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Fantastic experience!


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22 Oct 2016

Updated, 1 day ago

Fantastic experience!

I went to see Maggie for the first time a few weeks ago for a Sculpsure appointment, and found her to be very personable, welcoming and knowledgable about the treatment. She took her time to explain the procedure, and let me know what to expect. I really appreciated the fact that she made sure I was comfortable every step of the way, especially when she was preparing the applicators, to make sure they were not too tight but also letting me know, the more we could get into the applicator, the better the results. I also found the clinic itself to be very clean and inviting - not like some doctors' offices where you find yourself not wanting to be in after a few minutes, let alone a whole hour. The overall procedure took about 50 minutes (25 mins each) as I had two areas done, and the entire time she made sure I was relaxed and comfortable. I will definitely come back for my second visit in a few weeks!