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Hello, RS members and visitors, I am just getting...

Hello, RS members and visitors, I am just getting started on my journey, right now I am in the process of finding the right doctor for me, and one that fits into my budget. Altjough price should not be a determing factor,it does play a part. Nontheless, I have had 1 office and 2 virtual consults, and I have one more to go before, making my decision... If anyone has anymore reviews on Dr. Gutowski (Chicago)..Dr. Hardaway (Farmington Hill, Mich)..and Dr. Vanek here in Cleveland, please pass along any information that you can, I would appreciate it very much.
I will be getting a full TT, with lipo to the flanks, BA and hopefully somone will be able to shape this flat butt of mine...LOL.
I have worked out, dieted, you name it, I've done it, to no avail, so I finally got the courage up to go forth with this journey, and I tell you it is a mixture of emotions, but I refuse to let the negative thoughts over-ride the positive.
I thank God! I came across this site, it has beeen a tremendous help, I look forward to coming here everyday (sometime 2-3x) and reading all the different stories, I have learned so much, in such a short time, and everybody that I have sent messages to have responded and have given me the support and information that I needed at that time.
Well I'm not going to write much today, but I guess I should tell a little about myself...I am 57 yrs .old married, and have two adult girls/women,ages 39 and 28 and three grandchildren. So I guess it would be safe to say, I will not be having any more kids! I have been married for 3 1/2 years it will be 4 in March!, and I work at a VA hospital. I am originally from Saginaw Michigan, and have been in OH about 7 or 8 years.
i hope I didn't bore anyone, but I'm goiing to get off now, and hopefully I will have a date for my transformation real soon!!!....I'm so excited!!!...Did I say that already???? anyway, you all have a blessed day, and I so look forward to sharing ,communicating and praying with you,if need be.
Have a great and blessed day!!!!!!!


correction to daughters age :-(

Call it early alzheimers, but I put the wrong age for my youngest daughter, she is 31, she is goiing to kill me... I told them I had them, I don't need to keep up with thier

Made up mind!!!

I recieved a phome call from Dr. Gutowski yesterday, but was in the middle of church service, I am praying he will call me back today. I have made up my mind he is the one I want to go with, only thing now is getting that one on one conversation and setting this I can't say it enough, how excited I am.
I know I am getting on my husbands nerves, this is all I talk about, he trying to be all cool, but he has said on a couple of occasions..."I'm going to be getting a new wife", and he said, he is goinig to be a little jealous...I told him nothing about me will change, as far as attitude etc...but I know that is not all the way true. How can someone go through this and not have some sort of change, this is a life altering expeirence, and I am soooooooooooooo ready for it. I wil be posting some befor pictures, ughhhh...flatside here I come!!!!


Well today was a good day, I talked with my doctor today and looks like I may be getting mine done sooner than expected, and boy am I happy...Dr. Gutowski is my choice, after much discussion, he thought it would be best if I just go for the TT, lipo of flanks and lower back, and maybe some reshaping of the butt, he advised that it would be best to go that route, vs a full butt lift, so I'm OK with that, long as he thinks it will be better this way.
He was really very considerate and accommodating, given that I'm in another state, he asked me how soon did I want to have this done, and I told him hopefully some time next month, and even though he said he is booked up, he was willing to get me in, all he wanted was , to have me email him some dates and we would go from there...that is awesome!!!!! the hubby and I will be going to Chicago some time in the next week or so...wooohooo!!!!!
I know he will go over everything with me, but if anyone can give me any suggestions on what I need to get and the best place to get them, it would help me a lot, and i would appreciate it so much.
Well all this excitement, had tired me out....I'm out, have a blessed rest of the evening!!!!

Drainless TT

Is there anyone out there who will be having the drainless TT, as that is what I will be having, any information I can get on that would be very helpful.
I guess I'm concerned whether or not, the pain, healing process etc, is any different.
Anybody out there?... please respond....thank you!!!


Here are the pictuesr I promised,sorry didn't get them up sooner.... Will be going in to see doc tomorrow... wish me luck, and some prayers also.... Hopefully we can get a data!!!!


