Full Abdominoplasty with Muscle Tightening - Fargo, ND

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So far I'm ok. Back at the hotel from surgery. I...

So far I'm ok. Back at the hotel from surgery. I had to schedule my surgery quickly because they had an opening and I had time off of work. I did have to quit smoking and then didn't realize no nicotine at all so had to pull patch off 8 days ago. Dr Abdullah said that would affect healing some and the belly button didn't get saved but to be rid of all that I'm so excited I don't care. I lost 90 pounds and have been fighting with my "mothers apron" to no avail so I've been waiting 4 years to do this. I'll post post op pics when I'm healed. Maybe I'll get a belly button tattoo lol. By the way, I have a cath in for the night and drains and wraps. I highly recommend a maxi dress or flowy dress for comfort, I'll update once a week here. Hope this makes sense I'm loopy on pain meds lol

Day 2 post op

I took a shower today and that was pretty hard. Boyfriend had to help me and I had a stool to sit on. My back was KILLING ME today from sitting up sleeping. BF just bought a lazy boy on sale for me and WHAT A RELIEF. He's been amazing! I also noticed my ankles are pretty swollen today so I better drink more water. I have a scar up and down from him removing a lot of tissue and an old big ugly scar I had from a splenectomy when I was 11... as well as one at the bottom. Looks pretty bad right now but I know in time it will look a lot better. It is getting harder to sit all day kinda want to move or do something but that's not happening yet.

Quick pic... Can't take binder off yet

I still get too dizzy. I'm swollen But starting to feel human again!

Here better pic

With binder

Day 3 post op

Oh I'm feeling a LOT better. Hard for first half hour after I woke up because my back is stiff from not moving around much. Took my pain med then got up and in the shower. It was MUCH easier today no dizziness and I could almost do it all by myself. My boyfriend helped get the water right. I'm still pretty swollen but haven't been eating the healthiest so I'm going to up my veggie intake as well as get rid of as much sodium as possible. Today I actually feel like I'm going to make it to the other side of this. Most annoying thing today is the drains. That and I feel like a burden on everyone. They aren't acting that way at all but I just don't want to be I guess. Probably thinking too hard on that with all this time on my hands. Anyway, drains aren't scheduled to come out til next thurs but if the levels keep going down I may be able to get them out sooner. I am supposed to be back at work this coming Wed and I think I'll be ok. I have a desk job but am able to stand and elevate my desk also. Still wish I would have given myself another week off but everything seemed to fall into place for it to happen now. I'll post a couple pics still bloated and you can see my big vertical scar where he took out my old surgery scar and my belly button. It's a little weird but I'm still much happier with the results and glad I did it. Wasn't planning on a bikini because of my scar anyway :)

Day 4 post op

When I first woke up and went potty I was tearful when I came back to the recliner because my back is so sore. I am a bit worried because I have to be back up and running at least 80% soon here. I took a half a pain pill and some Advil and rested for a few mins and Jason made me coffee and brought it to me and I swear like 3 sips made me feel almost human again. Once I felt a bit less despair, I got up.

I showered, washed hair, conditioned, rewrapped myself and got dressed in my own! I asked my boyfriend to just stay within shouting distance in case. Feel much better. I also put a little bit of laundry away lol. Honestly at this point my back is the worst. Very achy when I stand. I wish I would have worked it out more before surgery, although I did do it some.

I got on the scale :( I was 10 lbs more than preop! So I'm really hoping that's just 15 lbs of bloat because the doc took almost 5 lbs off. Thing that sucks is that when I had a bad scale day before I would run for 3-5 miles and cut back on food and see a difference almost immediately. So now I guess I just really need to watch food. Totally TMI maybe but I did finally have a BM yesterday and this morning so yay me lol!

I'm super bloated. My legs are bloated, feet, ankles, face a little even.

I have a BIG bruise in the middle of my stomach looks kinda bad but I know it will go away. Still just excited to see results in a couple months when I can get back to running and working out..and standing up straight even!

6 days postop

Hmm. Day 5 update disappeared. Maybe I forgot to actually post it. Doing all this from my phone.

Today I actually stood up for a while in the shower. Still have a stool in there to sit though.

Yesterday I called my doc about my incision cross section beacause it looks like blood is pooling a bit there. He gave me some antibiotic cream to apply twice a day and it's already looking better today. No pain or fever or swelling from it at all.

Today in the shower I dropped my drains....and pulled one of the drain lines out of the stitch that was holding it :( yikes. I somehow was able to tie it back to the stitch without passing out. Oh well that's all going to be gone the day after tomorrow.

