9 Days Until my Surgery Super Nervous.. HELPP!!! - Farmington Hills, MI

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I am 5'1 1/2 and i am 166lbs. I have no booty at...

I am 5'1 1/2 and i am 166lbs. I have no booty at all and love handles. I really just want a nice body, I am being realistic I just want to be able to see a great difference. I look at alot of posts and see great results. I have been researching for over a year and have been a member since 2012 and this is my first post!! my surgery is days away and i wish i posted earlier for support and questions. I am praying for a safe surgery and great results!!!

6 days b4 surgeryyyyy

so nervous but i need support i hope she can help this bodyy lol

More pics of b4

readyy for a change

Ready for surgeryyy

make me overr

My WISSHHH Pics.....

I wonder if i could get close to this..I am short and thick!!??

4 days...........

My surgery is in 4 days!!!!! my stomach hurt so bad, i literally can't function! i have a million different emotions going on right now.. needing some BBL ladies to talk to right about now = ( ughh is this normal????

1st Day out actually hours

Do sore in pain..can't wait to my Butt drops I love my hips and my booty going to get better.hopefully but I an satisfied..just wanted to keep you guys updated I'm on mess so I'll holla..lemme know what y'all think!

extra stiff and swollen but trying to keep updating dolls

still swollen..getting better every Day

Can't wait to see the end results


Its been very hard..and I keep doing but its not working! I'm in pain, swollen, and lonely!

better today

Feeling a lil better today..I think my booty shrinking and I'm sad cause its already do small but I love my shape...praying it fluffs


I'm so trying to be positive and today I put on my loose pink pants just to hope and pray that my butt is getting better but it still looks ugly..I'm crying because I've always been insecure about my Butt.I always known how to workout nd tone and loose weight Butt I paid$6550 because no matter how much I work out I would never have a but


Before I get in the shower..I wanted to share with you dolls...hopefullly this is all swelling and will go down soon..may be my bit will get bigger??? Idk what tall think..is it too early am i tripping? Obese help me y'all I'm going crazy!!!

y this us all


Outta shower now bed..sometimes it looks like it will round..but another side of me say nope...idk how this bbl thing works but for roundness...

getting better

Today I don't feel so bad..I just can't wait until the swollen goes down I know I'll look even better..this house and being alone is driving me crazY tho!

the results

Woke up took a shower and I just hoped my Butt rounded got bigger but no..am I over please tell me the truth..if this was you would you have expected done what of a Butt or do you guys think this a big difference fr..do you think I had enough fat to make an actual but our you guys think this Butt us good


My stomach is looking ok..I hope it goes down some..


sorry I been missing..going through my UPS and downs as usual but I'm maintaining..I go back and forth with my results one Day I love them the next I hate them...but I want a bigger Butt!!!! Any way I do love my little curves..thanks for the support dolls...PS how dangerous is but implants? And I was someone of I went back do y'all think another bbl will get my Butt bigger?

thanks for being patient..


Dr. Hardaway seemed very real to me, I have researched her for awhile and although I did not see GREAT results I did see some before and after pictures i liked. I chose Dr. Hardaway because she was board certified, she had more good than bad reviews, she was in Michigan and she was very calm and not pushy during our consultation. She explained that she will give realistic results. I am really praying that she can give me as many cc's as my little booty can take. I am very scared to have a surgery and not see a huge result because $6550 is alot of money to not look like a totally different person. I do believe in Dr. Hardaway and I am sure that she will take out as much fat as possible and safely inject it. I was also happy that she does not use any drains. She was also very patient and answered all of my questions.

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