Hello ladies and gents, it's update time...Well as I stated previously, I went to Chicago this past weekend, to be at my doctors appointment yesterday, and everything went well.
Dr. Gutowski, was very informative, answered all our questions and concerns. He was truly professional, and at the same time, very laid back and approachable, made me feel right at ease and that I had made the right decision.
Well as things stand, we were going for 12/17, but after thinking about it, we figured if it was doe on that date, I would probably still be Chicago close to Christmas, so we decided to go somewhere around the 10th - 12th, which works in both of our favor.
I'm just waiting on a call back from the office, who is waiting on the medical facility to give us a date.
All in all, the time is drawing near, and oh am I so ready!!!!!

More before pics,and date has been changed to the 9th of next month

Hi everybody, well now my date has been moved up to the 9th of next month, and I know it will be here before we know it, my husband is so excited, due to him being in the windy city, he use to live there some years ago, and now he gets to hang out with his brother in laws, but that wont be until he spends those first 2-3 days with me. We will be staying with one of my sisters, and my bedroom will be right across the hall from the bathroom, but I really wish I could be in my own home... but Dr. G, wants to make sure everything is ok, before I take that trip back home, so I'm cool with that, especially since the weather has changed, I really can't afford to get sick, not behind this.

More before pics

Now you see why this has to be done!!!!....December 9th @8am!!!!!...I am the first of the day!!!!

Getting my things in order

Boy!!!!! time is winding down, and I am still excited, I still haven't told anyone except one of my sisters, and she didn't give any type of negativity, she just asked if I did my research, and if this is what I wanted, she was behind me all the way, man I just love my family, even though I just told the one,out of 7 other sisters, I know they would feel the same way, and in time I will eventually tell them.
Anyway, I have been trying to get everything I need in order, so far I have only gotten, gauze, tape, lots of vitamin c (which my husband swears by) I think I will use shea butter for my scar and moisturizer if needed, have lots and lots of and the items you see before. I have one of those Dr. Ian Smith's blenders, which I have had for awhile, now it will be put to plenty of use, can't wait to try the different smoothies or juices, if anyone has any recipes, please feel free to share them with me....well I'm in, an there is no turning back, boy oh boy am I excited, please remind of this day, when I start crying about how scared I Am and what in the hell was I thinking you later ladies, and gents!!!!!




Hellooooooooooo Ladies, got another phone call today letting me know my doctor wants me there at 7am instead of 8am on the 9th,man this is so surreal, I know its going to happen and the time is fast approaching.
I have everything I need from my list, but still waiting on a couple of items from amazon, hopefully they will be here before Saturday...I will be leaving for Chicago on Saturday, and will be down there for about a week, long enough to go to my post op appt...and then home....we just updated our room to a junior suite, so there will be more room and now I found out they don't have a recliner, but they do have a chaise lounge, which I hope will do as good as a recliner.
Can somebody please tell me about how long I can expect to leak from the lipo? and is there any suggestions other than the chux for lining the sheets, chairs etc, what about keeping your clothes from absorbing the fluid?
...and how long did the coughing last and how soon after surgery did it start?...the questions keep coming the closer i get to my day, and they probably have been asked, but that is what we are here for...anyway, will post later, time to shut it down...good night all!!!

Updated list of supplies

10 PAPER TAPE (probably not needed)
25 LOTS OF H20
27 WAKER WITH THE SEAT( just in case, I have to sit...LOL)
That completes mylist and just like the others, I probably won't use hardly any of it, but it is good to have.
I hope this helps someone!!!


