35 Years Old, Kissing the Problem Areas Goodbye - Fall River, MA

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Liposuction on abdomen and arms. Always had the...

Liposuction on abdomen and arms.
Always had the pouch and think I was born with larger arms. Fairly muscular physique but these areas don't seem to go away.
Don't want to be one of those old lady's with the flappy arms.
Little nervous today, want amazing results and I have seen some both ways. Good and not so great.
I can't wait for it all to be done and get back to the gym l.

Told himI wanted to see that six pack I know is hiding

Think he dug for it.
The drainage freaked me out and I think it was way more than I anticipated but pain pill I'm and laying for a bit until I have to get up and walk . We'll show photo later and definetly before shower tomorrow. Quite a bit of pain right now though.
He does a snap chat of procedures which today was with a DJ ( his son) maybe slightly weird but kind of neat. His followers are a lot of Meg students so they do some teaching with what they show, today I just happen to get the DJ fir some entertainment since I was awake during the entire thing.

Draining is a drag

Really didn't think the drainage would be as much as it is.
Weight this morning pre op 151
Now 158, that's a lot of fluid.

5 am day after. Swelling already much better.

I walked and hydrated as much as I could yesterday as directed.
The second layer of compression garment felt like it was cutting me off at the ribs. Very hard night of up every hour.
He said I could take the second compression garment off today, so as soon as I woke up again and saw a glimpse of daylight, it was off.
Draining has almost completely stopped and again it was more than I expected. So have plenty of pads on hand.
Down from yesterday swelling weight to 154.5. Before procedure 150, right after 158.
Had Popeyes arena yesterday and called doc to ask if o could loosen the arm wraps. He said it I wanted I could actually take them off.

Day after black and blues

Not much sleep so I did get some walking in today.
Nap when you can cause the first couple of nights is rough. Have not had a pain pill today only Aleve.
Not as much bruising as I anticipated for the first day. Everything still feels numb to the touch.
Swelling is a lot in the pubic area.

Just a nice encouragement of a before and only day 2

Seeing swelling going down lightly

Pic is of (left to right) pre op, day 1, day 2.
Very numb and sore. Slept so much better last night.

One week post op today

He did drain a small pocket of fluid on lower back that I read was normal and sometimes happens.
Says everything is healing great. Go back next week for the first massage treatment. I believe is called Celedurm. He did place a foam pad where the drain was taken so that makes the compression garment a little tighter.
Swelling seems more today than day one so not feeling like a pic today :(

Compression garmet is my enemy, sleeping sucks, lower back hurts

Hard night last night. Just taking Tylenol for pain and lower back is very sore.
Swelling seems worse yesterday and today than even after the first day.
He drained a pocket of fluid yesterday but this morning I still feel a little movement of fluid in the same area.
Trying not to get discouraged but that part is difficult :(

Day 6 . All I can think is only one more night sleeping in this compression trap.

Woke up at 5am with diarrhea and sweets and almost passed out. Thought something was wrong and a lot scared. So I called Dr Lowney. Who answered at 5 am and listen to my symptoms and had me come in at 8 to check me out.
Everyone is perfectly fine and we determined it was probably food poisoning or a short lived viral infection.
Still a pretty big scare in my book but o really makes me appreciate Dr Lowney and the team he has.
I made a great decision scheduling my procedures with him. ????

Looking a little less swollen today. Still pretty sore when moving and sleeping.
Go for massages next Wednesday so I think I try and make my self take it as easy as I can through the weekend.

Feelin boxy today due to swelling.

The cinched wasn't I saw on the day after is swollen and just looks straight down my waist on the sides. I start massages Wednesday to hopefully swelling will start to go away.
On the plus side.... Tonight will be the first night with out the garment and that makes me very happy :)

Seroma is not being absorbed

So today I went in for my first Celluderm treatment which is supposed to help reduce swelling and bumps. Bumps which are now appearing.
And the seroma that has been drained twice is now back and bigger than before. So back tomorrow to have it drained again.
After being a stupid patient and searching for seroma answers my only worry is will it actually go away on its own or will I have to have the surgery to remove the seroma " pocket" from what I've read.
I know I know don't do your own research. But the doc wasn't in today and I do know this is very rare ????
It's is bigger than before and I do feel it when any pressure on my back. So not very comfortable.
Other than than. My stomach seems to be healing normally and swelling is going down.
Calling my lower back seroma my bubble butt.
On a positive note , The boxiness I was seeing the other day in my waste is getting better.

Seeing arm swelling go down

Before and 11 day op pic

Seroma drained third time today

3 syringes full of fluid drained and drain left in. Keeping doubled up on compression garments to try and get all fluid out.
As they say, "it happens".
On another note had my first Celluderm treatment today on the abdomen area, and that was not pleasant.

Two weeks post op today

Seroma sticking around

Today I went back for the 5th time to have the seroma drained. A permanent drain was put in until it drains less than 20ccs in 24 hours.
Going to be an annoyance that's for sure. But knowing it's nothing serious just annoying I guess is a little relief.
I was told it is rare but il just the lucky one.
Lucky me!
Fall River OB/GYN

Everyone there has been wonderful. Had breast aug in February and they are all great.

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