Time For a Change - Flanks & Upper and Lower Abdominal - O'Fallon, MO

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After a lot of research, I've decided to give this...

After a lot of research, I've decided to give this a shot and see if it'll work for me.

Stats: 5'3, 31 years old, 155lb

I have lost about 40lb this year. I workout about 6 days a week (over two hours) but still, i have the most disgusting body shape ever. I am still continuously losing about 2lb a week so i think this will aid me during my loss. I've never had any kids and with a body like this, it's too embarrassing for many things. I read the downtime is about a couple of week before i can hit the gym again so this is mainly why i've opted for this procedure. I've been really thin in the past (104lb) but even then, my shape is the same as it currently is so i know weight loss alone wont aid me.

My initial consultation with my Dr was yesterday and at the time, i decided to only get my inner thighs and flanks. My pre-op in next week though and i'm going to see how much it will cost for outter thighs and upper/lower abdominal as well since by the photos, it really looks horrid!

So far i love the Dr's office, the staff and the Dr of course!

Change of Plan - Flanks, Lower & Upper Abdominal area

Today was my 2 week pre-op. As suggested by Miffy, i did mention the abdominal area. My Dr. said he wont work on too many areas at one time and so we worked it out to go with flanks, upper and lower abdominal area. I can then come back two weeks later for my cottage cheese thighs. This would give me 3 weeks to recover before i go on a trip to London to see my bf.

I'm not sure if i should hold off on the thighs until after the trip. Any suggestions? I dont want to look bruised or swollen or be in pain but i really want to get my thighs done pretty badly as well! :/

Two days to go!

I can't wait!! He said i can get my thighs done two weeks post op but i'm going to see if i can get it done next week. It is driving me crazy. I want it all done together and i've rather one recover than two.

I also just realized, i have bra rolls. :/

I should be more prepared!

Tomorrow is the big day for procedure one. I have my arnica pills and creams. Table cloth for the taxi and a week supply of soy yogurt. I know i should do more but for some reason keep thinking like it's going to be visiting the dentist and it's not going to be an obvious change in me apart from pain. Good thing i work from home.

My second procedure for my inner thighs (probably bra fat and outter thighs will be added as well). I"m booked for Nov 6th. It's about two and a half weeks before my flight to London which i think may be a bad decision. It shouldnt be as sensitive and i've broken bones and didnt get it casted up and healed quickly on its own.

Better pre op pics

This is to just show how bad i was. Before surgery this norning. it so disgusting!! Can wait for tomorrow

Better pro

I'st day post op

I am sore but not that bad. Just going to lay here all day. Took a shower. My follow up is tomorrow

So much pain!

Drainage finally has stopped on the right side of me, but things are now uneven since the other side really didnt drain at all. I hope i dont have an infection or anything. I am thinking about putting off my lipo for my thighs. I cant deal with this pain same pain a second time. My stomach and flanks are always hurt

Fasting week

I'm going to start fasting, starting tomorrow and will post photos at the end of the week.

I've opened all the adit that had healed, since they were all itchy. I am convinced it was cause i didn't get to really drain properly. I've stopped using neosporin on them and have bandaged them up instead. Keeping spanx and the compression belt on full time.

So far i'm down 10lb. I love that i dont eat as much with this stuff on me. I have my two week follow up this week along with my pre-op for my second surgery.

I'm getting my inner thighs done and possibly outer thighs. I'm thinking it's not going to be as bad, the second time around.
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