Hey everyone, this is the third time, I have tried making a post... so now that I am in AGAN! I first have to give thanks to the greatest surgeon and healer in the world and that is Jesus Christ, He has been there from start, to finish, AND to the present, and I could never thank Him enough.
Ok...I arrived at the center @7A to get marked up (surgery @8A), vitals etc, and of course I took my Valium for the anxiety, which I don't think I had to much of, but my husband will tell you different...LOL, next was the insertion of the IV, and the rest is history, all I remember, is seeing one ot the anesthesiologist by my side, I don't remember them dressing me, I don't remember my husband being there in the recovery room, none of that, and sure as hell don't remember the ride back to the hotel, which was less than five minutes away.
When I did come around, I remember my husband giving me my meds, and asking how I was doing.
I must say I thank God, that i have not experienced a whole lot of pain, and I started off with the less potent pain med, anyway, it feels like what you could compare to a very intense work out....don't get me wrong, there is some pain, but I guess everyones pain tolerance is different, and I can stand a little more than others.
I can proudly say, I had my first BM yesterday, more watery than anything, I'm glad of that, and for the P-EZ, that is a life saver....I have also had my first shower, which my husband thought was too soon, but I couldn't go another day, without one, anyway, he did my back, and lower body, which he was kind of scared to touch the vajj, becauses it is still swollen, and I did the face, arms, breast and underarms...I felt like a new woman afterwards, and oh boy, getting that lotion on me, took away the discomfort from the itching!...
The only thing that is really bothering me now is the CG, doctor G, doesn't want me to put my t shirt under it just yet, so it just feels so tight, sometimes like I can't breathe, but day by day its gets better, plus it feels like I am so bloated. The swelling hasn't been too bad , but again, I have my moments....hell for 4 days I think I am doing really well!
Question....i don't go for my next post op until Tuesday, and when I was there Thursday, I don't have a clue what that man said to me, I was on my meds, anyway the question the bellybutton suppose to be dry, or are you to put the ointment on it also?, my husband says ointment, so it won't be infected.
I'm getting a little tired now, but there are pics, as you can see.
Does anyone know how to post the before and afters, side by side?, if so please let me know.
One last thing, since starting my journey, I must say that I have met and read some fascinating journals, and on a personal note there is one lady I met by the name of cricket b12 and she has been here for me, every step of the way, if I don't get a phone call you best believe i will be getting a text, and when I was out, i made sure i told my husband, in the case I couldn't , that he would give her a text or call.
So to make a long story short, she has been my girl from day one, my ride or die!!!!!love you chica!!!!, and I would like to shout out to imme b 12 she never failed to answer any of my questions or point me in the right direction, I am so grateful that God had our paths cross, and me to come across this site!!!!!!!

More pic

Just a few more pic, that is one of the nurses (Teresa) she took really good care of me....amazing staff!!!


Just wanted to post a little update, still swollen, which we all know, we can not get around, but I take it with a grain of salt, because it could be a whole lot worse....I have added a few more pics and loving what ic....I got up yesterday, took a shower, lotioned up, did teeth, and hair.
I also had the nerve to put on a little summer hankerchief- form fitting dress, man you couldn't have told me husband was like wow babe, you look good!!...of course I was smiling like a cheshire cat....and this is with swelling...OMG!!...Anyway I will never get to the point, that Ia m not humble and not thank God, because I still could do nothing without him....THANK YOU JESUS!!!...seems like I have more swelling in my pubic area, I know my doctor did lipo down there also, but it don't seem to be budging at all, is anyone else expierncing this?
OK...Enough about me, how are all my sisters doing?, also, I would like to ask a favor of the ones who are reading this, my sister (ROR...Rolls of Redundacy), is going though a little slump right now, I ask that you all would lift her up and prayer, and ask that her spirit be uplifted, if you would do that, I'm sure it would touch her heart immensly, thanking you all in advance for the love, support, prayers, and anything else in between...In Jesus name Amen!!!


I just wanted to post this beautiful picture, I was reading a young lady's profile, who goes by the name of .... Getting My Groove Back With a Mommy Makeover!!! - Miami, FL and she had some awesome readings about evolving , etc. and she posted pictures of women spreading their wings and some of women emerging as butterflies, well I commented on her post because some years ago, on several of my social media sites, and my facebook page, I used a picture of a lady transforming from one woman to the next, and it has butterflies surrounding is so amazing how things line up, who would have thought that I would be sharing that picture, with this page, at this time and place, that is why no one can tell me, God is not real, you may not know him as I do, but sooner or later, one way or another, He will make his presence known.
Ok ladies, that is it for right now, but please click on this picture, and I pray when you do, that something touches your spirit...Love you all, and there is nothing you can do about it!!!!!!


