47 year old Hoping to Get my Physique Back on Track

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In 2007 I had a BA, silicone, under muscle 302cc....

In 2007 I had a BA, silicone, under muscle 302cc. I was never happy with the result. Now I'm 25 lbs heavier, my breast are saggy and too big and my tummy isn't flat after two births. I'm nervous because I wasn't happy with my first plastic surgery. Hoping to find support and information here. Thanks!

I have my surgery scheduled. July 2nd, 2014

I had a second visit with my doctor. It's really tough knowing if you're making the right decision with the right doctor, especially when you're spending so much money also. I have researched enough? Am I prepared enough? Am I going to have the results I want? Will I be disappointed? Will I be safe and healthy? It's overwhelming! But having a second visit with Dr. Ozolins made me feel completely comfortable and solid in my decision. I'm not ready to post pictures but I'm 5'5", 160 lbs, 32 inch waist, 40 inch bust, 43 inch hips. For the next four weeks I hope to eat healthy and clean, research more info from the experience of all you fine ladies and I would love to lose 10 lbs. Wish me luck.

Haven't really been focused.

I have surgery in just a few weeks and I haven't been focused much on it. I thought I'd be spending hours on here every day scouring everything to learn as much as I can. But so far I can't seem to devote much time. I don't know if that's good or bad. On the good side it makes the time pass with less adrenaline rush going on every day, much calmer. On the down side, what if I'm not prepared for something I should be? I haven't purchased any items that have been recommended on the lists I've seen. I have my final payment due in two days, maybe then I'll get in the swing of things. I haven't taken any before pictures yet. I need to get that accomplished soon. I'm so thankful I have a wonderful husband to see me through. Maybe that's what's making me feel more at ease, whereas before he was deployed and I went through my BA more alone. I've been doing my best eating at healthy as possible. Keeping calories in line. The weekends have been tough as I tend to enjoy an ice cold beer or a very chilled martini.

Tomorrow is the big day

I haven't posted much because for some reason I haven't really thought about the surgery very much. I find it very odd but on the other hand it's made time go by quickly. I haven't told many friends about it either and hubby has been busy at work. I don't know if all that is a good thing or a bad thing. When I had my first plastic surgery in 2007 I was on the computer researching on a daily basis. Hopefully that period has prepared me for tomorrow. I feel I have a very good handle on the procedures I'm having. I feel I have a very realistic idea of the outcome, both the positive and negatives. All I know is that I've been very unhappy with my figure for the past three years. I find it frustrating that you can indulge in excess calories like having a cocktail a few nights a week over admittedly too many months, causing weight to gain, but when you cut out those drinks for weeks and months, the weight doesn't come back down. Urgh! Either way, I'm tired of my five-month's-along looking gut and the skin that has sagged down since after having my children. Hopefully tomorrow all that comes to an end. Tomorrow I shall have lifted boobies and a flat tummy. I feel positive that I will do well in surgery. I am healthy on all levels and have done well in the past. I pray my doctor has a good night's sleep and is guided in all things by the hand of God. I'll see you on the other side of taut and tight.

Post op and it ain't been easy.

Good morning. This is my first post since surgery. I'm about ten days post op and I'm still at a point where I'd say if I'd knew the recovery was this intense I probably wouldn't have had the guts to have the procedure. It's not that it's been painful, it's just been overwhelming discomfort. It's hard to put into words what it's like. The first and foremost is my back is killing me. There are muscles that are really pissed at me. Sleeping has been strange and uncomfortable (most due to my back muscles being stressed). I had my second drain removed yesterday, it's good to not have to worry about emptying those anymore. My surgery went very well and the doctor said my healing is above normal so that's good. The results seem like it will be good. I'm already happy with my breast revision. The doctor did a lift using a newer lift procedure, I forget the name of the cut. She replaced my 302cc silicone implant with a Mentor silicone 190. I'm pleased with the size and look forward to them settling. The lift keeps them high and Dr said it will take a few months for the skin to stretch and let it drop down. I'm certain I'll be around a 34/36Dish. I was a 34DD before and that was too too big for me.
So the long and the short of it..... It's been a really intense experience. If I had known recovery would have been like this, I probably wouldn't have been brave enough to do it. Each day gets a little better by tiny increments. I feel a little isolated and lonely now that hubby is back to work. He's been my rock. I could not have done this without him that's fo sho!
I hope everyone else who had surgery dates around mine have had an easier go of it. Happy healing.

