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I've been on invisaline treatment for over a yr...

I've been on invisaline treatment for over a yr now, I will be completed with all my trays in May. I must say I’m a little nervous about my final results. I don’t think my teeth will be totally straight by the end of the treatment. I have seen some improvement but the upper right teeth are nowhere near where they should be. And my doctor has not mention plan B. so I’m wondering if I made the wrong treatment, maybe I should’ve gone with traditional braces.

invisaline progress update

Here are some photos of my current progress

invisaline update

So a couple days ago I had my attachments removed. My results are not what I was hoping for. My dentist said I would need a refinement so he took new impressions and pictures. My new set of trays will be here in about 3 weeks. I'm not only concerned about my teeth not being straight but also my bite is way off. He said the invisaline would correct that. I don't know.... I guess I have to wait and see.

Invisaline updat 11/7/14

After completing the first set of 29 trays my teeth where not straight just as I had thought. But the good news is that I am able to do up to two refinements without having to pay anything extra. I am now on tray 11 of 19. Although I can see a big difference now I still have a long way to go. I will be done by March so hopefully this time it will work out if not I still have one more refinement that I can use if needed. I will add some more photos soon.
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