I'm sitting in my vehicle waiting for my son to finish his doc appt. Its not too bad. I'm driving as carefully as I walk on the ice around here. I sat in the waiting room for about 20 mins and their chairs are horrible so I came back out to the truck to recline some and the seats and back rest are heated so ahhhh! Lol

Swelling in my ankles is gone and this morning I'm 5 lbs down from the 9th so yeah..a LOT of swelling. That and I've been eating better. I even made dinner last night with a bit of help. I have to go back to work tomorrow night and I'm pretty sure I will be good. We have great chairs there and I can stand as needed too so we will see. Going to be exhausting I'm sure anyway but feeling much better daily.

Yesterday I was tearful most of the day....I'm sure lack of sunlight and exercise. Well one day at a time I guess! Still swollen in abdomen and hips and vajayjay...poor thing looks like a half shaved bloated hamster! Ok I hope that didn't you laugh. Happy healing everyone

13 days post almost hit 2 weeks!

I got my staples removed completely today! HOLY COW RELIEF. Those little suckers really hurt your hip under a tight compression wrap. I have some skin sloughing at the intersection of the upside down T that is my abdomen now. It looks kinda ugly but looking better daily. I am writing this with a glass of Cab Sauv by my side because the nurse told me it was ok today! LOL

So. I can do everything now with caution. Still sleeping in my recliner, tried the bed last night and its still just not comfortable. Tomorrow I am going to walk on the treadmill at the gym for a while carefully just because my body is going through movement withdrawls. I am VERY bloated in my hips, pubis and upper thighs still. Weird to be pear-like when I have always considered myself more of an apple-shaped person. I notice daily the affects of my food decisions as far as sodium goes and amount of water drank. I think I am going to try spanks or compression wraps on my upper thighs when I sleep to try and get out a bit more water.

I can stand up pretty straight now, uncomfortable to reach above my head or bend straight over. I ordered my silicone strips and some scar healing cream that I will start to use as soon as I get that middle of my T healed completely. I was able to straighten the house a bit today and drove myself to get the staples removed in Fargo which is an hour drive from me and it wasn't too uncomfortable.

Taking it day by day but I can't WAIT to start running again and working out. I have been for the last few years. Working out religiously and watching my food but never could get rid of that skin and flab around my middle!!! I will be able to jump and do crunches eventually and all the other stuff without the buldge of the belly trying to make a guest appearance out my pants!!

So here are a few pics not a whole lot of difference yet. Still bandaging where my drains came out last Friday. I tell you, if you are still drain tubed? Things will get IMMENSELY better once those bad boys are gone. Don't feel as vulnerable! Hope you all are well and wish you speedy recoveries! Or quick waiting for the day!

Picture: Viewer discretion advised...

My teenage son freaked out and yelled at me to get away after he saw my wound in the middle there... It's looking much better than it had....he asked! Lol

Well I bought some Spanx hoping to use them with padding over my middle section but they are just too uncomfortable to pull on and off. Feel like I'm pulling open my incision. It did pull open a bit on my left hip but not fully the other day.

Maybe in another couple weeks when all is healed I can wear them so I can get some swelling out of my hips and thighs too but I'll have to wait.

I started taking Querticin w/Bromelain which I know there are no proven studies confirming it to stop bloating but I haven't had any ankle swelling since I started taking it so I don't know....

Tonight (I work overnights) on break I went down to walk on the treadmill. I got about 1/3 of a mile in 10 mins and felt a small muscle tugging on my right side of my lower tummy so I stopped. Don't want to push it to hard to fast. I rested for about a half hour after that before I had to come back. This is going to be a process to get back up to running 5 miles again, isn't it?

You can see the "railroad" scarring from the use of staples in the side pic :(. I am hoping my scar stuff can smooth some of it out. Still pretty excited seeing the difference every few days and not seeing all that flab and skin though!

Sorry if the pic was too much! Take care!

3 weeks!

Well. 3 weeks. Feeling more human every day. I walked a mile at work the other day and it felt great. Got to be intimate carefully with the bf too lol. I STILL can't sleep in bed. I give it a shot every night but I just end up worrying I'll hurt myself too much and go back to my chair.

I've kept taking Querticin with Bromain and drinking lots of water and I've dropped another 6.5 lbs of water. This morning I weigh 9 lbs less than surgery morning. I am really cautious what I eat...it's hard when I can't work out hard after a bad food day. This will actually be helpful to keep the habit anyway so I can actually lose some more when I CAN so cardio again.

