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Hello ladies, I think that I am the oldest and...

Hello ladies, I think that I am the oldest and heaviest poster that I have seen in this group since I have been reading reviews! I'm 63', 5'4" and over 200 pounds. I have not had surgery since having my tonsils out at seven years old, so I am very anxious about the surgery and pain to follow. I had a full cardiac work up this summer so I m good to go, but don't know how I will react to anesthesia. I am scheduled to have the procedure at a surgi-center, so I will be in and out the same day. Have any of you done this on an outpatient basis? Any moral support would be greatly appreciated.

Second Thoughts

Hi ladies, I guess it is normal, but I am having second thoughts about the whole thing. It seems as if the surgery is all I think about. I don't know that if at my age it's worth the pain and worry. I suppose that even a short time of feeling more comfortable is worth it. I worry about the pain because I don't usually take anything stronger than Tylenol. How long was it before most of you could drive? I am invited to a wedding 12 days after the surgery, will I be ok to go? Thanks for your support.

Ten Days Out

Hi ladies, I had my pre-op appointment and had many of my questions addressed. The intake nurse was very kind and assured me that many women in their sixties go there for BR, so I didn't feel so old! I am still very nervous but trust that all will go well. Positive thinking goes a long way! (I hope)

Getting real!

I am a few days away from surgery (9/30) and will be glad to get to it, because it seems as if the BR is always on my mind. I have a wonderful hubby and supportive friends and family, so I know that my recovery will go smoothly in that respect. Any last minute advice from you veterans out there? Thanks.


Well, tomorrow is B-Day! If you are the praying sort, please lift one up for me at about 7:30 am on Monday. I'll check in when it's finished. Thanks for all your support.

Done and done!

It was B-Day for me. I arrived at the Surgi-Center at 6:45 am and was home by 12:45pm. I have no pain (Percoset) and no nausea (patch behind ear). I actually feel very good after taking a long nap. I will see my surgeon tomorrow morning and am praying for good healing. The whole experience was a whole lot better than I expected. I am happy that it is behind me so I'm not thinking about it 24/7. Be encouraged, everone!

Done and done

Hi everyone. I want to report that I have 0 pain and 0 nausea. I think that the seasick patch behind my ear is just what the doctor ordered. I had my post-op visit yesterday and I have inverted nipples and dog ears. Normal? My did not seem concerned and said that all was well. I have another appt. next Wednesdy. All in all this experience has proven to be easier than I suspected. Good luck to all of you who are waiting.

Not very pretty

Hi there everyone. I had the surgery on Monday and I have a few questions. The "dog ears" at the bottom look misshapen and flat, plus my nipples are inverted. I am doing everything right, so wonder if any of you have been nervous about the early views of your breasts. I saw my PS the first day after surgery and will see him in a week. He seemed to think that all looked well. Please share your experiences. Thanks.


Hi there, I still am having mixed feelings about how I look. Right now it looks as if I have no nipples at all! The breasts are pretty darn ugly. I know it's early and I want to believe that things will look better as time goes by. I will see my surgeon again in four days and will really pick his brain. My recovery has been easy. Not much pain or anything else. Need to stay positive.


It is day 10 of post op and my left breast started leaking a pinkish fluid (no odor). I saw my PS yesterday and all was well but called him tonight when this happened. He told me to get in the shower and let it drain out. My problem is that I am not sure if I should put the surgi bra back on or continue to let it drain. Plus, I have a family wedding tomorrow night and am at a loss of what to do. Feeling blue.
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