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I had pretty bad teeth all my life. They were so...

I had pretty bad teeth all my life. They were so cracked and see through, with chips and odd shaped..and soooo short. I really hated smiling.I wanted this all my life and never found somebody right or with the skill set till I found this office, its a lot of steps and a lot of money but so worth it.

just to add

Also for those going through this process there was a lot of tears and wondering if I was doing the right thing..thats normal and I feel like just part of any process that permanently changes your physical appearance.


one thing I never wavered on was shapes and sizes..Even though my doctor at times thought they were perfect I still pushed it further wanting what I wanted ..GO WITH YOUR GUT>>if you have any questions just ask.and remember the temporary process just sucks and in no way is an indicator of your final result.also if they don't do a wax up and temporary set...id run away from that dentist...

removing the silver

removing the current fillings I have that are silver and putting in porclein...I have already did the left side and do the other half in 2 weeks...$$$$$$...but worth the pretty smile :)
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