Wound in the middle is still there and annoying me I want it to HEAL!! Next week I'm going to start scar treatment and I wish I could in that spot too but can't until it heals. Pics look the same for the most part nothing too exciting yet. I CAN fit into a pair of my jeans that are stretchy but don't dare wear them yet just for comfort sake. I tried on a couple things that I like but never wore before with my flabby belly that are laying nice and flat :-) almost, binder makes a bulge. Take care!

Skin necrosis with an infection...

Well I've been freaked out the last week and a half because my wound hasn't been healing at the intersection. I'm also really frustrated.

I read a PS' answer to another gals question on here and he described what I have going on to a tee. I am at work now (work overnights) but have an appt with my PS at 9 am tomorrow.

From what I understand I'm thinking I will have to have the dead skin removed (debrided) and that process just sounds horrible. I'm freaked out. But there is a bad smell and heat coming off this wound and I have been getting dizzy lately so I'm guessing I have a low grade fever.

I'm debating in posting this pic because it's pretty horrific but I had a hard time finding any pictures with necrosis and infection so I think I will because it might help someone else going through this.

On a positive note? 14 pounds down since surgery...5 of those my PS removed. I'm pretty comfortably sleeping on my sides in bed. I'm walking a mile ot two most days for some exercise. Still bloated in hips, butt and pubis but getting better. I'm going to start compression on that area once I get my wound healed.

I'll post an update after my appt with what happened. Wish you all fast healing!!

Ok I know it had to be done but...

I cried for about 15 minutes when I saw this. It will get better and less uncomfortable but it just looks like a gaping hole of terror to me right now. Figured I would post this pic too sorry it's even more gruesome but also I notice the edges are almost back to a healthy color 2 hours after he cut out the dead gross stuff.

It's open wound healing. From the inside out. So I have to stuff gauze soaked in a solution in there and cover it then change twice a day. Second time I put antibiotic ointment on the dressing.

There wasn't any pain with him cutting it out and I kept asking him questions to keep my mind off what was happening...
he was funny and patient with my 1001 questions. I really do like all the staff there.

So now I hurry up and wait to heal more. I go back next week too. I was still given the ok to start running again at the 6 week mark. He said it would probably be around a month to heal but once the wound is cleaned and stable it wouldn't hurt to run. I miss it. It's therapy. And I have races set up monthly April- November so I need to get back up to my turtle pace :-)

Once again sorry if I freaked anyone out just want to help. Take care

A week since debridement

....and it looks bigger. Think I wasted money on the Fargo half marathon. I registered in January before my TT...I don't see how I can pull off 13.1 mile run with a hole the size of Texas in my abdomen :(. I go back to PS tomorrow and I'm guessing that middle spot has to be removed so it's going to be even deeper. Some days it feels like the end of the world and some days it's not that big of a deal. Ok something positive... Uh....hmmm....oh I'm sleeping pretty comfortably in bed now...and my hips have gone down a bit. Take care :)

Here's a week after first debridement

Sorry...very graphic.

Keeping positive....big hole is still better than flubber

ooops heres pic. I still am glad my gut is gone :)

Second debridement. Might go wound vac...

Well my PS removed more dead skin from my wound. It's getting skinnier but it's deeper. I asked if he could sew it up and he said we would have to see how it's doing. There's a chance of problems though if it's closed and I develop an infection so idk. He said I might want to try the wound vac but we are going to discuss it next week when I go back. I just want to work out again! I'm liking the flatter stomach but it also just shows how much work I need to do in my ass! Lol.

Another week with the hole...

Well it's healing at a decent rate I took the comparison pic 6 days apart and if you look at the upside down V towards the middle you can see how much it's filled in.

I went back to the doc on Monday but I don't think I want to wrestle with a wound vac. Seems like that would be more annoying than the extra few weeks packing and bandaging.

I've been drinking Arginaid once a day and taking Vit C, Vit E, multivitamins, and amino acids also.

I know I've got a while to go but the very top there is closing on quickly too and I just have to make sure and keep the middle part packed open so the floor comes up on the bottom before it closes.

Up to 1.5 miles walking on my break but still being careful not to push too hard. Going to do a serious boogeydance when this is all done!!!

Jogged...but I think it was too soon.

Last night on break I jogged 2 miles and it felt awesome! Then as soon as I sat down I bloated up in my belly area and my stomach muscles seemed to contract constantly for the rest of my shift. I think it's a bitty too much with the wound still so back to walking. I swear I feel like my ass is getting bigger! I need to move! Lol

Not too much new. 7 weeks along now and I am able to lay most ways comfortably except ON my stomach with the wound.

PS is out of the country so I went to see the nurse and she said it looks nice and clean and let me know I could do the vac at any time but still closing well so I think I'll keep going as is.

