Lip Implants

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So, I'd had lip filler injections twice before and...

So, I'd had lip filler injections twice before and loved the look, but it seriously only latest 30-45 days. For $450?? I knew I could not afford to continue doing that and at 40 I have several issues with my lips : they have lost volume and look wrinkly, although I have never smoked I have the appearance of smokers lines on the skin just above my top lip, and my top lip is slightly higher on one side that the other. After much consideration and research, I decided on implants. The cost of $2400 is equivalent to less than 2 years of injections considering how quickly my body reabsorbs the injections. I had 3 consultations and choose Dr. William Chen in Fairfield. I had the surgery yesterday and my experience was EXCELLENT. Dr. C was very through, explained everything. His staff was so genuinely kind, I am so so thankful for them. One of the nurses held my hand in the middle of the procedure, totally helped me relax. It actually made me cry, it was just so sweet and I was a nervous wreck.
The actual procedure was completely painless, and I am a big wimp. I didn't feel the injections to numb my mouth, or any of the procedure after. I had 10m valium prior to procedure for nerves. I had read ALOT about getting implants and was prepared for the worst. It was SIMPLE.
About an hour later, when the numbing wore off... OH MY GOSH!!!! I took the Tylenol 3 pills that were prescribed and they didn't even take the edge off the pain. I was home alone, hubby had to work, and I was seriously blacking out from the pain. I took the max dose of pain meds and 30 mins later was vomiting uncontrollably. Turns out I am allergic to codeine, I had no idea. Switched to regular otc tylenol and everything is much better, but for about 4 hours I just wanted to die. Hubby got home, pain subsided, all good. This is day 2.. I have ZERO pain, but my lips are so swollen its comical. They are about 3/4 of an inch each. I will attempt to post pics before, day of and today, day 2. Other than the 4 hours of pain and sickness due to bad med reaction, this is the easiest thing I've ever done. Can't wait to see final results. Will update daily. :)-

2 1/2 days after implants

I have no pain. Lips are still super swollen, it's actually more funny than anything else. I guess they are a little uncomfortable due to being stretched from the swelling, but they just feel tight. Not taking any pain meds and I'm fine. I thought my office was closed tomorrow and I would be returning to work on Tuesday, a full 4 days after surgery, but that is not the case. I'm back tomorrow. I'll just try not to talk and do as much paperwork as possible. Super embarrassed for anyone to see me like this, but it is what it is. I feel fine, just look ugly :)-

3 full days after implants

I still feel great. Swelling has reduced greatly- or at least it feels like it because they were so big before. Still no pain meds, just continuing anti biotic and keep lips drenched in neosporin. Talking the least possible. Back to work, just doing paperwork in a back room (thank you boss!)
Feeling great! Can't wait to see final results!

Day 4!!

Still feeling good. Still swollen, looking a little duck faced and lumpy today, which is new. Lips feel harder than before. I have feeling back in about 80% of my top lip and about 30% of my bottom lip. It's the center of the lip that has a numb/ pins and needles sensation when I apply light pressure. I've been keeping Neosporin on them, but I need to be fully back to work, seeing clients today, so I'm going to try some make up- the Neosporin is glossy and draws attn. The top lip looks full and has a pretty shape, even already. The bottom lip is crazy :)-.
I still can't believe how well I'm doing on Tuesday morning when I had them done last Friday morn. Other than the morn of surgery when the dental block shots wore off, I've had no pain. I wish I had started taking tylenol immediately after surgery to avoid that. At this point I'm super self conscious, felt like the barista in the Starbucks line was staring at me yesterday. Well, she prob was. I look like a real life Bart Simpson right now, lol. Just have to have a sense of humor and wait it out. Thinking I'll see lots of improvement by this weekend.

Pics- Day 4

100 hours since surgery ;)-

Day 5

Feeling good. Lips are hard. Can't form certain words or pucker, but looking MUCH better. Bottom lip is perfect, top is ducky due to swelling. Excited!

Day 6

The swelling has subsided substancially and last night while brushing my teeth I felt the implants w/ my tongue. The bottom one is absolutely perfect. The top implant was pushed way over to the left side! The implant takes up about 65-70% of the horizontal length of my lip. I don't know if this is the same for everyone, or if my dr did it because I was very concerned about plumping the middle of my mouth and wanting no change to the edges. Anyway, I simply started gently massaging/ pinching it from the left corner and manipulated it back to the center. Voila! Perfect! My follow up appt is tomorrow, so I'll let them know, but after "adjusting" it last night it was still perfectly centered this morn- did not move back. I'll check it several times today, for sure. I am just realizing that I have been using a straw exclusively on the right side, I must have pushed it over? As a bonus, with the top centered, its no longer flipping up/ duck billing. My bow is back and pucker looks good.
So, I'm really, really happy w my implants. I really think 100% of a persons experience is the dr that they choose. Dr.Chen made me feel like the surgery was no big deal and I would love my results. He was right. He listened to exactly where I wanted fullness and what I was hoping for with the end result, and that's exactly what he gave me. Every member of his staff is awesome, very kind and helpful.

Pre and 6 days post pic

Much fuller, but still same shape :)

One week! LOVING THEM!!

Today is one week and I am thrilled. Love my results. Check up w dr later today, but feeling GREAT. Centering implants by gently massaging if they move, we'll see if doc says that's ok. Can't pucker/whistle/suck on straw, but eating and talking normally. Can't wait to stop hen pecking my hubby and KISS him :)-

DAY 19

Love love love my lips. On Day 11 I noticed that my top implant was positioning itself all the way to the left and would not stay when I squeezed it to the center. I contacted Dr.Chen's office. They took me in the same day, he refid my top lip and put in an internal stitch to keep implant in position. Had swelling gor just a couple days. My lips are now perfect for me. They are exactly what I wanted. I cannot say enough about Dr.C and staff. Just a really great experience and result.

Pics 4 weeks after surgery


So, alot has changed since I last posted. Once the swelling had completely subsided, I realized that my top implant had shifted completely to the left and the bottom had shifted completely to the right. I looked completely lopsided. I brought this to the Dr's attn and he questioned me quite a bit. Said they "looked good" and that what really mattered was how they looked, not where the implant was. I could not disagree more. The implants are to be centered, unless you have some kind of an agreement prior to the surgery. He redid the top lip on 11/19, but I was his last patient before the Thanksgiving holiday so we didn't do the bottom at that time. I had to wait for him to return, so the bottom was redone on 12/20. Today, both implants are all the way to the left and right, just as they were prior to the second surgeries. I am so frustrated. The top actually looks fairly decent. I can feel the implant when I touch it, but it doesn't bother me on a regular basis. The bottom, however, is actually uncomfortable and looks lopsided. I also think it was put in too low, as it feels that it is below my lip line inside my mouth. I cannot stand the thought of surgery again- I deal face to face with clients 8 hours a day in a very small office, I cannot take time off and for each surgery I looked like a monster for about 7-10 days. He and his staff have always been very responsive, so I need to call him and let him know, I am just so tired of dealing with this. It's been over 2 months, 4 seperate surgeries and at least 6 visits. I am trying to be reasonable, but this is not what I was expecting. Any suggestions on how to move forward. I'm feeling like I want to have the bottom redone in 6 months, by someone else :(. Ugh.

**note in photo the bottom lip is pushed out on one side.
Dr. William Chen

Excellent. He and staff are amazing. Very professional, thorough and kind.

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