Tunnel Vision for a Tummy Tuck. New Orleans, La

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I am ready for this Fat to go! I work my butt off...

I am ready for this Fat to go! I work my butt off at least 5 days a week and I see little to no change in my tummy area. I have a few supporters who understand my pain but I also have those who are totally against having surgery. I have one more consultation to decide who I am going to go with, (depending on the cost) I'm trying to pay 5k or under. I live in Louisiana but I am willing to travel because I travel for a living.

Found a Doctor and Secured A Date!!!

I've had 3 consultations in Georgia, Dr.Curves (TT Muscle Repair w/Lipo Flanks =7,950) Dr.Cochran ( TT muscle repair w/Lipo =5600) and Dr Ruf (TT w/Lipo =9,000) 1 in Destin, Florida Dr.Burden (6900) 1 in Fairhope Alabama Dr.Koehler (5900). I was so determined to find something close to home (Louisiana) at a reasonable cost but I did not mind if I had to drive.... So last weekend as I was scrolling on RealSelf I came across Someone who had their surgery in Biloxi,Ms. I quickly scheduled a consultation (Free) with Dr.Richardson and upon meeting the staff and the Doctor I felt a sense of comfort. I received a quote of 4,880.... And guess what...... I paid my deposit (250) and scheduled my date for April 20, 2016!!! I'm Uber Excited and nervous but determined to get this fat off of me. I wish I would have found him a couple months ago. I would have had my surgery by now.

Countdown to 4/20/16

I've been working out more intensely due to my downtime after surgery, missing the gym is like missing a meal to me, but I will be mentally and physically prepared when the time come. I have a friend who had her TT done almost 5 years ago and although she's gain a little weight her tummy is still flat, but I see that there are a lot of TT revisions done due to weight gain..... How can this be prevented?? Seems obvious but I just don't get it

Wish Pics

Getting Anxious

I'm seriously thinking about moving my date up, I am scheduled on 4/20/16 but I am so tired of looking at my fat saggy stomach! Ugh!!!!

Switched PS to Dr. Juan Escobar

I could have paid out of pocket for my TT but chose to finance it instead. I ended up going with United Medical credit. I called my My original coordinator to tell her that I chose to finance my surgery, she began to tell me that they only use care credit but she will talk with my PS to see if he would take it or not. I received a call back from her the next day with the decision NOT to accept United medical credit and that she would issue my refund if I chose another PS. So after more consultations I chose another PS who was more expensive, he actually took his time with me, showed pictures of previous surgeries with my body type but most importantly I felt comfortable with him. His staff was very warm and welcoming. I immediately called Dr Richardsons office to let them know that I was on my way to pick up my refund. When I got there it was as though I was a criminal, first the coordinator tried to provoke me into anger By partially refusing my deposit, but I remained calm.... She then said that she was going to talk to the doctor.... I told her that both of us need to talk to the doctor. That failed lol... Then she hit me with "well we are going to have to put it back on the same credit card you used to pay it!" My response was " I used my debit card and that's ok with me because it's going back into my bank account" .... I guess that angered her because she wrote a check out and slammed it in my hand..... Smh I don't get it, why was she so angry? I'm the one who had to switch PS's. But I'm happy I did

Countdown to 4/8/16

It's starting to feel real......

Labs Done

I had an appointment yesterday to get my clearance from my doc. Just waiting on my lab results now, I am anemic so I've been taking Dr. Sebi's Iron Plus and Bio Ferro tonic to boost my iron. Also I am taking Vitamineral greens which includes iron packed REAL foods. My labs will show if my holistic approach is helping my iron deficiency. Next Up, Pre Op on 3/23....

Pre-Op is in 3 days

So my blood work came back within normal range and my EKG was good. Just waiting on my clearance from my doc. I have Pre-Op on 3/23/16 then the countdown truly begins

Countdown to Bye Bye Fat?????


My Hemo was 11.7, so my doctor advise me to double up on my iron....I am going the holistic route by taking Dr. Sebi's Iron Plus and Bio Ferro cell food along with Vitamineral Greens. He explained my entire procedure from front to back. I'm happy so far with everything he has showed me and even happier because I know I am going to love my results

Finally Putting Myself First

I am finally putting myself first. I have been taking care of my kids, my husband, my friends etc. Everything and Everybody came before myself. It's My time now.... It's 2 weeks until "Bye Bye Fat" and I am so ready to start healing. No more high waist jeans to camouflage my tummy but most importantly no more bodyshapers!

Getting Nervous

I decided to call this "Prep Week".... I'm 10 days out and I did not want to buy anything unnecessary, I can use advice on what is Truly necessary and what is not.

I've Stalked Long Enough

In 1 day I will join the Flat Side along with the ladies I've been stalking for almost a year now.... I pray my journey to healing is a smooth one. I've picked up a few items that I think I am going to truly need. My nerves get the best of me at times but I know God got me!