Saturday and a trip to the Farmer's Market

It felt so good to get up after a crappy night's sleep and get out in the sunshine and walk around the Farmer's Market. For some reason when I sleep my body doesn't move at all. So after staying hours in the same position I wake up almost paralyzed. My back muscles are so stiff I can barely move and it feels like my circulation stopped. It's horrible. Luckily with it being the weekend, hubby was home to help rub my back muscles until I could get up and moving.
Today is for sure the best day post op so far. I truly hope it just keeps getting better. My personal experience has been so difficult through this all. But I am still happy with the results. My tummy looks way smoother and flatter and my boobs great, lifted and where they should be.
Have any of you had friends who didn't check on you after surgery? I told two girlfriends that I was having a Mommy Makeover and one of my girlfriends never even checked in on me after surgery to see if I was okay. It was eights days later she sent a text that just said 'hi. how are ya?' Doesn't that seem strange. I'd be lying if I said it didn't hurt my feelings.

Gah, I finally think I turned a corner

Today is the first day I feel like I've really been able to relax and not feel discomfort of some sort. It's been wonderful I must admit. I'm hoping I've turned the corner and am finally past the worst. I hope everyone else who has been newly post op are experiencing good things too.
I slept about 10 hrs last night. Sleeping has been painful for me. I wake up with some back muscle spasm/knots and stiffness that has been pretty darn awful. Even though I had the same muscle issue I felt like I actually rested well. Now I can focus on upside of this surgery rather than the discomfort. Fingers crossed for continued well feelings! I hope to take a few after pics this week.

I have a case of the itchy stitchy

I was hoping for restful nights sleep two nights in a row but at about 3:00am I was woken up with an itchy breast at the incision line. Tingly and irritating...gah! It was at least an hour before I could go back to sleep. Anyone have any suggestions?

So I had a good news/bad news today. After my shower I felt up to trying on some clothes (for the first time) and was so happy to try on a red Tahari dress that previously I would have had to wear spanx and still would have looked 4 months pregnant. It fit perfectly and there was no belly bulge at all! It put a big smile on my face. Now the bad news...I tried on my old bra and it still fits. :-( I was a 34DD and really wanted to be a 34C. I was a 36B/34C before my first augmentation. I got a 302cc implant hoping it would take me to 34D. I knew from the first glance it was too big. So for five years I hated my huge size. I really wanted to get this revision right. With doing a much needed lift I was choosing to come down in size too. I made sure to let my PS know I didn't want to be big at all, etc. She chose a 190 cc. I can't believe that didn't make a difference in cup size. I figured with the small excess skin removed and smaller implant it would be smaller. I know I'm only 12 days post op but I don't feel swollen. Come on boobies, shrink!!

13 day post op

Here is a small pic to show an after and before.

16 days post op

Things have gotten so much better than from the first week of recovery. I had a two week check up yesterday and the doctor is happy with my progress. Everything looks on track. She explained that I still have a lot of swelling in my breasts. I was happy to hear that because I really don't want to be this big and am really hoping the size shrinks down. I also noticed a drop or two of fluid coming from my left breast duct. She said from the swelling it could cause that to happen. It's not common but she's seen it before. My aureolas have felt tight like when one is a nursing mother. I think the 'trauma' of the surgery has tricked my boobs. My stitches have been itchy too. But that's all part of the healing process right.
Another thing I realize happening in the morning is when I wake up my stomach muscles seen to contract like a braxton hicks contraction. Has anyone else experienced that? My body naturally wants to stretch awake, especially my stomach, so it tightens up. I have to really concentrate to get it to relax. It's kinda bizarre. Thank heaven it doesn't hurt at all. Maybe it's all part of the healing process too?
Tonight is going to be our first evening out in over two weeks. I've really be lying low since surgery on the 2nd and in no rush to over extend myself during recovery. (I have such sympathy and in awe of all those recovering moms of small children!) Looking forward to dinner and a live band we've been looking forward to seeing. We'll be joined by another couple. I wonder if they'll notice anything? They know I've had surgery but not what for. I'm wondering if I'll confide what I had done or just keep mum........
I hope everyone else is recovery well too! Have a great weekend.
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