Hi ladies, just wanted to give a little update, everything still is progressing pretty good, and I'm not tiring out as much, but I still have my moments.
I went out yesterday for authentic Mexican food, I had been craving menudo, so hubby had me google a restaurant, and boy did we hit the jackpot, I didn't over do it, I had two tacos, and I took the menudo home...which I ate later on that evening, but just a little.
After leaving restaurant, we headed to a couple other spots, so needless to say, by the time I got home, I was exhausted, but not enough to take a nap, seems like I'm staying awake more than usual, I pray I don't get insomnia, as I have been waking up quite a bit through the night, is anyone else, experiencing this? ...sooooooooooo me with my got to get things done, decided to do some light cleaning etc, which at the end, I was glad to lay down....I will remember my
Today was a good day also, went out for a little while, hubby had some errands, didn't take long, thank God, because I didn't want to get tired, as I had a couple of things to do around the house, and didn't want it to be like yesterday, I tell you, I learn fast, I slowed my roll.
I still have quite a bit of swelling, and I feel so numb in my back, I suppose that is from the lipo of the flank area, the mon is no longer leaking, thank God, because it had a bit of a odor, which I did not like at all, so I guess all is well there, still a little swollen though.
How long should I be taking the arnica and bromelain tabs?...any suggestions, and getting back to the numbness, does anyone still have that going on, and how long is it suppose to last.
I tell you in the mornings and sometimes in the evening, I just feel so tight and I'm just wondering is there anything I can do, to comfort this feeling?... any suggestion on that, would be much appreciated.
Well I have come to the end of this road for today, will check in with my ladies later!!!
Love you and have a good evening!!!

Made it though another day!!!

Hi ladies!!!..just wanted to check in and say hello, and let you know all is well, healing going great, tightness, and swelling is still there, but now I consider it as part of my life for
I got a surprise yesterday, I was coming from upstairs, to the living room, when the doorbell rang, so as I get to the bottom of the steps, I could partially see through the blinds, and I see someone holding flowers, needless to say I was surprised, and the first thing comes to mind is...awwww my husband got me flowers, and what really made me think he purchased them was the fact, that when the doorbell rang, he didn't come to see who it was. So after taking the flowers and being so anxious to see what the card said, they did NOT!!! come from my husband, they were from my doctor, I tell you I love this man, anyway the card read....Thank you for trusting me with your care....Dr. Gutowski, wow!!!, that was so sweet, now I don't know if he does this with all his patients, and I guess at this point it doesn't even matter, he does not have to do this, I think it is very thoughtful and kind.
I immediately sent him a message, thanking him for the flowers, and also to give him a little update on my progress. He in turn, replied right back, and stated he would answer my questions, soon as he got my updated pictures to him.
Anyway, that is what's going on in my life, up to this point....YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS, I FEEL GREAT!!!


Well ladies, it was my first day back on the job, and man did I not want to go, of all days to have the most swelling, this would be the, but I have to admit, once there, I still did not want to be there, but about three hours in, I was good to go. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, I even took the stairs a few times...I work on the 2nd floor, so I did venture down to the 1st floor to go to the store (I work at the VA hospital) and pick up a couple of items, I did take the elevator to go down to basement, then back to 2nd floor, then when it was time to leave, I took the steps again.....yeah me!!!!
I know its not a big thing, but it really was for me, considering I didn't know how it was going to affect the swelling later, but as I write this, I think I'm about the same as I was this morning, which is a good thing.
I am kind of tired, so I don't have a whole lot to update, but I do want to say that, I truly enjoyed New Years Eve at church, it was really awesome to bring in the New year praising God, and listening to the awesome testimonies, and giving mine....we have so much to thankful and grateful for, and I will forever be humbled by God's grace and mercy, that he gives and shows everyday...Thank you Jesus!!!!
Ok ladies, you all have a good night, and now that I am no longer semi-retired, lol, time for me to get some rest.

Swell Hell, but dealing with it :-(

Hello ladies!! it has been awhile since I have updated, but I guess you can tell from my title, I'm still dealing with the swelling, as I know, you all are too.
One day its not so bad and others, I feel like I am going to bust...I mentioned this before, but I had my mon's lipoed or whatever it is that they do, and it is fine now, but I still have this area right under my BB and right on top of where my scar is, that is a little swollen and to tell you the truth, it looks kind of weird. There is a picture posted and it still hasn't changed, other than it might be a tad bit bigger ...I'm just wondering if this is normal, I really need to send a picture to my PS so he can determine what it is, and is there a cause for's weird because there is no leakage, no pain, nothing, it just looks funny.
Let seeeeeeeee, what else has been going on....well I have been back to work, this is my 2nd week...I went back on the 5th of January for a week, by the time Thursday rolled around, I asked my PS if he could take me off another week, and he did, boy was I thankful, I think I went back to soon, anyway that was cool, now I am back for good, gotta bring those vacation hours back up and also that ,PTO!!!...If they were to give me early retirement, I would take it right now!
Anyway, I don't mean to be so boring, but I am really tired, but I did want to at least check in on my ladies, and let you know, this is the best site ever, and the women on here are just phenomenal, victorious, brave overcomers, we have sacrificed a lot, and we would do it all again, to have the camaraderie, confidence and boldness, that we have now..this site has truly been a blessing to me, thanks to all my sisters, and my true sister ROR!
Good night ladies, I love you and there is nothing you can do about it...Peace!!!!

