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Just booked my TT with lipo to the flanks and...

Just booked my TT with lipo to the flanks and inner thighs. I was very reluctant to put the down payment and actually book the procedure but I did it!! I am scared and excited at the same time! I have been searching doctors and having consults until I found the one that is was most comfortable with. I am struggling with a few things that I hope will subside.... I feel selfish!! I wish I could shake this feeling! It's not like anyone in my family is going without because I have to pay for this.... Why do I feel this way?!

Time to get busy!

Ok it is time to hit the gym!! I would love to lose 20 lbs by the time I have my procedure. I am currently 5'6 170 lbs. I need to get busy! I know I have 3 months but I want to do it the healthy way! So now that Thanksgiving is behind me I will start my journey to lose this weight!

All paid!!

Ok now it's feeling real! I have my surgery in 16 days! I guess it's time to post pictures! So excited!

10 more days!!

Ok this is really happening! Here are my before pictures (yuck)


Tomorrow is the day!!! How in the world am I going to sleep tonight!! I am so excited and nervous! I couldn't even eat dinner!! I know I will regret that later when I have to fast! :)


I do not have to be there until 11:00. The wait right now is torture! I booked this procedure back in November and some how this short time seems the looongest! I need coffee!! I am giddy with excitement! Hurry up 11:00!

Made it through!

I went to my appointment this morning and ended up waiting for 1 and 45 minutes!! Was I upset! Not at all! He wasn't over from his previous patient and that made me feel good. In no way would I want to be rushed through my procedure nor anyone else. This is why I chose him, there was never a moment that I felt rushed or like a number. I have felt that with many healthcare professions in the past so this was a very pleasant change! I feel good as far as pain goes, it is bearable. My husband is completely babying me and at my side 100&. My children as well. They are 20,16 and 12 ... Great help...better than any hospital that's for sure! I am a lucky woman! And of course this website as been a great source of help! I love reading about ALL of your journeys! I will keep you all posted with my progress and with pictures, the good, the bad and the ugly!! Lol. :)


Why am I up every couple of hours? I thought Percocet made you sleep! I am not in pain so that's not it. It's lonely and boring when you are the only one awake lol! But at least the pain level is low. :)


There are weird sound mad fluttering in my abdomen... Is this normal!


AND fluttering not mad lol!!


I just got back from my PS and he took off all the gauze and my compression girdle and I am completely thrilled with it!! I was scared to look at first but relief washed over me instantly! I can not tell you how happy I am!! I was given the ok to shower so my awesome husband helped me and it did not go well! I almost fainted. What a terrible feeling. I was gonna take some photos but after that ordeal I think I will wait a few more days! :)

Day 3

Finally feeling better! I have been cutting down on my pain meds, they are making me feel weird! I have no appetite at all but I am drinking plenty of water. I have been drinking protein shakes just to get some nutrition but just not hungry! I'm about to take a shower and hopefully take a few pictures before I put my CG back on. I feel so secure and protected with my CG that I'm nervous to take it off!

First after picture

Very swollen!! But super thrilled with my results!

I could get use to this!

I have been treated like a princess for the last 3 days! My wonderful husband and children have been so helpful!

Dr. Appointment today

So I went in to see my PS and was hoping to get these drains out! Not until Wednesday :( but it's all good! Everything else is all good! I am cutting way down on my pain meds and getting back into the swing of things! Very slowly of course, just sick of that doped up feeling!
I have to say that being 4 days po it has not been that bad. The pain has been quite bearable and the drain is more annoying than painful. I think the worst part (for me) is not pooping. I am so glad I did this. All the nights I wasted worrying about everything from my guilt of spending that much money on myself to trading in my pooch for a huge scar seems silly! We are worth it! And do your homework. I brought in pictures of scar placements that I desired and ones that I absolutely did not want! And let me tell you my scar is so low, he did such an amazing job! :)

Day 5 PO

What a difference from day 4 to day 5!! I am completely off my pain meds only taking tylonal pm at night. I want to get out of this house! But I will be patient and let myself completely heal! Happy healing all!!

Day 6 PO

Stretching!!! I am finally able to stretch! Feeling better walking straighter! Going to get my drain removed today and I couldn't be happier. Sleep has been a challenge! Everyday just keeps getting better!

Dr. Lowney

I can't say enough about my PS! From the beginning he has been amazing! He really takes his time with me and answers any concerns I may have. The staff is amazing! My TT is everything I prayed it would be, my scar is so low! Anyone considering having ANYTHING done I highly recommend Dr. Lowney of Fall River Massachusetts!

Almost forgot!

Drains are out!! I was nervous about having it removed because I thought it would be painful, it was nothing at all! It took minutes and it feels so much better! Feeling really good! I am so happy this far and it can only get better!!

Pictures of my scar

Finally able to take some pictures of my scar.

Day 7 PO

Feeling better each day...still have lower swelling which is expected. I went out for the first time today and it really made me tired. I can't wait until I feel normal! I'm usually very active so this is so against my grain!

Dat 8 PO

Up until now my swelling has been minimal but today holy moly! Below my already very low scar is super puffy! Reading everyone else's experience, I have been sort of expecting this to happen. But I can still see the forest beyond the trees! I am a patient woman and I will wait for my end results with a smile! I am so happy that I did this and all the swelling will not change that! To all that start to feel depressed at some point....please try to keep I'm mind that only time can produce the end results, you will not look like this forever! Remember how long you lived with your belly before your TT?? What's a few months of unpredictable swelling! :)

Belly button

I failed to mention that my belly button was floated. I did not have enough skin to pull so my belly button was moved down about an inch which really worked out for me because of my long torso. I do have a good size blister in it though, I think it's from my binder.

