2,000 for first set of 5 treatments and saw approx. 2 inches of circumference reduction. Decided to try second series of 5 treatments expecting another two inches to be lost. Yes, I spent another $2,000! Yikes...this is getting expensive. I guess I could have just had lipo but I was determined to try non-surgical methods first. I dont have time in my schedule for recovery from lipo at this time. So, just had my 6th tratment in total. My loss and tightening seems to be from my flanks/sides to above my hips-basically losing the "ledge" of fat from the outside areas. Also seeing whole area tightening (abs).

visit 7 in total for Vanquish

I'm on my second series of vanquish-7th time in total this week. Definitely seeing reduction. I have three more treatments for this series. Interesting enough I had blood work done and my ALT was high...indicative of the dead fat cells being processed by my liver I'm thinking. Will check with a physician. Drinking a ton of water to flush those dead fat cells out!

8th Vanquish treatment completed

I'm definitely getting smaller and firmer! Most of my extra weight was carried in the belly area-genetics! This was my 8th treatment (I'm on my second series of vanquish tx's). Treatment is comfortable-machine spacer pad is removed almost immediately now once machine reaches 200. Tech says I'm always at 190-200 which is ideal range. It appears I'm very well hydrated. I drink a ton of water everyday-my urine output is very clear so I can tell! I have two treatments to go and then I will get measured. I'm hoping to have lost another 2 inches to add to the other 2 inches I lost from the first series. Again it seems like I'm losing overall but definitely working its way from my sides above hip bones towards to center if that makes sense?! I'm definitely more pleased with my side profile in the mirror-I haven't measured myself but tech even says she can see I'm losing.

9th Vanquish tx completed

still excited about Vanquish-still seeing results. only one more tx next week then I will get measured at that time and then one month later.

Three months post Vanquish two series-total of ten treatments-

$4,000 for 10 treatments-lost 3 inches mostly on sides and around hip bones. Stubborn pooch around belly button hardly affected. Will need lipo to be completely happy scheduling for January. To prepare will go back on diet medication to lose as much as possible in three months prior to lipo.
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