New Pics

Hi everybody, haven't posted anything in awhile, I've added some pics as you can see and i must say again, I am loving my results, and prayfully this is still not the finished product.
I plan on getting back into my exercise routine and I have ordered me a waist cincher and another CG....after reading and seeing results of other people who have done it, I am convinced that I can do this too, time will tell.
I am still dealing with the itching, swelling, tightness, and the nerves repairing themselves, and I also still have that one area on my butt that refuses to go down, but I rather have that one small imperfection, than what it was before, I tell you, even though it is not that bad, it does make you feel some type of way at times, BUT!!!! we keep on going and pushing ahead, nothing on this side of earth is perfect, so I am straight....those pictures I posted, some were taken in Vegas, which was my first time going there, and my first airplane ride, and man did I enjoy both of those experiences!...Well ladies and gents, continued happy healing, those that's considering PS, GO FOR IT!!!!..You will be glad you did, and I'll get a chance to welcome you to the flat side!!!
Take care until next time, and be blessed!


More Pics

Just a few more pic, sorry they aren't any clearer.

Hi ladies it has been a while!!!!

Good evening to all my real self ladies it has been a long time since I have posted anything, I have just been busy enjoying my new body and getting used to all the different things that is going on with it. I must say that this journey has been very rewarding, but it has also had its ups and downs. I am still experiencing the swelling the tightness and I believe my nerves are slowly but surely still coming back around.
The area between my breast and my belly button isn't as flat as thought it would be, but I must admit that part of it has to do with me, not eating as healthy as I should or exercising, but I most definitely will get that back under control because this is a lot of money that we have spent to get this way and it doesn't make any sense to just throw it down the drain, so trust and believe, that I will definitely be getting that back in order.
I am still not happy with my butt... it isn't as round as I thought it would be and I understand cellulite, but I still thought that it would be looking a little better but oh well, you win some you lose some. All in all I am very happy because I still look good in my clothes I get complimented everyday, my self esteem has risen and I wouldn't trade this feeling for nothing.
I pray all you ladies are healing well and are happy with your results and I know it takes time and I know we're not going to be 100% pleased because nothing's perfect, but as I said all in all I am so happy that I made the decision to do this and if needed, I would do it all over again. I forgot to mention that I did go in last month and had a couple of areas like a very small area , right below my belly button and on my butt lipoed, and right now I'm still a little tender from that but it has smoothed outunder the BB, but not the butt. One thing I can say, regardless how my bottom lookes, I'm still very happy with the way I look in my clothes, and you best believe I have so many new clothes now, I think I have become addicted to shopping, it has got to stop!!, I am still finding places to put clothes... Lol... I just thank God for the whole experience and for bringing me through and I pray that He continues to keep me humble, as I am not the type of person that would let anything go through my head because I know in a split second it all could be taken away, so on that note I'm going to say continued happy healing ladies and I will be updating again at a later time... love you all and God bless!!!!



Chicago Plastic Surgeon

I just love Dr. G, he is a very caring, considerate and very approachable person. There has never been a time that I have gotten in touch with him, whether it be by phone or email, that he did not get in touch with me, and for that I am very grateful. I would strongly reccommend him to anyone and everyone. He did not try to push anything on me that I did not need, and his prices are very reasonable,not that, that was the main issue, because health is more important....and he does offer a $1,000 off if you mention RealSelf, that's another plus!!! There is no arrogance detected, and his staff is very accomodating also. My time is fast approaching and I am very excited and I can rest well knowing that I have God first, and him second in bringing me through this....that is all for now, and I surely will be posting more on this great doctor in the near future!!!! Two thumbs up, high fives and whatever else I can give to him!!!!

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