BA: JULY 13! 22 years old. 5'5 135lbs. Can't fill an A cup. Going with 400CC

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My BA is less then 2 weeks away and im starting to...

My BA is less then 2 weeks away and im starting to realize there is alot my surgeon and I haven't gone over. I've only met him once which was at my very quick consultation, my post op was last week and I was with his nurses the whole time. Is this normal? I feel like the nurses were helpful but now that it's getting closer to my surgery im getting super nervous and starting to question everything. Advice?

9 days away...

9 days away from my ba! Some days im extremely excited and other days as posted previously im super nervous and question everything. I'm so excited to finally have boobs but im so nervous for the recovery process. I also hope the 400cc won't look too "fake" or big on me. Anyone have any advice on what I should get for the recovery process? Anything I NEED that I haven't thought of? Comments are appreciated!

6 days until the big day!

It's 11:56 pm right now so really it's 5 days until my surgery! I have to say I'm feeling quite calm.. I don't think it's really set in yet how soon this is all happening. I'm still batteling the fear that 400 cc might be too big for my taste. I want to stay in the C cup range and being on here I've seen alot of women with 400CCs coming out with DD???? I KNOW I shouldn't be comparing myself to others but it's harder then I thought! I might give my surgeon a call and see what he says about the size since he wasn't there the day the nurse and I went over sizing and I was never told what size the 400CCs would make me.. Ahh. It's crazy how in the beginning of this journey I was more nervous for the surgery part and now with only a few days left im okay with the surgery part and more nervous for my boob size!


My surgery is tomorrow and man am I nervous. I picked up a few zipup/front open sports bras in a few different sizes and im picking up my medication today! I can't believe after all the years of hating my boobs this is finally happening! I am super excited but I've always had a fear of drs/being examined... And im expecially terrified of blood and needles.. Im kind of a walking poster board of who shouldn't get an elective surgery ???????? but that's what's happening. I can't wait for it to be over and I hope I don't lose my cool while getting set up. Is that normal? Did anyone else freak out a bit or cry while waiting/ getting prepared. Ahh. Well, prayers and crossed fingers that everything goes smoothly for me! I'll update tomorrow when I can ????????

Hello from the other side!

My BA was today. I was in so much pain after I woke up. According to the nurses they couldn't get me to wake up and stay awake and I felt so sick so they wouldn't give me pain medication in fear I would fall back asleep before I was discharged. They gave me xanex which did nothing for my pain. It's been a really rough night so far but im hoping this is the worst of it and tomorrow will be better. My surgeon originally wanted to do 2 different size implants but decided against it today after he drew on my chest so I ended up with 405CC on both! I'm so excited to see what they look like. He has me wrapped in some kind of thick bandage that looks and feels like paper machete (weird) and super heavy that i can't take off until I see him Friday (bummer I wanted to see how they look, I'm so curious!)I can lift my arms up pretty high which is reassuring and im hoping the pain won't be as intense tomorrow. Will update again tomorrow when I feel up to it!

Day 2? Or is it day 1?

Last night was rough. Everytime I fell asleep as soon as I woke up the pain was back and I was super stiff. I guess it's a part of the morning boob everyone told me about. I'm using my pain meds as needed but I haven't got much sleep. I'm hoping for a better nights sleep tonight and less soreness. My post op is tomorrow and I can't wait to see how they look.. Hopefully im feeling a bit more like myself tomorrow. Very excited overall and sooo very happy it's over. Now I just have to relax and recovery so I can get back to my normal life and show off the girls in a new bikini! Yay for boobs!

3 days post op and first post op check up!