I got dressed up and went on a date this weekend with the BF and it felt good to dress up and get out of yoga pants and hoodies lol. I can't wait to wear some stuff but still looks goofy with my padded bandage in the middle of my stomach..noticeable through clothes. AND I WANT TO WEAR JEANS! Just not comfortable with bandage and stuff.

I might be able to do that 10k at the end of April...fingers crossed things keep healing!!

Here's another gross pic lol

3 weeks difference

Closing up. Getting there!

Well it's healing pretty quickly still. MUCH smaller and the floor is coming up! I went to the gym and got a couple miles in on the treadmill. I didn't get that weird muscle pain afterward, but I DiD bloat up right after.

I ordered more Quercetin with Bromelain and I'm taking it again as I start exercising more to help get rid of the water bloat but it's still hanging on here 8 hours later so I guess I'll have to deal. I'm hoping I don't have this bloat every time or that it will work itself out.

Yesterday I felt very flat all day and I walked by a mirror and got happy stomach butterflies with my results. Its awesome to have that roll gone! Even with all the extra shit I've had to deal with it's still worth it!

I bought some tank tops and a cute skirt and I'm so excited for spring and summer! Then we got like 3 feet of snow dumped on us Monday :( ugh!

So I'm hoping my home will be gone by the end of April. I think I'll be fine to do my 10k the 26th as long as it isn't still freaking snowing! Lol hope al are well take care!

Running bloats me up...

Ran/walked 5K yesterday. Feels good to be back sweating! I really bloat up afterward but I guess those fluid channels have to rebuild themselves. I took the before right after my run and shower and the after this morning. Lasts for a while but I'm still so happy to be moving again I don't care too much.
My wound is still closing up slowly but surely and I am down to a 3x3 bandage covering the wet to dry. I go see my PS tomorrow. Took last week off of going in since he was in Dubai. Going to talk to him about the cost of belt surgery to fix my dog ears and get flatter all the way around. Not sure about it we talked about it briefly before my TT. I've found a couple hard balls near my wound that I need to find out about as well.

I just realized this morning I am comfortable fully stretching. :) didn't realize how much I missed it.

All in all I'm still happy withy results and the wayy clothes fit. I've found since I've started running again more hungry so I have to be careful and am trying to stick with healthy choices. I have a horrible pizza addiction tho lol.

It's been a little while...and I am very close to being all healed!

It's been a little while since I updated. Things are getting better weekly. I have added some weight lifting and squats/lunges to my workouts and I am happy with my stomach muscle response. I do a little and feel the tightness and smile. I am really happy, even with the hurdles, Dr A did a good job with the muscle repair. When the hole is gone I will do more abwork to keep them this way!

I am back to counting points because now that my stomach is flat I see how big my ass and thighs are! LOL. I've been running 15-20 miles a week though too so that will help. Still bloated on hips, right side of abdomen and pubic area some. Better some days than others.

I have a 10K race this Saturday which will be fun...I'll probably be last but I don't care I just like doing them. A coworker and I were talking about the Boston marathon this year and she talked me into doing a full marathon in Sept in Bismarck ND. 26.2 miles. Most I've run is 13.1 half marathon. I don't know, we might die. We decided to walk/run /walk/run so we don't die too quickly. I'm really excited/scared because I have wanted to do a full for the last 5 years but didn't have the balls so I'm glad my friend did! Leave it up to me to be out of shape my whole life until my late 30s and attempt my first Marathon at 42!

About 3 1/2 months later...

My wound is too small to pack and just about gone. Whew. That was scary for a while. Wasn't fun to deal with but I am still VERY happy with the results.
I'm back running did a half marathon last Saturday. No pain from tummy but my left knee and right ankle screamed at me from about mile 5 on! Afterwards I felt kind of tight in the abdomen and I get random times where it tightens up on its own. I don't mind though. I still have a bit of weight I would like to lose, and I can feel how tight the muscles are underneath. ITS AWESOME! I LOVE that I can wear any kind of pants/top without worrying that my top is covering my lower belly buldge! My pants fit better....I am having a bit of an issue NOT pulling my pants way up. I used to pull my running pants up over my belly button and tie them to make sure they didn't fall under the roll....they always felt like they were going to fall off. It's weird to tie them at my hips and have them stay??
I have some dog ears at my hips I would like to get rid of, but want my belly fully healed first. I am training for my first full marathon in September so I don't think it will happen til next year because I don't want any down time for the next few months. I kinda wish I would have gotten the butt and boob lift too now. Haha. Maybe when I hit 50

My doc was kind and had a good bedside manner. They also gave me his cell phone number for emergencies. That doesn't happen a lot with docs so that was nice.

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