Radiesse Has Ruined my Face - Farmington, CT

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Radiesse injected into lips and nasal labial folds...

Radiesse injected into lips and nasal labial folds. I now have a permanent joker smile and my cheekbones are very pronounced giving me the appearance of a chipmunk. The pronounced cheeks now give me the appearance of hollow eyes and I look much older than my 39 years. I am convinced that this Doctor is not experienced in fillers and had no knowledge of Radiesse. He used me as a guinea pig and now my face is permanently altered. I don't resemble myself and people are always asking me what I had done because it's such an obvious change. Doctors are now saying that Radiesse could be permanent. I would have never done it had I known that. I also have a skin condition now..... called rosacea which I never had before. It's in the area where I was injected.

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