56 Years Old and Just Gets Invisalign Braces Oct 2014 - Fairwood, WA

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Have been wanting to get braces for 40 years....

Have been wanting to get braces for 40 years. Almost got metal braces three years ago but chickened out. My orthodontist assures me that invisalign will fix my overbite, overcrowding, and correct my bite.
In the first two days I broke the back molar in half. I don't think this will make a difference in the movement of my teeth though. I go back in 30 days to get the buttons put on. I see a lot of people talking about buying an "Outie" to remove the trays. It looks a lot like a crochet hook to me. Has anyone ever tried a crochet hook instead?
I find myself really chomping down on the trays. The bite "pads" behind the upper front teeth really irritate me. I also found the edges of the trays to be quite sharp. I had to buy a narrow metal nail file and file them smoother. That seems to help but I still need to wear wax on certain spots.
I should lose some weight is I can no longer just pop a snack in my mouth as I walk by the kitchen. Sounds like I need to keep drinking plenty of water as your mouth this dryer and may get cavities easier according to other reviews I've read.

These invisalign have sharp edges!

I read a lot of blogs reviews online about the sharp edges on Invisalign and thought I had it all figured out by using a nail file to smooth off the sharp edges but that caused another problem where the edges weren't sharp but they were rough and that also tore up my tongue.
I had containers of wax and more was but had to put my fingers in my mouth a lot, always pushing it here and there. Once I would bite down, the wax would move and there was the sharp edge/rough edge again.
Tray 2 was worse than tray one.
Good news - I found a solution that works GREAT for me! I have hot glue sticks (not craft glue - this is glue like they use in autobody places) I haven't tried the less expensive sticks like you get in Joanns or Michaels but they might work too. Anyway, I tried it first on Tray 1 in case they would melt the tray or I would otherwise screw it up. Well this works great! I have black and clear. I used the black for demonstration purposes so you can see better and since it's on the inside of my mouth, you don't see it anyway.
Just a think bead around the inside edge. You can peel it off in one strip later if you need to. It's not a permanent fix but gets me through the day without my tongue getting completely torn up like it was before.

Changed mind - not hot glue adhesive

After reading the other 2 comment,s looked up additives/composition of automotive grade hot glue. Ya, probably not the stuff to put in your mouth. Too bad as it was a good option - at least from relieving the pain of the sharp edges

Homemade Acceledent?

I've been reading that if you use Accekedent which vibrate your teeth you can cut the time that you have to wear braces up by 50%. $1300 seems like a lot of money for a vibrating mouthpiece. I'm thinking about running my Neutrogena Micro dermabrasion over my closed mouth or attaching it to a football mouthguard.

Tray 5 (of 43)

Long way to go and while it is a slow process, I am still excited about the end result. Because the changes are so minor, I'll only be posting pics about once a month. Here is a side by side comparison from Tray 1 to Tray 5. I now have the "buttons" on my teeth to keep the trays in position better.

Starting Tray 11

The bottom teeth are starting to look much better. The orthdontist has to occasionally file the edges to make room for them to start straightening out. The top teeth don't seem to be moving much and the new trays on top don't feel as tight as the bottom. I'm surprised that the top hasn't really moved. I'll ask at this next appointment.

I still feel that using the Neutrogena face scrubber handle to vibrate my teeth the night I put the new trays in REALLY cuts down on any discomfort. (instead of using $1300 acceledent)

Pics without trays in - bigger difference!

This really shows how it is widening my jaw to make room for my bottom teeth. Top not so much yet.

Before trays and starting Tray 11 - no trays in


Showing changes. From start, Tray 11, Tray 19

Almost 1/2 way done. Trusting to invisialign. HUGE change from start to Tray 11. Just being patient now as I know there are changes happening as new trays are tight when I put them in but I can't "see" a lot of changes from tray 11-19. In fact I can still put tray 1 on my top teeth although it's tight so not sure when Invisalign is going to start really working on the top.

Done with Tray 27 of 43

My teeth change so quickly early on so I'm impatient now that I don't see as dramatic of changes but I hear that's normal. My upper teeth still have quite an overbite and working on pulling them back with elastic bands. This is a photo of several stages from beginning Oct 2014 to July 1, 2015

Had to get 22 more trays

New orthodontist as I moved. 44 trays the first time. 22 this time. Still glad my teeth look better. I don't do the rubber band as often as I should as they tear my mouth up so much.

Went from 44 trays to 66 and probably still need regular braces but still happy

Without jaw surgery, I'll always have an overbite but from where I started and where it ended up, I'm really happy. The bottom teeth moved very quickly. Almost no changes from tray 27-66 on the bottom. I was disappointed with the top teeth. As quickly as the bottom teeth changed the top teeth didn't really do much. But I would do it again. More confidence when I smile.
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