Things are looking up this morning. I went 7 hours with no pain meds which was amazing since I've been taking them religiously every 4 hours. My post op app was at 2 so I took my pain medicine just in case they'd be touching the new very sore girls. They didn't touch them at all! They finally cut off that huge heavy duty baggage I had around me and im not exaggerating when I tell you when I came out I felt like I lost 50 pounds. My back hasn't hurt at all since that's been off and I can get up and wall around way more easily. The last few days I dreaded getting up to tall about bc it was so heavy and painful. Now I can do it with no problem. The girls look awesome this is the first time I got to see them. I was expecting a little Franken boob or something weird looking but no! Not atall they're nice and rounded and the size looks perfect! They're very swollen and my nurse said they will shrink a bit which is fine with me because they look pretty huge. Today's recovery has been pretty smooth and I hope it just gets better from here! I still don't really have an appetite but I've finally got some sleep in! The last 2 days I would fall asleep for an hour and then be awake for 3--and repeat. Today after my appt I slept for 4 hours! So I'm hoping to fall asleep again. My nurse cleared me to sLeep my bed since I've been sleeping in a recliner chair and she also said I could try sleeping in my side. I think im gonna pass on that though bc that scares me a little. Maybe this will be the last night of the chair and tomorrow I'll try the bed. She also said to keep using my arms as much as I can and do whatever I think will make me feel better. I think that's all the updates I have for today!

Day 4... Finally getting some sleep!

Day 4 has been the easiest day yet. I finally got more than 2 hours of sleep. I did go atleasst 4 hours without waking up which is huge for me. I also haven't used my pain meds at all today! The last time I took a muscle relaxer was at 2 am yesterday so that's a big improvement. I haven't really been in any pain at all today but if it comes down to it im going to try to stick with Tylenol. I still haven't pooped. But today was really the only day I've eaten. My stomache is hard and I look preggers lol I'm starting to go stir crazy being stuck in my room all the time. I can lift my arms and do most things my self at this point but I notice if I stand for too long my right boob starts to burn. If you read any of my last reviews you'd know a few days ago my right boob was numb and my left boob was the one in pain. It's sort of frustrating cus I just want to feel better and go back to normal at this point but I know it's gonna take time. One step at a time. I'm cleared to take a shower today and to sleep on my side which I think I mentioned yesterday but that still makes me a bit nervous. My next appt is next week to get my stitches out and by then I'm hoping to have a full range of motion back and to be able to walk around without the random burning. Expecially since I go back to work next week. Will update tomorrow, hopefully more changes will occur!

Feeling great! Day 5..? (The days still confuse me)

Today is the best I've felt! I'm writing this sitting up. All my other post ive wrote laying down cus my boobs felt too heavy and uncomfortable to sit. Today everything feels settled I feel very much like myself today. I'm in no pain what so ever and I have 90% of my range of motion back. I've been practicing lifting my arms out to the side and up over my head over the past few days. I actually laid down in my bed for a bit this morning which I haven't done yet. I've spent my recovery in a very uncomfortable recliner chair so I'd be able to get up and down when needed. But I slept 7 hours straight last night and when I woke up my back was killing me and I said fuck this im sleeping in my bed.. And I went for it! Granted getting up wasn't easy but I did get up by myself. I'm feeling stronger everyday. My girls are still high but looking better and better expecially from the side. Everyone has said they look really natural and they don't look too big.. Which they're still swollen so to me that's a great sign because the fact that I got 405CC was freaking me out. I cannot wait to see how they improve over the next few weeks. Over all Im Pretty much back to normal. I'm not taking any medicine anymore... Sticking to Tylenol if needed but it hasn't been needed. The only thing is I still haven't had a bowel movement ugh. Hoping that happens today but surprisingly im not uncomfortable just really bloated. Lol but I'll take it!

Day 6..

Today for some reason I was super emotional. I didn't sleep very well last night... My back is always super sore. I moved from my bed back to my recliner chair and back and fourth all night. It's hard to find a comfortable postion but right now that's really my only complaint. I'm in no pain what so ever in the boob region. I believe I stated in my last update I've been off all pain medicine for a few days now. My boobs are a tiny bit softer today too! Softer as in I can squish the implant that's still sitting up high on my chest a little more then I was before. I also think they've dropped slightly more. I had a moment of panick before I showered today when I saw them in the mirror... They looked huge to me! I know they're not dropped or done healing yet so I shouldn't panick but I really hope I didn't go to big. My mom swears when I'm clothed that they don't look big at all and that people who don't me wouldn't think I just had them done so that helps hear. I had a completely flat chest before this so I think I'm just not used to seeing full boobs on my chest just yet. It's 12:30am right now so I'm hoping for a good night sleep and I'll update with new pictures tomorrow since my minor freak out caused me to not want to take pictures of the new additions!