4/8/16 is Here

It's 5am.... Surgery at 7am.... I'm numb at this point, I think I've rattled my nerves all night with my crazy imagination. I haven't slept a wink. Please keep me in your prayers ladies..., thanks in advance

Day 1 PO

Arrived at the hospital at 5am...surgery was scheduled for 7am. I was very nervous but the staff kept me entertained and comfortable. My surgery did last long in fact I was home by 1pm. I woke up tight and sore, it was the feeling of being kicked by a horse, a donkey and a mule (in that order) I have a pain ball so I didn't take any pain Meds... I have a high tolerance for pain so this is really a piece of cake for me. My PS told me that I can shower today but I'm so nervous, Also I haven't opened my binder yet because I was in and out of sleep all day. Also my appetite is nonexistent, my hubby brought me a Smoothie because he felt that I needed something "on my stomach" but I took a couple sips and couldn't drink anymore, he then peeled an orange but I could only eat 2 slices.... I don't know how long this is going to last but I am not complaining.... My family have been super awesome, I am so blessed to have their support. I will post pics after I shower

Status Pics

Swollen and completely numb

Day 1 PO pic

Day 1 PO

BB had to be centered but My PS said that it will eventually move back to its original location over time.

5+ Star PS

So my PS assistant just called to check on me, I'm in awe because I have never heard of the Doctors office calling especially on a Saturday..... This adds another star to the five stars I've already given him.

Cabin Fever!

I'm tired of sleeping and I'm angry that it has been a gorgeous weekend with perfect weather, I am missing all of the festivities that's going on.... My New Orleans folks would understand why I feel as I do .... French Quarter Fest, Strawberry Fest, Blues Fest ugh! It's cool though there are more to follow and hopefully the weather is perfect then to. My iron has been low, so I've been taking double shots of my Dr. Sebi's Iron Plus and Bio Ferro Cell Food. Also taking in my protein from Vitamineral greens and also taking spiralina, which is iron packed. My appetite has picked up a tad bit but truthfully I get full quick, maybe one or two bites of food has been filling me up. I have not weighed myself but my butt look huge now...

Day 2 PO

Haven't taken any pain Meds, I have a pain ball that's going to last about 5 days. I took my binder off to change my dressing and I was in pain the entire time until I put it back on.

Finally Figured Out how to take a shower with my Drains!!!

I couldn't go another day without a shower. I have 2 drains and a pain ball and I could not figure out for the life of me how to shower with them. Sooo I had my husband put all 3 drains in a plastic bag and hold them while I showered. Lol I feel so accomplished.

Day 5 PO

I had my followup today, sadly the only thing that came out was my pain ball.... That's my fault though, I was craving chocolate covered pretzels (too much sodium) now I'm regretting it. But hopefully I can get just one out this Friday. I have to fly to St.Louis next week for work and I really don't want to fly with drains! I can't wait to change garments, not that I have any issues with my current one I just want one with more compression. I'm thinking of wearing both, I want my waist at 29 or 30 inches, right now swollen I'm at 33 inches so there is hope for me.

Drains Out! Whoop whoop!

Soooo I can't begin to tell you how good it feels to be Drain Free.... Of course I can't wait to take the famous "bathing suit pic".....I'm healing good, My PS suggested I start using Mederma in a week or so. Lastly My confidence is shooting through the roof!!

1 week PO

Ok I swear this process has been a smooth one so far, I found an old bathing suit and decided to try it on.... Hey why not lol.... My Thighs can't wait to get back in the Gym!! I have to really discipline myself when it comes to food.... I've lost a few pounds and I hope to keep it off! Lipo spots still puffy and swollen, I have been bathing in Dial antibacterial soap only, also I've been taking in a lot of protein, I very happy that I haven't taken anything for pain. All in All I'm out and about today and it feels good!!

Had a minor setback......

So all of a sudden I get a case of the "itching".... Without thought I started scratching and low and behold as I began to get undressed I notice a spot of blood on my binder, my incision was open! No infection so I followed my PS orders that he gave me for my BB and drain holes, I cleaned the area with alcohol pads,applied butterfly closures, neosporin and covered the area with an antibacterial pad. I will call my PS on tomorrow just to be on the safe side.

New Body ... So I had to

My workout gear that I dreaded wearing because of my stomach.... Now it can be useful lol

3 weeks PO

So I only took a week off work after my surgery, And truthfully that's all I needed. I am a inspector, my job isn't stressful at all, I travel a lot so if im not in a car I'm on a flight. Since my surgery I've worked in 4 different states and I began to experience swell hell Only toward the end of the day, but by that time I was home or headed home. I noticed that my tummy was uneven from the way I wore my binder so I purchased a compression board and it evened me out pretty well. My scar is completely closed with the exception of one small area that hasn't closed yet. I have steri strips on it until I see my PS today. All in all I feel good and love my results

3 week PO

My PS showed me my before Pictures and I was completely blown away by my results. He told me that My Progress is unbelievable, honestly I think my diet and because I am very active plays a major part in my healing. I'm very satisfied with how I look today, although I still have more healing I am very happy with how my body is coming along

5 wks PO

Still numb and Lipo spots are so super sensitive, each week I'm seeing the swelling of my flanks gradually go down. I haven't started scar therapy treatment yet but I will be starting this week. I can not wait to see my gym again!!
Dr. Juan Escobar

Dr. Escobar went over and beyond from Day 1. He made sure ALL of my questions or concerns were answered and or understood. I had my procedure on Friday 4/8/16, his receptionist called me on Saturday to check on me and asked if I any questions or concerns..... That's unheard of!! For that I will always recommend him!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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