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I have been so busy reading reviews and preparing...

I have been so busy reading reviews and preparing myself physically and mentally that I almost forgot to take before pictures!! I am a mother of two gorgeous children 7 and 2. Unfortunately what they left me with wasn't so beautiful. I gained 60 lbs with each pregnancy. I would look at an apple and gain 5 lbs. fortunately I lost all the pregnancy weight and 10 pounds and kept it off for a year. So I feel I am ready to do this abdominoplasty business. So I'm a little nervous but ready to get this show on the road!! I pray that my healing process goes well. Through nursing education I feel I have a good handle what to expect during the healing process and I know what to look for if there's something wrong during that process. I am very physically active so the sooner I can get back to the gym and work the better. The part that will hurt the most will be not being able to carry my little 2yo. :(. He's such a cuddle bug.

1 day PO

Well, same as everyone else....this sucks. I took my pain meds every three hours and requested more at my appt today. The surgical site looks good. Hopefully I'll be feeling a bit better tomorrow.

2 days PO

Well.... I'm feeling a tad bit better today. Passing gas finally but I need to have a BM. I have taken some Senna-S last night but I'm going to take more today also. Pretty groggy writing this. Later peeps.

Day 2 photos

Here's a couple pictures.

Day 3.

Wow, what a difference going to the bathroom can make. Finally did my duty last night and I slept great. The feelings of pressure and fullness are gone. I went from taking two hydro/ASAP 5/325 mg to one this morning and feel fine. Hoping to transition to Tylenol in the next couple days then to ibuprofen when the PS says it's okay. Ibuprofen works so much better for me. I was able to stand much straighter. I have been sleeping in a recliner. For those who haven't done their TT yet, thus just kills your back. I have been laying on top of a heated blanket to help loosen the muscles, it worked pretty well. My drainage had decreased to 25 cc twice a day and the drainage has changed from a light red to a yellowish color. I'm hoping the drainage is under 25 cc by Tuesday since that's when I go back.

Day 5 and doing great!

So although I have been feeling great I am over sleeping in the recliner but not ready to sleep in the bed, mostly due to our 2 yo crawling into the bed with us. I just don't feel "safe" with the fear of being rolled on by my dear husband or crawled on by the children. Any one else have those fears? When did you all move to the bed? I am standing straighter, my BFF stopped by today which I was thankful for. The recovery time is BORING. I have been having some strong muscle spasms and have not been taking the hydro. I tried a flexeril to see if it'd help. I didn't gave any more spasms last night but I just felt 'weird' don't really know how to explain it. I had my husband run to the store to grab done zzz quill that's really all I need, help sleeping. Here's a couple pics. Hopefully the drains come out pm Tuesday. They look fill bug I haven't emptied them yet at the time I took the pic. ;). 40cc from each drain....almost to 30. Hope it gets there!!

Week one PO in review....

Well in all honesty this week seemed like it a short lifetime. Soooo many changes in such a short amount of time. Now that I reflect upon my time spent this last week, I now realize that the first day was the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life. Worse than my 9.2 and 9.0 pound natural child birth. That being said-the pain was NOT long lasting. I relied upon my hydro/acetaminophen 5/325 mg one to two tabs every 3-4 as needed. The Rx should have said..."This is only going to work for two hours...after that you will just have to deal with it". ;/ Day 2 I got my period. The ONLY medication that has ever worked to suppress menses cramping for me has been ibuprofen...this time -so such luck. The one plus of my menses(maybe TMI for some of you) is that my bowels are more active than normal which put an end to the anesthesia/narcotic induced constipation, never did use any of that "smooth moves tea".... After day 3 I started to feel normal again, only took the hydro every 4-6 hours. day 4 and 5 seem similar, day 5 I barely took the pain pills ,I think only at bed time, mostly bc I cannot fall asleep, I took two midol pm and one zzquil and was still wide awake 4 hours later, so took a hydro and zzzzz. Day 6 I ventured out from hiding, which seemed like forever and had less than 30cc from both drains in 24h, not able to sleep again..same scenario as last noc, took hydro and..... zzzz. Talking to the doc about this, falling asleep has never really been an issue for me until now. TODAY is day 7 and my one week f/u!! Woot Woot!!!
Day 7: Had my one week f/u with Dr. Abdullah. I was able to get 2/3 of my sutures removed. The nurse removed sutures bilaterally from the hip bone to the lateral oblique. the sutures above the pubis are still present. I was told that versus returning to the clinic next week(2.5 hr drive for me) that I could just have one of the other nurses I work with removed the remaining sutures at the clinic I work in. AWESOME!! Both of my drains came out as well. That is such an odd feeling. I had no idea what it would feel like and its really hard to describe. Its painless if you have the small drain line. How did I know which JP line I had you ask? I looked at the end of the tube and was caught off guard as it wasn't what I was expecting it to look like (if you have ever seen a foley, thats the ending I was expecting). When speaking with the nurse she said the doc decides in surgery which he will use- the larger one or smaller one....luckily I had the smaller one, I guess the larger drain head is larger than the entry point and the tubing. That must be where some people on here are c/o discomforts they are feeling upon removal, which would hurt. ;) I spoke with doc about not being able to fall asleep. Thankfully he gave me an order for Ambien 5 mg. That should help. Ill try it tomorrow, as the pharmacy in town was closed by the time we got back. Doc was happy with my healing thus far!
The removal of the drains and 2/3 of sutures made me feel like a new woman I RTC in one month. Hopefully I have a little better shape by then, but as of right now everything looks great!
Hopefully I will get a couple pictures up tomorrow. As for now I am going to fall asleep....hopefully, I go back to work tomorrow....and I am attempting to sleep in bed...with 5 pillows. ;) normally I fall asleep with one old flat pillow and wake with it on the floor. so many adjustments right ladies!

