BBL, Lipo & removal of extra skin- Farmington Hills, MI

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This process has been long awaited. I put off...

This process has been long awaited. I put off this surgery to martial obligations, rehab home projects, starting a family and uncertainties. I first talk to a Dr. Jan Adams in '06 and he advised against it cuz procedure was fairly new to the states. And he couldn't predict a positive outcome. Most people were going to South America and that wasn't in my budget. NOW seven years later, SPOUSE-LESS, CHILDLESS and GRAND opportunity...... HERE I AM!!!!!!!!

Here's a list of my procedure:
Elevation of abdominal wall skin with excision of excess skin
Vaser Liposuction abdomen + 1/2 back with tapering of hips
Fat graphs/injections to buttock

Loving my new body

I recently went to a pool party & I wasn't ashamed of my booty. It still has sum dropping to do but it's round out really nice. Hope it fills in more toward the center. I won't to get rid of my sponge Bob Square bottom look.

About Me....

I'm 38. 6' tall. 217lbs. No children (yet.) I have been plaque with no Booty since High School. The only time my rear appears is when I'm OVERED 260 lbs. Which dont look Good -- PERIOD!!! So I've always expressed how I wish I could cut off my stomach and put on my BUTT..... Well guess what--- BOOM!

I'm 4 wks and 10 days Post-op and I can't wait to see my New Derrière.
My swelling come and go but I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

phantom pains along my TT incision

My Tummy Tuck is healing up nicely but I feel sharp pains on the left side form time to time. It feels like its stretching. Is that possible? Then when I get a chill though my body, like a shiver from head to toe -- WELL mine stop at my TT cut and it feels like static electricity across my incision. Very uncomfortable.

5 wks Post-Op

New Garment came in the mail today. I'm hoping it gives me two tear drop booty cheeks. It was fairly easy to put on.... I'm wondering if I should of gotten 1 size smaller?
Anyway, here's my pics. I can feel the extra weight in my bottom. One size heavier than the other. Still a little swollen as well.

5 wks Post Op

New before & afters....

My back has a curve Now!!!!!

The swelling in my back is subsiding. Last couple if days, I felt pain in my lower back. Not strong to medicate but enough to take notice & massage. And throughout the night, I had frequent restroom runs. Then it hit me, my bottom is elinminating the extra fluid my body was retaining. The pain would move from my lower back to my flanks. I also notice my TT is lowering its position a little too. My pelvic area is still taunt thou.

6 wks Plus Size BBL & TT Post Op

OMG!!!! I'm jiggling BABY..... Go head BABY!!! My booty is nice & round & FULL!!!! Don't have a cuff yet but it's sure is heavy!!!! Stomach is still flat but will bulge out sometime. I need a smaller waist clincher. My tummy is starting to relax more & more. I'm losing a lot of fluid from swelling too. I go to the restroom way more often than I like.
My cycle have been different too.
Far as pain: my back hurts when I massage it but the more I rub it the better it feels. And the left side of my TT incision feels like its pulling. But once I examine it, it's not red or open, just sore to the touch.

My lower back is on Fire!!!

I'm basically 8wks post op today, I haven't notice too much difference in my buttocks. My back swelling comes and goes. I've been using my binder @ night which to me, keeps the swelling in check. But when I wake up during the night my back is burning something awful. Even when I don't wear at times, my back burns. Or if I seat a certain way.... my back has this burning sensation. Or when I bend over.... it feels like someone has threw a match on it.
Now my tummy has its on set of issues. At times, it seems like I have a pot belly. Not sure if this occurs after a meal, or if its gas but its alarming now that my TT is starting to relax. I'm not sure if I need a tighter garment or binder but I will be seeing my doctor tomorrow.
I have no pics.

My booty feels heavier in the cheeks area but still not full in the center. I don't think I be getting my tear drop booty or a cuff. :^(

3 month Post-op visit

Today I went for my 3 mos post op visit & seems like the place where I need the fat the most -- absorbed.
I'm kinda sad & really can't afford a revision.
I also learned that my sponge-bob booty cheeks are a pocket of fat that's basically not the same as my buttock. It sounds crazy but this is my reality. This was one of my main issues that didn't get fix due to fear of infection. I have two options:
1: lipo the pocket/section of fat & pray the skin tightens up.
2: cut & shape the booty cheeks which is the hardest to heal.

I saw my before & after pics; there is a MAJOR DIFFERENCE!!!! Omg!!!
My stomach was out of control.

I also see that I'm still swollen @ 3mos. No pics to show -- kinda sad.
Farmington Plastic Surgeon

Seem very approachable. Answered all my questions even as redundant & random they were. And personally return my call after office hours. Which means a lot. I choose Dr. Hardaway because a couple of reasons. 1: She's Local!!!! I didn't have funds to go out of state. 2: I'm familiar with her. She treated some other issues I had with past injuries and improved my scars. 3: I wanted a Black Surgeon. I would periodically google to see if any Surgeon perform this procedure in MI and my search turn out to land at Dr. Hardaway name but no one never responded to my emails. Well this time I called, and here I am 4 wks Post-op and feeling great and enjoying the new Me!!!!!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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