Tomorrow makes one week!

Today I feel amazing. I feel better and better every day and so do they girls! My left boob has dropped slightly more then my right one as of right now but they're both getting softer. They're still VERY swollen. The skin in the center of my boobs is still raised which my nurse said is a indication of swelling so I'm still icing the girls regularly. They still look very fake in a bikini but I don't care! I'm loving them. So far I'm very pleased.

Happy one week! Details of my implants...

Im so happy I've made it this far. Day one and two I thought would never end and remembered saying to my mom... I want them out! But I'm glad I made it through all the pain... With the help of the fabulous meds provided. It's so worth it. I love them so much today. They're still slightly heavy. When I take off my sports bra I feel slightly uncomfortable with them just free hanging because they don't fully feel like they're apart of me yet and like I said still sort of heavy. I realized today I never posted about the details of my implants.. My surgeon ended up going with 405CC in each breast with a moderate profile. I originally wanted smaller... Like a 350cc but because I had a pretty large gap in between my boobs to begin with the nurses talking me into the 400 because it's a wider set implant and would close up the gap.. Which it did! They look amazing and the perfect distance apart in my opinion. I look like a full C cup which is exactly what I wanted. Before surgery I was always wearing super padded bras and the vickis bombshell bras to make it look like I had C size boobs.. Minus the cleavage cus I didn't have nearly enough boob to make any sort of cleavage. And now In my normal clothes I feel like I look the same I did before surgery! Which is great because theres really boobs in there now and it eases my mind that they're not at all too big. I think they're perfect. My one week app is tomorrow and I get my stitches out and learn massages. Will update on how that goes tomorrow!

Day 8

I had my one week post app today! The nurses said Everything is looking good so I'm super happy. They took out my stitches and showed me my little scar. It's so tiny im really not worried about it, but at Mt consultation they told me to pick up Scar away silicone strips, so today I was shown how to use them. It's basically a sticky bandaid I have to keep on the incisions and it will help heal the scar. I'm allowed to shower with it off but then right back on it goes. I was also given a band to wear which I'm not excited about because it's very tight and very uncomfortable. My implants are still high so this is going to help force them down into place. I don't have to wear it all day every day.. Just whenever I have down time and I remember to put it on. Then I was taught massages. Boy this was weird to see. The nurse grabbed the bottom of my boob..right under the nipple and squeeeezed really hard and the implant goes up to my collar bones. I have to squeeze it up and hold it for 10 seconds and then let it drop back down and repeat 3 times, 3 times a day. It's not painful like I thought it would be but it's very.... Odd. It looks crazy to see that implant move around and see the shape of it. And my breast deffinatley get tender for a bit afterwards. But that's about it hopefully smooth sailing for here. The only thing that sucks is no swimming for a month. Only standing in the pool as long as it's below the waist.

11 days with new boobs

Hello hello! My last update was my week app and not much has changed since then. Everything's going great! I feel completely normal again and my new boobs are finally feeling like they're apart of my body so I don't feel super uncomfortable without a bra on anymore. My boobs are also dropping nicely and very quickly thanks to my new super annoying band I have to wear. They're squishy and move around now which makes me so excited because it's so much easier to sleep on my side without two hard rocks on my chest. Overall im very pleased with how they look. I can't Wait to see more changes and to finally get some cleavage. Hopefully soon!! My next appt is at my 1 month mark.. Crazy!

19 days post op... Getting there!

Im just about 3 weeks post op at this point. I'm sooo beyond happy with my boobs. They've deff "shrunk"... Or are way less swollen at this point. I'm extremely happy with the size of them.. He told me I was going to be a d and that made me nervous because I Thought that would look way too big on my body but im starting to think maybe not! I've tried on bras and I fit perfectly into a 36 C which is exactly what I wanted, but I know they haven't Completely dropped yet so they might reach the d. Either way I'm excited to see how they change into the first month! They're squishy now, one has dropped slightly more.. And I can comfortably sleep on my side! I've attempted to belly sleep.. And I can but it doesn't stay comfy for long. My scars are healing nicely as well! I'll update in another few days xo

Random things I should have added to day 19

The reason I even posted day 19 was to tell you guys this stuff and I forgot to mention it....
Super itchy boobs.. Soooo bad lol I apply lotion to them a million times a day because they're so itchy from stretching and the skin is always really dry and flaky so I try to keep it moisturized with a stretch mark cream so hopefully I'm killing two birds with one stone with using that!
Also the skin slightly lower then my incisions get super irrated all the time. Maybe the skin is just super sensitive right now?

