Early 40's Stubborn Lower Pouch, belly and Bra Rolls - Fall River, MA

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I have considered doing lipo for over 6 months.....

I have considered doing lipo for over 6 months.. Started by seeing commercials, advertising in mail, then a close friend had it done which was push to finally get a consult after doing a very thorough search for an experienced Board Certified plastic surgeon. I am 1 week post op, my overall experience as far as pain has been moderate except at night when trying to sleep comfortably, getting in and out of bed to use bathroom, and driving!! Had 5 days off work. Was awake and for most part alert through entire procedure. Nick here and their, but felt nothing much, at all barely remember other than being told to turn on my side and at end to stand and placing my garment in. Very sedated!

Tumusent Lipo

Forgot to add i had lower and upper abs, flanks bra roll done. 1 week later i am still very sore. Back is the worst! Numb and sensitive to touch. Havent noticed much swelling gone down in stomach area, even with swelling on back i no longer see bra rolls yeah.. My waistline has a noticeable difference. I must say the uncomfortable feeling of bot being able to relax properly is the worst. Post is on monday hopeing to have first massage.

In addition.. I have tried several CG body wear nothing has been comfortable enough to keep on 24hrs a day. I wear one to work when i walk in door home pull off sleep without. Sleeping is a disater! However i can sleep on my stomach, back or sides with minimal pain. But i toss and turn all night to even out the pain lol.
Not seeing much of a difference but i am patient, and i know real results take time. Just need some of this swelling to go down so my belly is off my lap!

10days in

Feeling optimistic.. Decided to put back on my garment after taking it off for almost a full day yesterday, just feel like my swelling is ridiculous! As a result notice the imprint it leaves, i may have atretch marks but for the most part i dont have scars or wrinkled skin. Searching for a another garmet today. I must say i am now noticing minimal changes, long way to go. Notice flanks are no more still swelling under bra line and back area.

Plan of action

Ok so before my update i just want to say this decision to have lipo was for no means of losing weight, i am very active i jog 3-4 per week 4-5 miles per day occasionally i incorporate some weight training. I eat pretty healthy, lets just say everything in moderation. I have had health issues which caused me to have ro use steroids which is how i established extra pounds in my waist and stomach area. I looked into lipo to get me to a point where i could work with from that point that was comfortable for me. Inside and out.

With that being said. I went for my post-op Monday 9/21 which was "supposedly" to be eval of my progress, remove two stitches i jad in upper back area and have first massage. I must say although the staff has been helpful throughout this process i felt rushed at this visit with Dr. I barely got to ask any questions other than was my lumpiness and swelling normal. He forgot to take out stitches that i remember after the fact. Total of 5mins showed me a before pic mostly my flanks which is where i see the most improvement for now, still patient. And was told i was not on the schedule for massage and then booked for next Monday! Ok now im beyond upset because i drove almost 40 miles.. I should of been accommodated. Other wise that visit could of waited. So i had an family member who is in medical field who had sterile forceps so fourth and and took sutures out. Meanwhile he said he will follow up with me in three months. Needless to say i am not a happy parient. Next photo update Thursday.

2wks post-op

So i am 2 wks out, feeling more mobile, still some discomfort trying to sleep comfortably. I feel like i am on a roller coaster ride in terms of my swelling. One day i see dramatic changes later or next day i feel and look like i am 6months pregnant! No garment is comfortable for an entire day but i force myseld to wear one. Been doing my own self massages and they do help, if only i could reach my back. Lower abs still very swollen and very hard and lumpy.
Today was my first day starting back to excersise i walked for 45 mins with a pair of spanx. Felt great! Looking forward to my massage on Monday maybe be painful but i need to speed up this healing process so i can get a good night rest and be able to work a full day without blowing up like a ballon.
Anyway here some updated pics on my progress.

3 week update

So its been 3 long weeks and slowly but surely i am healing and sleeping better. Had my first massage this week and it was bitter sweet, what pain! however i feel like days after, i became more swollen and lumpier?? I am so confused. Anyhow i still do my self massages after i shower and in btw i was told to lay on heating pad then massage so i do that as well. The pain is alot bearable still alot of swelling and feeling more lumps that i try to work out with massage. still have some pretty numb areas. My massage for next week got canceled then the following week monday which are my only available days will be a holiday so i am not to happy about that.
Anyway i wont be posting any updated pics for awile so here is my last progress pic pre massage.


Hello everyone, its been a few so i decided to give an update. I am 2 months post-op with still way from where i need to be. My back looks amazing still have some slightly numb areas and very little swelling. My waist is coming im nicely still some areas of swelling, guess i am a slow healer! I am seeing a great improvement overall. Anticipating the final results.
I am still having an issue with my lower andominal with hardnes which last week i was assured it will get better smh what a nuisance it needs to just be done with its so frustrating! I am still going for lymphatic massages and doing massages on my own as well but this area in question is just being stubborn! Anyhowni will emotionally wait for december for my 3 month post op and see where i am then at that point decide if any areas need touch up which i was assured could be done. Right now i see some unevenness from my right lats to my left so i will watch that carefully. Overall i am happy with the results so far. So until then here are some updated photos.


Its been Awile.. So why i am estactic about my results i still have a ways to go. 10 pds down with diet and excercise, finally the lower ab hardness is almost obsolete. I still get swelling especially when i excercise. Now that most swelling is down i am not completely satisfied with my bra rolls or my mid section. At one f/u i was told i could have revision or touch up at no cost, then recently i went and had updated photos of my results and was told wait till april and if i wanted touch up i would only be charged for use of procedure room at $2500??? Wtf i just paid $7000 and i am not completely satisfied i should not be charged another $2500 for touch up. I was not expecting a miracle but i expected my expectations which were realistic to be met. So i will continue to work out and eat right And see if by april if i am willing to suck it up or cough up anothet $2500.
With that being said ive come along ways i dont expect something for nothing.

10 months later

I'm back! It's been a minute. Update is I am still 15 pds down. Not completely satisfied with end results. Flanks and lower abs should have done more. I am quite happy with contouring in making me look natural keeping my figure with some enhancement. Touch up is still in consideration but not by same MD. Or I may just be content with what I got. My self esteem is much greater and that's more important than anything! And I look good naked???? I was in the gym 6 days a week balanced diet and i just had some stubborn areas that wouldn't give in, honestly I wouldn't change a thing about my decision to have lipo. HAppy trails.. my journey to a better healthier beautiful lifestyle continues.

I'm back!

Hello real viewers, FYI Still maintaining! Almost 2yrs later. I could use a touch up or two but I'll just keep working out. This fat is bound to give in lol

Asked what i was looking for, my expectations, made alternative suggestions such as mini tt due to some loose skin. Which was not an option because of the down time. He was to the point, and upfront about being aggressive when removing right amount of fat, in addition to sculpting for a realistic "curves" staff was professional and extremely helpful. Went above and beyond.

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