Day 7 photos

Day12...still sleeping like crap.

Been doing well. I have still been only been able to fall asleep be fore 230 one night. Even with the Ambien. I think the issue may be more positional at this point. How about you guys? Any ideas? Normally I'm a belly sleeper.....when were you guys able to get back on your bellies? Here are dome pics. It's about 5ish in the day so I believe I'm swollen. I think I'm going yo start measuring.m

Tried on a bikini........

So I'm 2weeks 4 days post op. I had my remaining sutures removed Monday by one of the MD's I work with. The sutures had become embedded in spots. I had an underlying feeling that two weeks would be too long for them to stay in, but at the time they came out okay, except for an area to the near right hip, there was a little bleeding there. That same evening I was at home snuggling with my DH and not realizing that I was scratching I felt something moist on my fingers...sure enough that area had reopened. It was about 1.5 cm long and 1 cm wide. JML that it gad to be 930 pm in my little rural area and my PS who was normally just over 2 hours away was is at his clinic in Dubai. :,(. So I flushed the open area with sterile saline, applied some sterile gauze, called the hospital so I could be let in, and the on call MD threw in three teensy-weensy stitches. Only one is still holding tissue 5 days later. The area that was open has stabbed over. I have done other stabbed over areas where the steri strips blustered me. (Boo). I dud make an spot thus last We'd to go see my PS but he will still be gone, I think I'm going to cancel it. The scarfed area has decreased in size and us not open or foul smelling. I think I'm just going to watch it. I see my PS again on the 15th for my one month f/u....he better be here, lol.

Some pics... ALMOST 3 weeks!

Still not exercising. I purposefully didn't renew my gym membership so I wouldn't feel tempted!!

almost one month post op!!!

Well I have been feeling great. I have been at work now close to two weeks. I am no longer (four days) wearing my CG as it is too big for me, slides all over the place and provides no real compression. Its basically really annoying. I have since been wearing high control body shapers. The same type of body shaper that I used to wear before surgery, that gave me horrible gas pains, BUT not any longer! lol. I can't wait to no longer have to wear them either though. They are annoying to pull up and down all the time. One thing I have had to do this week more than any of the others is break up the internal dis-solvable staples that decided to make way to the surface. I ended up pulling a total of four out, but massaged and 'snapped' the rest, lol, I believe i counted a total of 12 snappers. Sounds weird but it feels much better! Although I don't wear regular clothes often I have noticed that most of my pre-op jeans/dress pants are fitting normally. Some of them however are tight in the thighs when they were not before hand. I don't know if its swelling, they don't look swollen, or if its because of lack of gym time(most likely). Ugh, some days I feel like such a lazy bum because of lack of activity. :S oh well, hopefully I will get the okay to return to the gym next week(even if just lightly!!). My one month return is on the 15th....SO EXCITED! lol. I took a bunch of pictures today. I am really wishing I would have went with my gut and gotten the liposuction on the obliques, my doc said ...that it wasn't fatty tissue by rather my of those things where initially you are flattered, but in hindsight you wish you would have listened to yourself. I am still really really pleased with my results nonetheless!!! So totally worth it, CAN NOT wait until our upcoming trip to HI this October. ;D

Before/After Collage

One month follow up

Saw Dr. Abdullah today. Everything looks good. I got the clearance to resume working out(easily), my lifting restriction was ended, and I was told that my compression garment was not tight enough. Well, about that, the clinic was unable to provide me with anything smaller and I had already went and spent close to $100 on two different shape wear garments. I got a Med, but anything smaller is going to cut me off and make me lumpy....soo considering I have been wearing these for 10+ days.....I'm just going to keep on. The PS did say I don't need to wear compression at night...we will see how I feel tonight and through until morning. I also was told to massage my scar and that I can start scar treatments if I wanted....starting tomorrow!

Around week 5

Sorry for the blurry pics. 5 weeks.

Almost 8 weeks

So pretty much since my one month appt with my surgeon I have not worn much for compression. To make myself more secure with my decision I also posted a question asking what it her PS thought if I were to need continuing to wear it and if there was still risk for seroma. Thankfully I feel secure going without. This last few weeks have been almost as if nothing happened. I really haven't started exercising though, not bc I haven't wanted to, but with changing jobs and figuring out schedules I just haven't given the gym the time it deserves, lol. That being said, I gave not gained weight but I gave noticed a significant loss in muscle I will be "getting back in the swing of things" real soon. I have been using my silicone scar tx although not religiously as I am in a rush most mornings and forget...and in the evenings I end up falling asleep outing the kids to it has rubbed off by noon most days. Hope everyone is doing well!
Dr. Abdullah

I have no complaints about Dr. Abdullah other than I wished he would have been willing to combine lipo with the TT. He's conservative and I think that's just fine. :). He is kind and willing to ask any questions that I may have. His nursing staff is so nice.... Marlyss is a patient queen, I just want yo go to the clinic for her bright smile and kind words! As a nurse myself shes an aspiration! Loved her!!

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