4 weeks post op!

A) I can't belive it's been 4 weeks! I'm so happy with how they look and the size of them. They still have alot of dropping to do and im impatient for it to happen. Yesterday was my first day back at the gym.. I was told i could go back at 3 weeks and just do the bike or walking on the treadmill but I waited until about 4 weeks. At 4 weeks im able to do lower body so yesterday I walked on the treadmill and did very light work on my legs. I'm a personal trainer and I do body building so I didn't think I'd be as out of shape as I was after a month without training.. But boy I was tired out. As far as the healing process goes I feel 100% back to normal. My scars are completely healed and are just a faint pink color so I'm able to be submerged in water again.. Finally. I have a pool so going in only from the waist down was starting to suck. My nipples still get random shocks of pain in the time from time to time and when I wear my band my boobs gets sore because they're being forced down but everything else is going great. My 1 month post op is on Monday and im hoping im cleared to wear a normal bra because this sports bra is so ugly and im sick of wearing it. Because the straps are so thick it's hard to hide it in tank tops and cute tops and im so ready to be able to show off the girls in a cute top! I will update again after my app on monday!

4 week picture update

Tomorrow marks 2 months!

It's been 2 months since my ba and i don't have much to update about. Things are going very well and I hardly notice them there anymore! Everyday they look better and better. Somedays I think I could have gone bigger and then other days im like nooo.. This is good. That usually depends on what I'm wearing though! The only bad part is I've acquired so many stretch marks. Alllllllll over my boobs going around the nipples. It looks so bad but I try not to be so vain and let it bother me. I've been using coconut oil and aloe vera oil on them since that's what everyone has told me will help them fade. I also still haven't achieved the cleavage I really want, but my ps said that's not something to worry about yet because they are still so new and settling.. By 4-6 months I should begin to see a difference, fingers crossed! I wear light sports bras or bralette to bed still because for some reason I find it so uncomfortable to not have a bra on.. I like the constant support even if it's only a little piece of fabric like a bralette.

Progress pictures

I really didn't think I made much progress until I looked at all the older pictures I posted a few weeks after my ba. Looking back at photos I do see a difference.. They look a bit larger, and they've deffinatley dropped more making the bottom of my boobs look fuller. It's nice to see progress you didn't see you before. It makes me feel good that each day they're changing!

3 months!!

Today marks three months and I can honestly say I'm 100% happy with how they turned out. They've changed so much the past few months.. But expecially in the past few weeks I feel like they've dropped and fluffed. I never had an "under boob" part of my boob before. When you first get them done your nipple is at the bottom of your boob basically bc the implants are so high up.. So it's nice to see how much they have dropped! Last month I was a c cup but I had a little bit of room in it.. This month they're popping out of the c cups like crazy! And the clevage I wanted is for sure on its way! I've already seen a huge improvement in the clevage department and I couldn't be happier. They bounce and move around like real boobs... Running is still sort of awkward. I haven't Completely figured out how to make that more comfortable even with a sports bra so I don't run much lol.other than that I'm back to doing everything in the gym again besides chest workouts which I was told I could resume after 1 year. There's not much to update on anymore.. Just the fact that one day you might be unhappy with progress and then a week goes by and you realize you have completely different boobs then you did last week.. It's really exciting :)

Just about 5 months!

I completely forgot to update for my four months so here a early 5 month update! I love them I think the size is perfect and they've dropped beautifully. The scar is turning white and it's finally hidden under my boob which means my implants have finally dropped enough to hide the scar in the crease. I finally have clevage and I couldn't be happier. I'm 100% happy with the size I have now and would not want to go bigger:) I think you're the perfect fit for my body
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