Deflated After Children. Fall River, MA

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I went into breast augmentation completely blind...

I went into breast augmentation completely blind and have educated myself so much that I now feel qualified to perform the surgery on myself!!! LOL! I went back and forth between over or under the muscle, saline or silicone, CC's to get, shape and texture...and of course THE SURGEON.

I've decided to go with 475 cc, smooth/round, moderate profile, saline implants in the subglandular (over the muscle) position. I am going to a double board certified surgeon in Fall River. He is a cosmetic surgeon AND a Gynecologist. I saw several surgeons for consults and they all had negative things to say about him being a Gynecologist. I was skeptical and hesitant at first but out of all the doctors, he was the kindest, most informed and most educated in my opinion. He told me every detail of the procedure and how EXACTLY he would handle it if anything went wrong. His surgical center is directly across the street from a hospital and he really listened to all my concerns and accommodated my anxieties. If anything, I feel much more confident in a surgeon who can perform hysterectomies and stop major bleeds while delivering babies. It makes him more competent with the female body. In his defense, he's double board certified because he has equal expertise in both Gynecology AND Cosmetic Surgery. Here is the most amazing part....he is performing the surgery on me with local anesthesia only. I will be mildly sedated but will not be under general and will be wide awake without the risk of my breathing being complicated or the necessity for intubation. I know that sounds crazy to some, and he does offer deeper anesthesia, but he accommodated my anxiety and can do so safely. I would MUCH rather not be put under for this surgery. In fact, I wouldn't get the surgery if I had to be.

Currently, my main concern is that I'll have chosen a too flat implant that will make me look heavy. I am 5' 10", 139 lbs and have a wide space between my breasts. Because I have some sagging but my nipples are above the crease, the subglandular placement with large implants will give me enough of a lift to avoid the Frankenboobie surgical lift.

Amazing results!

I had my surgery this morning at 8:30am. It was very straightforward and nothing I worried about came true. The doctor and his staff were so professional! To start, the doctor walked me into the surgical room (which his nurse Jamie had shown me at the last visit...because I like to have no surprises) and he had a board on the wall with my procedure, allergies and stats listed. He then put me under a warm blanket and started an IV with saline only. It wasn't painful at all. Then the nurses and doctor read over my medications and showed me labels. I was getting an antibiotic, steroid and benadryl (because of multiple allergies, the doc wanted be very proactive), as well as the lidocaine/epi combo to numb the breasts only. The doctor introduced each medication slowly and watched me closely for reactions. I was still a little nervousness so he offered to pray with me! How amazing is that? He is the most gentle, kind hearted doctor I've ever met. He answered my MANY questions (I'm an anxious talker) and he showed me such respect and no frustration. Then he asked how I was feeling and got started on the procedure. I could feel the tugging and pulling as he prepared a place for the implant. I could also smell the cautery tool. He talked me through each step and before long he was stitching me up. He then have me Gatorade and walked me to a mirror to see the results. Let me tell you...they are perfect! I can imagine how they'll look as they drop and the swelling decreases. My husband then bought me breakfast and drove me home. The drive was pretty painful but that's because I refused the pain meds. The doctor offered to make it totally painless :) I've been icing ever since and so far Tylenol works for the pain. We'll see tomorrow! I'll post pics tomorrow of the afters...but let me give you some more before pics. I took them last night and she I saw how gross I decision was MADE!!!!

Post surgery pics

They look much bigger than I think they'll turn out. I went with 475 saline overs. Before and after pics of the same tank top on the morning before the surgery and right after wearing a sports bra only.

Day after pics

This is the day after :) I love the size. I am glad that they will drop and fluff a little. When you have subglandular your end result happens faster than sub muscular and isn't as much of a drastic difference.

8 days post

Today I'm having zero pain...and really had no pain past day 3. I was able to use Tylenol to control the pain the entire time. My implants are settling into something more natural and less fembot...if you know what I mean! I knew going into it that I would have fake boobs and I knew they would look fake, as well. But, there is a difference between "Playboy Bunny fake" and "volleyballs cut in half and stitched into your chest like the bride of Frankenstein" fake. At first I looked a bit was expected. Now...I'm looking more like a bunny ;)

8 weeks post OP

Beautiful shape now! So excited.

More than a year out...still looks amazing

These implants were the best money ever spent!!! No ripples or other concerns. Wish I would've gone bigger
Fall River OB/GYN

This doctor has exceeded my expectations. My only concern was whether or not his surgical assistant would be up for the job! Turns out all 3 of his nurses were amazing :) they were very professional! I think I was frustrating them with my anxiety but they never let on. The only complaint I have us that the surgical coordinator forget how much my implants would cost every time I called in or when I had my second and third consults. That wasn't her fault, as I was a special case not requiring more detailed anesthesia and that threw the price off.

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