Day 9 PO

I finally slept through the night!! My pain is very minimal just feeling tired and a little discomfort. My swelling is just as bad as yesterday, although it is very low. My waist has no swelling. I am still not use to seeing such a tiny waist!! I can't wait until all this swelling is behind me! Feeling good thus far, not feeling depressed at all. :)

Day 11PO

Ok I now know why they call it swell hell!! Ugh! It is just ugly! But I know that you have to go through all the steps of healing to get to the flat side! Feeling good mentally but puffy and swollen physically! I see my PS on Thursday, I wonder when it is ok to go back to work. I do not have TDI so I am using my own sick time so the sooner I go back to work the better but I don't want to go against my dr. Order. 3 weeks should be good right?

Day 13 PO

Feeling really good today! Still have swelling bit I have energy.... I am usually a very active person so to just lay around for 2 weeks was a challenge! I'm hoping my PS gives the ok to start walking!

2 weeks!!!

I am 2 weeks PO!! I feel great! Still swelling though :( I see my fantastic PS today and I'm hoping I get cleared for walking. I usually run but I know that's not possible right now but nice long hilly walks is a good alternative. Fingers crossed!! Happy healing!


My appointment went well though I had to be drained! Talk about scared! To my delight it was completely painless! After having that done I felt immediate relief. I was cleared to walk as much as I can and I return to work on March 24... Perfect! I'm actually ready to go back to work, being at home I tend to really cheat on my nutrition.

15 days PO

I tried to sleep on my belly last night but it is still too right! Oh how I miss my usual sleeping position!! Sleeping on my back feels unnatural and foreign!! I wake up every few hours!! Wahhh!! Ok done complaining!! I started walking today and it felt good but really wiped me out! I hope I can go back to work and last through the day!! Again my job is quite physical!! I walk all day! If an hour on the treadmill wipes me out I may be in for it when I return on the 24th!! Maybe it's because I've been doing a whole lot of nothing and my body is in lazy mode! Got to break out of it!! Maybe I will gradually up my walks until then!! Either way it was all worth it! :)

Lymphatic massage?

Is there anyone out there that has had a lymphatic massage? Does it work? Where does the fluid drain if your drains have been removed?

Day 17 PO

This swelling is awful!! And it's weird too because my waist didn't swell at all and all my lipo areas were perfectly fine but right at my incision and the top of my lady parts are so swollen. I am trying to be patient!! Lol! I know that in the end it will all fall into place, it's just tough so see past that firm pooch that doesn't want to leave!! I am starting to walk on the treadmill but my mojo is not back yet! Doesn't it seem like the the smallest of tasks is just exhausting? I am usually quite active too...crazy!! Also I can't wait to dc this cg and go to spanx! I'm hoping my PS gives me the ok when I see him on Thursday! Ok done ranting! Happy healing all!!

4 weeks PO

Well it's been 4 weeks and I am really starting to feel normal again. Sleeping is much more comfortable and restful! I wake up and my tummy is nice and flat which is awesome but by the end of the day the dreadful swelling returns, but it's not too bad. I am starting to exercise which is a slow process because I'm just trying to get my energy levels up...after resting and taking it easy for the past 4 weeks my mojo is not quite there yet. My issues with fluid and having it aspirated (which totally sucked) had subsided! Thank you Lord! There is nothing pleasant about having a needle in your tummy! I didn't really feel pain but the feeling all together was just unpleasant! But I guess it's a necessary evil! Behind me now! Yay! I will post some pictures it's just hard getting good "selfies" lol!! Happy healing!!

6 weeks PO

Still swollen!! I don't even want to post pictures because of it! When will it end or at least subside. My Dr. Checked me for fluid which was a negative. In the morning it is ok but boy by the evening it is super firm and sticks out! I didn't expect instant results but it's been 6 weeks!! I can't wait until all of this swelling business is behind me!! Ok I'm done ranting!! :)

7 weeks PO

Ok I am starting to finally look flatter!! I was getting nervous but one must be patient!!! I have been eating really healthy bit I must say I have been slacking on my fitness!! I'll get there! Just have to build up my energy! I know I know it's been 7 weeks!! I walk all day so i am getting some exercise in.... It's the strength training that I use to do that I have to get a move on!!! I'll get there!

4 months PO

Ok it has been 4 months!! I went back to my PS for a final appointment to make sure all was well and I was happy with the results and I was very happy! My Dr. However was not! Although I looked good he wanted perfection! I had a slight pooch really low and he said he wanted to fix it right then and there so I change and prep and not only does he remove the very minor pooch (lipo) but he also contours my inner thighs and the back of my thighs! My thighs no longer rub!! Those of you that have that problem will understand the excitement of that!!! Dr. Lowney is truly the best! I recommend anyone in the Mass/Rhode Island area looking for an amazing plastic surgeon go see Dr. Lowney of Fall River Mass. You will love him and his awesome staff!!! I will be posting pics soon....
Fall River OB-GYN

So far this doctor that I chose has been wonderful!! All of his staff as well! He really took the time to explain everything to me and I did not feel rushed at all, like I said before I have been to a few consults so this was important to me!

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